Welcome to My World #2 - The Wild Fig

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Weekends are for fun, adventures and family time! Most weekends, we will end up out and about somewhere for lunch on either the Saturday or Sunday. It normally starts with a discussion / bicker in the car amongst the three of us as to where to go for breakfast. We're normally all so hungry that nobody can think straight and everybody is pretty damn grumpy due to the empty tummies! haha!

This process takes so long that by the time we all finally settle on a place, breakfast time has passed and the lunch bell is ringing, which as I am sure you can imagine, means the grumpiness levels are SOARING! lol... oh... did I mention that we get grumpy when we are hungry! lol!

Nonetheless, we survived, as I am sitting here writing this... all is well in our world once again as tummies are full.... for the next few hours anyway...>DOOM DOOM DOOM<


Today we decided to go to a restaurant called "The Wild Fig", which is located alongside the Liesbeek River, in Mowbray, Cape Town. On arrival, Jude was about ready to have a nervous breakdown due to hunger, so needless to say, his burger was ordered immediately and the risk of death if not served within minutes, was stressed to our waiter. (And yes, he did actually get breakfast... cereal and a chicken mayonnaise sandwich - but hes a growing boy hey...)


Jude's burger arrived quickly, thank goodness! However - watching him eat it was about as stressful as it was watching him moan about his hunger levels! lol His little hands are so tiny, and the burger was SOOOO large! Again, we survived, and full of smiles he was, once again!

The restaurant is really hidden away and if you didn't know it was there, you wouldn't know it was there. (see what I did there.. hehe)


It is a beautifully quaint little place with loads of character. In many ways it reminded me of the movie "The Secret Garden". Scattered with little bits and bobs all over the place, lots of nooks and turns and plenty for little bodies to explore...





Look mom, I'm in the tree! Mom... moooommmm.... MOMMMMYYYYYY LOOOOOK!!!!


no wait mommy, look again, i'm still in the tree but in a different position now...

I need wine! - bring me wine!!! hahaha!


WINE! - Yay!! - and a delicious Pinot Noir at that... ok... mom and dad are happy now!! :)


Well, momentarily anyway, because this is my... "I know exactly what is going on behind me" look. lol.. boys will be boys...


nope... they are not done yet... lol


aaaand...nope... not done - got to do something to entertain ourselves until the food arrives. haha


Ok, enough shenanigans boys... the food has arrived and I have one word for it... no points for guessing what that is...

yes, you guessed it... WOW!!! It was absolutely divine!! - Isn't it just wonderful when you go out and everybody is equally impressed with their meals...yes, yes it is! lol


I ordered the Grilled Rib Eye Steak which was served with a red wine and thyme butter, a roasted red onion tart tian and roast veg (as you know, I keep my carbs to as little as my general will power will afford. haha) - but wait! - did somebody say RED WINE BUTTER? - now THAT is my kind of steak ;) hehe!


Dave ordered the Creamy Butter Chicken Curry, sprinkled with almonds and served with basmati rice and a poppadom


and we all know PRECISELY what Jude ate... hahahahahaha!!!! The evidence speaks for itself!


Jude and I were too full, so we skipped dessert, but Dave ordered.. oh wait, I didn't take a photo of the dessert menu... (oops - blog fail) - well, it was some delicious looking peppermint thingy... (good save Jayne!) Phew.... lol - Personally, I just fell in love with the angled glass bowl it was served in... that's probably why I forgot to take a pic of the menu...


Well, with the dining done and dusted... it was naturally time for little mans ablutions... so here's a random hello from us to you, in the ladies...


which was just delightful looking, I must add...


All in all, it was a fantastic lunch outing - during my little mans adventures, he brought me some beautiful little blossoms... (too dear!!!) - they are almost as beautiful as he is xxx


and when exiting the restaurant, Jude and I decided to do an action shot - which thank goodness, actually turned out half decent, because it ended rather painfully for me with the top of his head smacking me right on the bridge of my nose... OUCH INDEED!!! - oh the things we do for blogging... lol!


Until next time... much love from Cape Town :)



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looks like a nice place to eat with family


It absolutely was! It is always great when you find place where both the adults and the kids are happy :) its a "win win" lol

Thanks for sharing your day back when we had 4 young kids we had the same drama over where to have breakfast, what to do for the day etc etc etc so I could really relate to that


Hehehe glad to know i am not alone 😁

What a beautiful family ..I love going to different places and finding all the hidden gems or small hole in the wall places that only locals know...they always have been great experiences...your pictures made me feel like I was there experiencing it myself...awesome.i will be watching for more of your great family and foodie posts :) :) Hi I'm Kayleigh :) :)


Thank you hon!!! Much appreciated :D


You're very welcome :) :)

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