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Hi everyone! Today I am here with another episode of my daily casual vlog. I thought that I would add an extra touch on today's daily casual vlog, and speak some Chinese and Korean here and there throughout my day!

I really just spoke in whichever language that naturally came to me at the time, and it's so interesting looking back as I edit to which situations I feel most comfortable speaking in each language.

I hope you enjoyed the vlog, take care of your beautiful souls and vessels, and sending you all much love♡

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I truly enjoyed filming this for you, and while I am not here to tell you how to live your life, I hope that this talk can help you in some way to spread love and create the life you desire.

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♡ If you enjoyed the video, please do let me know by leaving a thumbs up and comment! Sending you all of my love from my heart ♡

(P.S: I was so caught up in how passionate I was that I didn't realise how much I talk with my hands until I started to edit the video!

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⇢ 🎥 Main Camera : **Canon EOS 700D** ⇢ 📷 Vlogging Camera : **Canon G7x Mark ii** ⇢ 🎬 Editing : **Final Cut Pro X** ⇢ 🎼 Music by : • [SoundCloud/Ikson](https://soundcloud.com/ikson)
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I follow you on youtube, thank you for your vlog , happy life

Thank you very very much @satoshinakamoto1. So happy to hear that. I'll update my vlog every day. Don't forget to check it

And your tags can be life, vlog, and others, but DO NOT use cn.
The cn zone is not allowed to copy the content of other websites.(someone specified )
Your article will be Flag by a 75-level person and @adm .

I'm not use it. But if i'm usee it i give web open source on the article so this can be safe. And i'm never copied any word from any content. This original work for me. By the way thanks for great information @satoshinakamoto1

Regardless of whether or not you are original, their idea is that you must be original on the steemit platform. Even if it was issued on your own blog, copying is not allowed.Big whale is dominant in the cn plate, they can make rules.

They will use simple crawlers to check if your published articles are on the Internet, even if that is your original.

This is the biggest problem in steemit platform.
As you can see, the big whale can control everything.

This is my last speech on steemit. I am not optimistic about this forum and eventually it will be disappear.

Forums like Steemit are being born a lot and they will all avoid the big whale problem.
I will continue to follow you on youtube.

anyway ,hope you get happy life .

Yeah i see... they are too protective of articles that use Chinese language. korea is also slightly protective. I am confused how we will write something about the world if the rest of the world hates us. this is very strange.

Thank you @satoshinakamoto1 for information

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