Parting is such sweet sorrow... (or, A November to Remember... to Forget)

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Normally, this is the part where I do a creative introduction, providing both an overview and some (hopefully) entertaining quips. But, not this time. Today, I choose to be vulnerable.


It has been a tiring month, and I haven't really gotten any time for myself. Between work, life and other obligations, Steemit has taken a back seat in my ever-growing list of stuff to do. Heck, the last post I put was at the beginning of the month.


I've tried to comment here and there, trying to keep up with everything, but I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Tabs keep piling up, and every time I finish one, five more take its place. That's just the tip of my problems.

I feel like I'm not getting anything done.

Feels like every effort was for nothing.

No matter how hard I try.

Nothing ever seems to work...

the way I intended.

And it sucks.

So badly.




So, it's time for me to say goodbye...

... to my beard.


Because I've completed the No Shave November challenge for the first time ever! At least that's one thing I finished successfully haha!

Unfortunately, my genetics didn't allow me a fuller beard, but at least I have little to no chance of going bald. So, that's good news!

My wife who was completely opposed to fully supportive of the idea, kept asking me what charity I was donating to because that should be the only reason I should be doing the fucking challenge cheering me on the whole time. Admittedly, I did this all for myself, and it feels so good!

It might be a little win, but it's a win nonetheless. I'll take whatever I can get. Make no mistake, I'm not sweating all the unread posts that are piling up or the growing number of posts that I haven't finished writing, I just feel a bit sad I'm lagging behind on commenting and writing, but I'll be sure to get to them on my own pace. Rest assured I won't rush anything just to make a quick buck.

I know the crypto prices went down while I was away, but don't be. Down, that is. I'm back now, so you need not worry. We're going to weather this storm. Together. The trip to the moon isn't worth taking without some turbulence ;)

RIP @jedau's "beard"
November 1, 2018 - December 1, 2018
"Shave that aesthetically challenged atrocity!" - @randomli


Aha!! Look at that foilage!!! And fancy that, we both posted about facial hair!! Might I add, you're was way more lush than mine...

It's funny too, I just answered a comment mentioning shaving today!!


It's funny too, I just answered a comment mentioning shaving today!!


Why yes! You! :0p

Ach! At this rate, I might be able to get to that in a day or two! If I remember correctly, I'm at the latest Automaton! Really going at it at a snail's pace haha! Also, this might be the first time mine was way more lush than someone else's. You have made my day, BRO-seph. My heart is full, so thanks for that, BRO-ses!

Oh, that is one pretty.... piece of hair you grew there, AHHAA! Aesthetically challenged Bwahaaaaha, Li's one funny chica!! You and Boom and the weird beard saga on the same day, how's that for, my bros!!

So much shizit to do, so little time, I feel your crybaby face and raise it a wail face of my own!

Hugs and smooches!

I bet @call-me-howie has the same length I had at Day 30 just before 5PM haha! What can I say, @randomli and I are two peas in a pod ;) That is weird, talking about Boom and I! Considering I haven't even gotten to that post as of yet, still working my way through older posts. Synchronicity for the win!!

It's not for me to say, but tears were shed for the facial hair that went away. Tears. Were. Shed.

I was about to ask if you were trying to grow a beard, and then find out it's a whole freaking month worth of beard XD RoFL! JJ has similar issues trying to grow one XD

And just when I thought I was done chortling I completely lost it at the subscript XD "Aesthetically challenged atrocity" that's brilliant XD

I feel those sentiments! Probably everyone has at some stage XD

Congratulations on...No Shave November? Is that like Movember? Anyway congratulations XD A win is a win even if it's a little win. Take all the wins and hug them!

Ahhh I know how you feel I've been terribly, terribly behind on reading and commenting as well. Unlike some dedicated folk though I'm making pretty much zero effort to try and catch up, just kind of slogging on as best I can each day and trying not to feel too bad about it. I blame Silly Season.

"Trying?" Why I... I can't even... Good day to you, MATEdam. I say good day!!

Some people look the way did on Day 30 on the second day haha I'm just not hairy enough to achieve that kind of transcendence I guess.

@randomli likes to keep it PC haha! That exact same humor is why I decided to marry her haha!

I keep pouring hints, particularly on my comments in your posts haha! Consider those teasers for this post. I've made significantly less posts this year than I did last year, so I figured why get stressed about it. HakunaMATEtata! Just had to sneak that one in ;)

Movember is specifically for mustaches. Consider it a subset of the more general No Shave November haha!

Hahahaha I laughted so hard really seeing this, oh my goodness, I always find it difficult to keep beards so are usually shave every two days and I wouldn't have been able to stop myself from shaving for one month it's actually so funny seeing you with beards and actually more funnier with no beard well its been a long long time and I must say steemit has missed you the whole lot

Glad to see that I'm not forgotten around these here parts! Sorry for not being able to keep up to date, man. I have posts of yours queued up in my tabs, but I'm not sure if I would be able to comment on every single one. Keeping that beard was way harder than I thought! I'm glad I was able to finish it though!

It's fine buddy no need to really bother, I think it'll be okay, I'll be looking forward to having you here again my friend really, we'll roll when you're here fully.

Preparing my ammo for my return salvo, just you wait ;)

I didn't recognize that guy in the first pic, some kind of gangster had taken you hostage I thought. Looks like it all ended well!

It's funny, I've been watching Narcos: Mexico recently and I've been acting out scenes (complete with all the mannerisms and talking in Spanish), and it's been annoying my wife to no end. Fun times! I'll miss them terribly.

She might have been more supportive if you'd been also bringing in those Narcos millions...

If only I could make this cannabis grow properly...

I think I agree with @randomli - it was an interesting experiment, but maybe not quite you :-) Good to see you back.

Deb! How goes life? It's great to be back! Though, I will miss the added bonus that I have an additional scratcher for the back of my hand, etc (aka mah beard) haha!

It's been a busy year, but happy to have managed to get myself on the go again. Too bad about the hand scratcher, but you win some, you lose some...

Sneaking in some stubble to alleviate that itch! It's the little things.


Unfortunately, my genetics didn't allow me a fuller beard, but at least I have little to no chance of going bald. So, that's good news!

Welcome to the club :P but my genetics will also provide me with a bald head in a couple of years :P

Haha! No shame in being bald. When you do, I implore you to flaunt your bare scalp for the world to gaze at... and be blinded by!

till then i hope they find the cure for baldness and make it low cost :P

I don't know if it's sold where you live, but Minoxidil is what people use here to combat hair thinning. Maybe that could help you a little bit when the time comes.

yea you can buy it here too, i have done my research and there are 2 possible future ways for me

  1. somehow i end up with quite some money, so i do hair transplants
  2. i don't end up with quite some money so i shave my head completely and let my beard grow more :P

I think the second one's more feasible! Feasi-bald? I tease.

lol, glad to have you back. Growing a beard is very hard work, so I certainly don't fault you for not having time for Steemit.

It sure is! Almost damn near crippled my productivity. It's a gift and a curse. The moment I became beardless, I immediately ran out of things to do and it left me questioning the very purpose of my existence.

Hmm, I question my existence all the time. Maybe I should grow a beard. Oh yeah, I can't. I guess I'm stuck here in my beardless unproductive ennui.

Ahh, now I feel much better. I mean, I am sad for you, brother. Truly, I am. But, knowing that others couldn't grow the faux-beard I am able to falsify brings joy to my life. Truly, it does.

My beardless unproductive ennui gives you joy? Truly? I hope your faux-beard grows out super fast one night and strangles you in your sleep. Truly, I do.

That is the dream, isn't it? Truly, the dream. Your inability to grow a beard is what gives me joy, but if you feel happier about me being happy about your unproductive ennui, then I guess I'll change my answer to that. What makes you happy, makes me happy.

We should both grow out our beards and wear matching shirts for the rest of our lives.

Indeed! OR, we could both not grow beards and not wear shirts for the rest of our lives. Either way, it's still a match isn't it? I've already started on the latter, my streak's two days going on three.


Can you pull this off?

I could, but I opted for the slow reveal instead.

I felt there was more suspense that way haha!

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