200 Deep Questions to Ask : "What skill do you wish you had?"

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Hi everyone! I'm continuing the series of series of life topic which I find it exciting. The art of short-sweet questioning by Rania Naim on his 200 Deep Questions To Ask which I plan to continue up until I reached the 200th question. It will surely exercise my writing ability and at the same time improve my story telling. I found it a general topic to answer and I want to answer all of them from 200 to 1.

"What skill do you wish you had?"


Another tough question. Well, I used to get embarrassed and teased with the lack of confidence and skill I have for "Dancing". I remembered when I was in high school when we have an annual dancesports event where our section was the representative for Rumba. Oh Gosh, I don't know a single bit of it nor the idea of dancing it on my body. So yea, despite of the weeks of practice - I still end up not performing good.

A much more tough life when I was in college. Haha. We have a subject Physical Education 2 and everything is all about dancesports. Though I got a good grade on it, I still lack the confidence and skill in dancing. The worst maybe when I became a President of our Association, the Association of Working Scholars. It paved a way to another positions in university like Council of Presidents, Vice-Chairman for Council of Working Scholars, Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines. We used to dance on opening ceremonies (Salvo) and you'll surely laugh at me. I'm a completely "no brainer" when it comes to dancing.

I'm just glad I never got a video from the dance presentations I used to perform HAHAHA. There were some but I requested to remove it (I have the power before haha). I wish I could have that cool dancing skill that will make you eyes "Wow".

I'm wishing to answer the 200 questions in 200 days. Meaning, I hope to post one question a day to finish it. I wish you'll read it too :) Thank you!

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Pleasure to read you my friend.

Getting her to fall in love with me, that's the skill I wish I had.


So deep. I knew she fell in love with you.