Calculators to Crypto - Welcome to my World #3

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We are a family of great conversationalists and last night (as most other times when either my dad or my brothers are involved) we got on to the topic of crypto currency. My dad has educated himself on the subject to a level which I would consider a relative expert.

Last night we had dinner at my mom’s place and my dad joined us too, which doesn’t happen often as he lives about an hour out of town – so it was a wonderful surprise.

At the age of 37, I can honestly say that whilst I would consider myself rather tech savvy, the men in my life know a whole lot more about the crypto world than I do and I never thought the day would come where I would be listening to my 70 year old father explaining “cloud mining” to me. Haha!

But alas, come, that day did!

(Yes, smiling comes VERY easily when the Bitcoin price is on the up! - haha!)

The men in my family have been involved in the crypto market for several years now, so I am very fortunate to have them all as my “teachers” if you will – because I know they will always have my best interests at heart.

(No points for guessing what the conversation around this fire was

All of them of firm believers in the fact that fiat is dead and that getting into the crypto market now, is undoubtedly the way to move forward. I completely agree!

(More crypto talk? - oh wait... no... that's Rugby! - My bad! haha)

During our evening last night, my dad made mention of how so many of us “youngsters” simply lack perspective. We See things as they are and that is all we see – because that is all we know.

This turned into a very interesting story as he began to describe just what he meant by “perspective”.

Before getting into the crunch of the story, he reminded us that when he was at school there weren’t even calculators. That statement alone makes a person think!

(Yip, that little boy is my dad...)

My dad has been self-employed since as far back as I can remember and he has accomplished much with his life. He started his story about how running a business back then, consumed literally all of your time because if you were not present, the cogs stopped turning. Apart from the fact that at that time there were no cell phones, there were no fax machines – there was nothing but a telephone. When you did your banking - you wrote a million cheques and then you got into your car and you drove to the bank and stood in queues. If you needed to speak to a supplier whilst on the road you would have to find a pay phone to call them...

(Us back in the day, and yes, that little pork chop is me. hehe)

How very different things were!

He went on to tell us about when car phones (I think they were called car phones) came out and how he was one of the first to get one locally. He explained how utterly liberating that was because he could now be away from the office whilst still being able to communicate with them. He joked about how he would have to drive up to the top of the hill where our holiday house was situated, so that he could get signal to make calls, haha!

Time went on, as time does and then came cell phones, internet and the whole bang shoot!

(Me drinking wine by the pool... no wait, how did that get in here?! - Sneaky wine... VERY sneaky!!! lol!)

He was illustrating the point that through his life’s journey he has seen so many phases of change and his world has literally done a 180. We don’t have that same level of perspective, because we were born into this age.

We continued to discuss how a few years ago, things like Steemit did not exist. Things like crypto currency did not exist – and their now existence is changing the face of the world.

“We have the world at our fingertips” he said.

(My son exploring the world of virtual reality)

Everything he said was absolutely spot on! If we are smart enough to educate ourselves in the right spheres, we no longer have to answer to anyone or sit through a 9 to 5 job in order to support ourselves and our families.

This is SO very true!

We have a world of possibility at our disposal… we just need to see it.

As with most things my dad talks about, he was very passionate in this conversation. I think largely because this “virtual world” has opened his eyes greatly to the limitless possibilities.

(Meet my Dad)

My dad is a very financially successful individual because of his relentless drive. He has involved himself in many facets of business – from his primary business involving pneumatic tools etc. through to buying and selling real estate – and he was quite confident to sit there and say last night that he has made more money in the last few years through crypto currency than he has made in his whole life of blood, sweat and tears. – I know that obviously makes him happy, but I do suspect that there is a part of him which is saddened by that statement when reflecting on the many trials he had to endure and sacrifices he had to make in order to become financially independent before the days of crypto currency.

That’s a rather large bowl of perspective right there…

Listening to the details of my father’s journey through life, was very inspiring. It made me realise just how much more I can make of my life and myself as a person.

I am the youngest of 4 siblings and the only girl. My mom and dad divorced when I was five, so until the age of 12, I was raised by 4 men. (Oh the stories I could tell you…lol) - Don't get me wrong, my mom was there and is my best friend and the backbone of my emotional stability lol... but at that time I lived with my dad and brothers. It was not a bed of roses, but it certainly did turn me into one tough cookie – which I am ever grateful for. As we all stand as adults now, we all work for ourselves… so the entrepreneurial type mind set displayed by my dad through the years has influenced all of us.

(The Crypto Guru's in my life - my dad, my three brothers and my partner on the far left)

Somebody once told me when I was 18 “if you want hard work, work for yourself” – I laughed. Well, never were truer words spoken. I give my everything into my business, every day and have done so for 17 years now – and sometimes it seems like you just never win the race. My dad’s story of perspective gave me both faith and hope! (Which is needed sometimes lol)

He is 70 years old and he is still learning and growing. I am 37 and a far cry from where I was in my 20’s but it was still wonderfully rewarding to hear my parents tell me last night that the direction of the world is turning FAST and it’s turning in a direction which is right up my alley (because they know I am a complete social media and tech junkie!).

The passion in both their voices announcing to me that they both KNOW I am going to “fly” in this life, was a moment I will hold close to my heart forever – statements like that hold a special kind of weight when they come from your mom and dad.

All this crypto and tech talk about life and the future of all our lives, is VERY exciting! My 7 year old son goes into Grade 3 next year… and guess what the first Extra subject I am signing him up for is going to be?! YIP..… CODING! Hehehe!!

(Our future crypto gurus... my son and two of my nephews... hehe)

The evening came to an end and so did my dad’s story. He left us with these words… which I think will be a good way to finish this piece. I hope they resonate with you as much as they resonated with me.

Until next time gorgeous peeps …

“Don't ever let your current perceptions limit you, or your belief in how much you can achieve.” – My dad.

...To infinity and beyond fellow Steemians ;)

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At 73 I am trying to keep up, this world is moving so fast, it is important to find new friends that understand more about new innovating concepts that can enlighten one on how things work such as crypto currency as one small example. Old friends often times are just negative about new and upcoming advances and get on board slowly. Computers, internet, emails and cell phones are examples, but those open to new innovations made the most of them. Kudos to you for listening and respecting your fathers incites and Kudos to him for staying on top of life. Love


That is so very true! Thank you for the wonderful feedback on my post - it is always greatly appreciated... and great to see such a positive attitude.

What a story! Upvoting and resteeming


thank you so much!!! :)

Great content. You're one hell of a story teller. I wish I could write like this. =D
I'll stick to code. Cheers & Following you now...


Hahaha thanks xxx between the both of our kinds combined we shall shape the world 😁👌😎👊


It one of the best thing i have read so far today!!


wow, thank you so much!! What a lovely thing to say :)

Glad to see others posting about their family @jaynie and really enjoyed your post...our parents have seen so much change in the world. It's amazing!


They certainly have and it is amazing indeed! Thank you so much for the positive feedback - much appreciated :)

Good to see fellow steemians talking and sharing about their families.. :) Great post and photos.. Thanks for sharing.. :)


and thank you for the lovely feedback :)

You have a very big family, looks lucky :)


Yip :)

Great post 'Pork Chop'!

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A very exciting story! Your father — well done. Not whining, that he many years. Learns new. Versed in the blockchain. Respect=))


I will pass the message on to him ;) thank you



Sounds like a great family to sit around the fire with! I tried that with my family last weekend and it didn't go so well :/ haha. Loved the story and overall message from your wise old man. Up-voted and re-steemed!


They are a crazy and wonderful bunch of people indeed. :) Glad you enjoyed the story and thank you SO much for the upvote and the resteem :)

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Ohh, how I love crypto currency talks, especially in the family or with the co-workers.


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So glad to hear you plan to sign your son up for Coding, Jaynie!