200 Deep Questions to Ask : "What trait do you envy in others?"

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Hi everyone! I'm continuing the series of series of life topic which I find it exciting. The art of short-sweet questioning by Rania Naim on his 200 Deep Questions To Ask which I plan to continue up until I reached the 200th question. It will surely exercise my writing ability and at the same time improve my story telling. I found it a general topic to answer and I want to answer all of them from 200 to 1.

"What trait do you envy in others?"

"Self-Esteem / Optimism"

Ever since I'm in high school, I used to pity myself. I have a very low self-esteem and everyone can attest to that. I can't dare to look in the eyes of the person I talked to and they find it very weird. Why? I can't directly look on to their eyes when I am in front of the class explaining how to solve this problem. When I explain, I look on the ceiling which irritate my teachers. Why am I doing that? I just nod, no response because I don't know how to explain it.

My English Teacher, Ms. Abris have noticed this weird behavior and tried to help me with it. She always call me in her class for oral participation and ask me to look in her eyes when explaining my thoughts. That continued for a couple of weeks and there was some improvement. But that didn't end up very good. I still end up having that kind of problem I don't know for what reason.

In college was even worse, during my first and second year. I have reflected a bad self-image of myself. I'm happy it didn't turn to depression. It suddenly changed a bit when I reached Third year where I held a big position in our University. It opened up a little bit, but still I want to improve this trait.

I'm wishing to answer the 200 questions in 200 days. Meaning, I hope to post one question a day to finish it. I wish you'll read it too :) Thank you!

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