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Ali and kakak Nur invited us to celebrate Raya on the second day of the festival, 6 June 2019. She prepared so much food such as, Rendang Chicken, Curry Chicken, Tom Yam Fish, Fried Bittergourd and Fried Eggplant. Some of these were their traditional Filipino dishes. My son and my boyfriend had so much to EAT.

On the table, there were a few types of cookies made especially for Hari Raya.

After fasting for the month of Ramadan, Muslim people will start celebrating Hari Raya Syawal 1st.

On the first day of the festival, 5th June 2019, we went to Abang Bahrun's place to celebrate. They also prepared their Indonesian meals for us like Bakso Padang, pulut and kerisik beef, fried chicken wings. His wife made cookies herself, they were awesome.

Their houses were decorated with flair. And we really loved celebrating Hari Raya.

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great to see the malaysian spirit of celebrating a wonderful festival. I'm a Big fan of rendang 😍

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