Why are Men Allowed to Walk Around Topless and Not Women?

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I wouldn’t really want to walk around topless, purely as it would draw too much attention and that ain't me, I'm more covert.

But I saw this picture on another social media site I take a look at occasionally:


And it just set me of thinking why and how has it come to this and if I wanted to walk around naked, why shouldn’t I?

The answer is that societal expectation molds us into unrecognizable creatures devoid of thinking for ourselves.

Don’t let it claim you…

It is daft there is so many double standards in this world.

Surely, a nipple is a nipple, whether it's on a male or a female?

I know how it feels to be ostracised for having boobs, well breastfeeding in public, always covered by a shawl mind, nothing on show, but on a bench along from the rest of people I hung out with then, as it made them feel ‘uncomfortable’.

Probably says more about the people I hung around with at that point.

The only reason that a woman is not allowed to walk around topless is that has been sexualized and somewhere along the line, it became indecent exposure and a criminal offense.

Apparently, it is only illegal here in the UK if you intend to make others uncomfortable to disturb the peace with your boobs or nakedness on show.

Well, as you read from above, breastfeeding makes people uncomfortable enough and you’d be guaranteed that someone would complain if a woman walked down the high street topless (probably a few appreciative comments and stares too) and definitely not a wise move along a quiet street on a dark night in this day and age.

So how exactly do you define whether you make someone uncomfortable? Are they jealous that they don't have that confidence or freedom to do that?

I think you’d probably get away with being topless on a beach here in the UK.

But if a policeman (or woman) comes along and tells you to cover up, you have to do it.

It leads thoughts like if a woman was flat chested, or had her boobs removed went topless, would they still be arrested, or do you actually need boobs for it to be considered ‘offensive’?

Or if you had a topless woman who was completely flat chested and a topless man with moobs walking down the street, who the police ask to cover up because of indecent exposure?

Lastly, now tell me that this topless man is not sexualised….

man - sexual topless photo.jpg

Take your time, studying his form before you make a decision…

(Where'd that last 10 minutes go?)

It is just another ridiculous example of ‘Big Brother’ at work forming our mindsets for us.

(Free the Boobs)

Welcome into a glimpse into my thought train today.

With <3 @hopehuggs

I will leave you with this, just for equality purposes, of course (haha)…

(Gif courtesy of @valorforfreedom)

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My favorite gif :3


The German spirit shines through her, I must say.

Considero que realizaste un hermoso trabajo aquí, no solo diste tu opinión o planteaste tu posición, sino también alegaste con hechos la posición de la sociedad tan radicalmente absurda y ridícula, me gusta la frase: "un pezón es un pezón", tienes toda la razón Felicidades.
I consider that you did a beautiful job here, not only did you give your opinion or state your position, but you also factually argued the position of society so radically absurd and ridiculous, I like the phrase: "a nipple is a nipple", you are absolutely right. Congratulations.


Love this dual language comment - uber clever! Love it! @mrprofessor!!


Wow, indeed! it looks to neat, and the signature adds a lot! Awesome job @kantos

I live out in the country and spent my summer doing a bit of skinny dipping and walking around outside in a bra because it was so hot here. My husband was outside all the time without a shirt cool as a cucumber while I was covered and sweating. At some point I said screw societal expectations and I shed my shirt so I could work outside and be cool and late at night when alone...everything for a swim. It was liberating. That is BS that site tells people to cover up one nipple with another. A nipple is a nipple. Don't matter if it's male/female. If they have a problem with it why not ask people to cover the nudity with a black box or something similar.


I'm off to France tomorrow, where being topless at the edge of the pool would be far more acceptable, I still won't do it though, as there would be far too many people about, not to mention my mother and stepfather, but if there was a pool in the garden, late at night, I definitely be tempted :)

Yes definitely daft covering a nipple with a black x, show or don't show the picture, or if it bothers you that much, just don't look.

Well double thinking of some people what one can do

well a nipple is not just a nipple, the females nipples awaken the male sexual urge so it won't be right for ladies to be walking around exposing it as it could result to lot of assault


Leads to the question of shouldn't people be able to control their urges?

But yes I did touch on that and say something similar in the post.


It is hard enough not to think of it talk less of when we see the temptation all around us... It can't be controlled... And yes the man is not sexually attracted to me, but probably some ladies can find it sexualised.. But it is a totally different case.. Guys are free to open up... The ladies ain't....


But if the temptation hadn't been strewn around us with media sexualizing nudity and the 'perfect' shape, its all been engineered. I suppose we could blame Adam and Eve for that one.

It is only different, as that is what we have been 'taught' to believe. The red pill is a bitter one to swallow.

Very thought-provoking article. (Ironically, a topic I was thinking about within the last couple of days.) I'll have more to say about it when I get some sleep. Stay tuned.


I will look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this. I was originally only going to share the first image and a comment or two, but the words just came.


I've sure wondered about this very thing. Why is it our responsibility to cover up and not their responsibility to control themselves. Just as in an abusive relationship, why is it the woman's responsibility "not to provoke him" (an impossible challenge) and not his responsibility to control his anger! A therapist will tell you of course that's exactly what it is ... his responsibility.

Anyway ... The Weasel and I had a bit of a discussion about this after I read it. It brought up the question ... you said, "What if a flat-chested woman and a man with moobs walked down the street topless? Which would be told to cover up for "decency's sake?"

Well, I'll take it one further. What if a woman with a double mastectomy walked out in public topless? So if there are no boobs to consider ... is this an arbitrary law against women? Which then makes the whole concept all the more offensive.

Interesting question.

Really good post, and something that I thought long and hard on while I lived in Ontario. There was a great battle and the courts allowed women to go topless if they wanted to. I don't think that many did.

I know it's not right that men get all fucked up when a woman bares her skin, but it's a fact. This is what society has come to. I like to blame everything on religion, and in this case, I think it is really religion's fault. Well, society's fault, but religion has shaped society for a very long time.

If we had not been told, as little kids, that there were private parts, I'm sure we would have all grown up differently. Telling everyone that something that comes naturally to animals is bad, unless you're married, makes people afraid to talk about their naughty feelings and push it down where it can fester into something ugly.

I could be talking out of my ass but this is my train of thought on the matter. Obviously it goes much deeper, but this is a comment and I don't have three weeks to spend delving into it right now.

I did lose ten minutes, you're right, and in the meantime completely forgot what you were talking about and had to re-read it - haha...

In the city of Fort Collins, CO, women can go topless but no one can smoke cigarettes. It's the illusion of freedom. People can go naked in the Castro of San Francisco - once again - the illusion of freedom. Personally, I would not go topless in the city - it would be very uncomfortable to me, as a female, to do so.