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This is the second of a two-part Birthday series of posts. It was my birthday yesterday, but today it's @randomli's. Yes, we were born hours apart from each other, destiny and all that :D Like last year, I'm out and won't be able to respond to your comments for a few days. This is a scheduled post, so I aplogize for the delay in my replies. My wife and I are currently in Cagayan de Oro en route to Camiguin by the time this is posted, so if there are any Steemians who live there, hit me up! :D

Just by looking at the picture, you would think that title should be "The Search is Over" instead, but that would betray what my wife and I are about. If anything, we're only just getting started. In the first place, it wasn't a search for true love or whatever, it was a search for an identity, a purpose.

I've just added "husband" to the growing list of hats I wear, and hopefully a year or so from now, I could add "father." What can I say that I haven't already said in last year's post? Should I say that I've found my purpose and I'm going to work on it further? Should I say that the search is meaningless?

Over the past year, I realized that the search may very well never end. The key is to always be hungry, but never dissatisfied. If you find one that doesn't work out, improve or move on to the next one. I wish I could say more, but this is an ongoing story. While I'll try to keep everyone posted from time to time, I'm sure everyone is busy with their own search to even bother keeping track of mine.

Really though, this was just an excuse to compile a year-long project I've been doing with my signature. Now that it's over, I'm mulling over whether I should keep it going or change it up. It kind of feels like a summation of my year's work here, so it tugs on the heartstrings quite a bit. Have a look see at the end of the post and tell me what you think.

Oh, and more importantly, happy birthday to my lovely wife! May this be the first of a hundred more birthdays we share as a married couple <3

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Happy birthday @randomli XD

That search will be over when you're dead, so keep trekking and enjoy every moment :D

the amount of things we'd be able to cram if aging was cured :O

I love how you've changed the background of the signature to match with the post's theme, it's pretty cool :) If you like it hang on to it, when it's no longer "you", then change it. And feel free to change back again at any time ;D

@randomli sends her thanks! She's quite busy with her new job and can't Steem right now. Really though, me thinks she lost her password :/

True day, homeslice! Based on your belief system, even after you die, the search might still never be over!

I don't know if you remember, but you're the only one who asked about that a year ago haha! For now, I'm sticking with the GIF, I'm still trying to cook up the next evolution of the signature.

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Thank you!

Double birthday madness!! It must be quite the thing.

The search is never over. In fact I would say that as more things in life are added to the mix the search dynamically changes. Much as you have did.

Ah, search on in happiness!!

It truly is! When we didn't live under the same roof, it was exhausting by the end of the second day because I usually drive long distances during our birthday trips. But now that we do live under the same roof... it's even more exhausting ;)

We search on for forever, brother man! The everlasting conquest!!

Imagine the double under one roof madness. You don't even have to, you are living it!!

A very happy madness though!!

We live and fight it every day!

But of course! It's the only way to live after all!

Beautifully written. Yes we embrace those moments and smile at the sentiments along the way. A belated happy birthday to you my friend.

Thanks so much! For the greeting and the compliment!

I know if my brother was still on steemit, he would have been happy to dedicate this to Li for you, so I'm doing it!

Oh Ed... how I miss thee! Dedication received, sending back tons of gratitude!!

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