Curry, Cousins and more Crypto - Welcome to my World #4

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You know what the topic of the day is going to be at a family get together, when your brothers don’t make it passed the passage and into the actual lounge before whipping out their paper wallets and starting the crypto talk…

(those are the "get away with that paparazzi camera" looks - Bitcoin is serious and private business

Not that this is in any way surprising to us ladies in the family… lol – The men in our lives completely DOMINATE the overall conversation at most of our gatherings, so us girls will generally gravitate to some far corner of the house (aka the kitchen) and enjoy our preferred topics of conversation whilst consuming copious amounts of red wine. (ok, maybe that’s just me.. haha).

(meet the lovely ladies in my life - minus one (Astrid), as she was holidaying elsewhere at the time..)

A few years ago, I would have said that the boys “go to” topics would have been either Rugby or politics, but let’s be honest, until recently, the Springbok rugby team hasn’t been worth a second glance, let alone an entire conversation ...

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and as far as our politics go… our president and his entourage are a complete joke – so I suppose if having a good laugh was in order, they might still be worth discussing. Haha!

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But no, the topic of choice these days is without question “crypto talk” – and of late is specifically focused on the possible approaching “split” at the beginning of August.

Not long after arrival, the boys were already engrossed in Bitcoin documentaries. All of them – happy as little pigs in… well, you know… mud! (or should I say money) Lol


Savoury snacks were served to accompany the “cryopsation” and the boys always bottomless tummies…


Our gatherings are always somewhat chaotic as we all have kids – the cousins consist of (now) four boys and one girl – as we have recently welcomed our newest family addition… Joseph, who is three weeks old .

(Meet baby Jo)

The cousins share a very unique thread… meet James, Josh, Jude & Juliet… Joseph was being cuddled by one of the ladies… obviously!

I am assuming I don’t actually need to outline what the “unique thread” is, right?! Lol – I think if the men had an opportunity to re-name the kids now however, they would probably share a slightly different thread - sporting names like “Bitcoin, Dash, Etherium and so on… hahaha!! (oh, I really wouldn’t put it past them… haha)

I love having my family around me and I love to fuss over them. I decided to cook us a butter chicken curry which was a huge hit from what I could tell, but I will divulge the details of that in another post shall I…. because we are talking about Crypto here, right?! Pffft, I mean obviously!! – what else! Haha!

(ok, I just HAD to give this tasty dish just a little bit of glory ok... hehe)

Feeding my family is never a complicated issue, other than the amount of food required, as we all have enormously healthy appetites!

The afternoon unfolded and the little boys were being… little boys…

("Aunty Jayne, we want to do a funny face photo"...Strike a pose boys lol)

The men were STILL talking about crypto – sharing tips, experiences and knowledge with each other,


And the ladies… well, it was time for a “WINETIME” selfie. Lol – we have to find something to keep ourselves entertained you know. Haha!

(Say CHEESE ladies... no, wait, i mean say CHEERS ladies!!! hehe)

No surprises that from the afternoon right through to the evening, the conversation surrounding bitcoin etc. did not waver at all – and don’t get me wrong, the ladies get involved too… yes, despite their often reluctance to hear our perspectives or viewpoints on the matter, we are all rather opinionated ladies too. Lol

At one point in the conversation it was mentioned by one of the guys how crypto currency and platforms like Steemit are empowering people as individuals – slowly removing the confining restraints of government and “the system” – to which, my one sister in law made mention of how she does see the positives of that, but that she also misses how “simple and uncomplicated” things were back “then”– despite the fact that we might have been more “controlled and conditioned.”

I can completely relate but Needless to say, the boys just rolled their eyes at that…lol

Conversation moved to my recent joining of the Steemit community. None of them are particularly interested in social media so they are not members, but were interested nonetheless to see how it works etc.

After seeing my profile activity, the boys started nagging the other ladies to stop wasting their time posting photos on Facebook and to join the Steemit community – the response went something like this… “You guys are simply obsessed with earning crypto!” lol – “Stop trying to monetise the women in your lives! Haha”

To which I think the general male response was something along the lines of “that might be the case, but you ladies wouldn’t have a problem going to spend the rewards of our earnings on a shopping spree, would you?!” haha!

Us? Never! We don’t like shopping! Haha ;)

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It is for that exact lie above lol, that I believe it is important that both men and women of all ages start to educate themselves on the topic. It is the way of the future. We are entering a new era and if we are going to be able to guide our kids adequately then we need to know what the bloody hell is going on. Not to mention the fact that the world’s economy is in an absolute mess - people all around the world are finding it harder and harder to sufficiently provide for their families. The quality of life is diminishing – and that is not something I am prepared to accept for my son.

I want only the best for him and for anybody in my family – so expand my horizons, I shall!

My knowledge on the crypto world might be a lot more limited than that of the men in my life (for now anyway) – but I learn a little bit every day. Yes, sometimes it is stressful, delving into these markets and trying your hand at different moves and motions, but hey – with every one that you successfully or unsuccessfully complete, you learn a little more about the whole thing!

Financial independence is taking on a whole new meaning now… and I would like to be a part of that.

If us old ducks and dogs can play in this arena, then the prospect of the opportunities that will lie ahead of my son, excite me greatly and If he is taught young, he will soar!

One of my nephews (one of the J’s – lol) already owns some of his own bitcoin – and whilst he might not completely grasp the concept, I think it is wonderful that he is being introduced to it at his age! I would like to do precisely the same for my little boy in a year or so…

(meet the first "J" in the famly... well, excluding Aunty Jayne of course hehe)

What a great investment in his future and quality of life… right?! – I know!! It is VERRRRRY exciting!! Haha eeeeek!

In my last post in this thread, I wrote about a story which my dad shared with us on the topic of “perspective”. That conversation hit me hard, because not only do I want the best for my little boy in the years to come, but I also want to be able to enjoy his life with him.

So many of us live in a whirl wind that never ends. We don’t have the time we should to dedicate to the people and things that actually count in life – and then one day, we wake up and we are heading to retirement… that is NOT living! That is EXISTING!

Having been stuck on the hamster wheel for many years, I can categorically say – I do not want to exist – I want to LIVE! – So I am making a conscious CHOICE to do precisely that!

I believe that removing our focus from the chaos that is often this world - and shifting it to investing in our futures is absolutely the way to go!

Image Credit:

For years, I have said that I would like to “help people” – whether it is through advice, motivation or inspiration – I wanted to make a difference in this world… sadly however, without a degree or piece of paper that qualifies me to do so, there are very few options out there that would allow me to fulfill that dream whilst supporting us... or so I thought...

This platform has completely changed that dynamic for me (and everybody else on it) and so has the world of crypto currency. The possibilities are simply endless.

So despite the fact that us girls roll our eyes at the men in our lives for their endless crypto talk… I know, we are learning through them and in their hearts, they are being honourable in their actions, as their objectives are to provide well for their wives and their children.. And for that, we love them.

Onward and upward I say!!! And cheers to plenty more family gatherings with "cryptosations"… hehe :)

Until next time wonderful Steemians… and as always… a blog appropriate song which you will hopefully enjoy


Such a great read I will be honest I would be lost in the crypto talk but slowly trying to learn a bit about it
Rugby is a conversation I could get into but our team hasn't been doing to bad till the last couple of weekends lol

Time with family is special looking forward to a week with kids and grandkids in August :)

precisely!!! you learn a little more with each step.
Yes, family time is awesome..
As for the rugby...hmmmm.... lol

No need to say any more

hahahaha thanks ;)

That butter chicken looks delicious dear! Is that crispy 'appalam' that you put on the plate? Typical Indian food today with the rice also! Good one!

thank you :) - not sure if its the same thing that you are referring to... we call them "poppadums"

Exactly!! I was looking for the word! 'Poppadums' I just love it!

well suited word... hey :)

thank you so much :)

welcome visit me when you free thanks nice day

Whelp. I need to find sum red slippers (and a friend) ASAP !
LMAN.GIF got a friend in me.... "tra la lalala" 🤗😉😁👌

You have a wonderful family to enjoy time with. Also great opportunity to share ideas and learn more.

Thank you 🤗😁

Nice post.....keep writing....

Thank you so much

Wonderful personal account!

thank you :)

Awesome family post :)

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