Stop Worrying, Think Positive!

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Have you ever been worrying about something that is unlikely to happen and that has made you a bit depressed in the process?

Stop Worrying, Think Positive!

In this post, I'd like to talk about little problems that we sometimes have to face in life and that we make bigger and bigger just by our own thinking.

Stop Worrying, Think Positive!

Our mind sometimes makes its own story, its own movie when we face problems and it's what I'd like to reflect on now.

Stop Worrying, Think Positive!

You may have borrowed something from a friend that got broken, for example, and you don't know exactly how your friend will react to it. Your mind is making a movie, you see your friend very upset shouting at you, you see him telling you he doesn't want to see you again, and then you are torturing yourself for a couple of days thinking about that.

When you go to see that friend and tell him about the incident, he then reacts the opposite of what your mind made up all this time, "Never mind, I was not using it anymore" or "You didn't break it on purpose, no problem!"

This was a small problem and we just worried about it for two days when the outcome went well. In that case, wouldn't it be best to just handle the problem when it has just happened, like calling your friend and telling him?

At worse, you may have to pay for a new item, but you would save two days of unnecessary worries and have your mind be productive on something else.

Stop Worrying, Think Positive!

Worrying about things that have not happened yet is very unnecessary and unhealthy because you are just repeating negative emotions, which may push the outcome in favor of what you fear is going to happen. It's like a form of unconscious prayer where you are asking the Universe to give you what your mind is playing.

Sometimes it's difficult to do, but when I am faced with an issue, I just try to solve it immediately so it doesn't give me time to worry ahead of time. If the problem can't be addressed immediately, then I tell myself that worrying won't help fix it and try to keep positive thoughts until the day I have to face the issue.

If my mind is taking over I counteract repeating this affirmation:

"Stop Worrying, Think Positive!"

"Stop Worrying, Think Positive!"

"Stop Worrying, Think Positive!"

This works!

I have many relatives that are worriers and this seems to be something that runs in the family. I used to be like that and this is something that is pushing you down. I have been practicing positive thinking for a long time and this helps not worrying because you always think of a positive outcome, which is more likely to happen.

If the problem is more important like a possibility to lose your job or income, worrying about it before it happens does not help. If you think about it negatively and get depressed, then you are likely to not perform very well at work or get sick, and finally lose the job.

If you are going to lose the job whatever you do, worrying about it will take away your energy for preparing a resume and looking for a new job, for example. Thinking of losing the job as an opportunity to get a better job is positive thinking and you are very likely to get that better job.

Also, when we are worrying for little things and even for the job, we can think that there is always someone in the world that has even less than what we have.

Stop Worrying, Think Positive!

You can't control how things will end up, but you can control how you feel about them before they happen, when they happen and after they have happened.

Take control of your mind and don't let it play that movie in your head that is not doing you any good.

The universe has your back!

I hope that you enjoy reading this reflection about worrying and positive thinking.

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Michel Gerard


Hi sir , really love your post about positivity and reduced aniexty. Am sure it will be helpful.

Pls my entry for jerrybanfield's swc is yet to be upvoted . Thanks as you check it out

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Indeed, we should not worry too much. Though, worrying is normal. Worrying on things that is yet to happen is pointless, we are better of using that time and brain power doing something more productive. Thanks for the motivarional article and have a worry free day.

Yeah, that is very true. The best what we could do is making good decisions from things that were worrying us, or just do something about them. I know that sometimes we are worried about our lifes/future but we could take our strength and do better! It is always nice to try, for sure, better than worrying.

Thank you for commenting @pacxiu.

Thank you very much @riovanes for your comment and wishing me a worry free day. I wish you the same.

If we just worry about something, that won't take us anywhere. It is better to take action to solve the issue as soon as possible. Always think positive :)

I agree @gocuriousmind. thank you for commenting.

"when we are worrying for little things and even for the job, we can think that there is always someone in the world that has even less than what we have."

If these words in the someone mind hopefully he/she is happy about what he/she have.

motivational post ,beautiful content

Thank you very much @imran-aslam for commenting and I'm glad you like the post.

Sometimes we should stop worrying so much, because that is really bad. we should wait with optimism, for example in my case, if I have worried about my country, we went through one of the worst crises, and in the middle of the storm, STEEMIT appeared in my life. A blessing without a doubt, because I was able to solve many things besides developing myself on this platform, which appreciates the content that others do not.

I liked what you say: "Stop worrying, think positive!"
We really have to think positive to see the change.

Thank you very much @cindycam for your kind comment.

Yeah. some times believes can survive you from disease.

Thank you for commenting.

It take time and concentration to make your brain stop worrying. But it is one of the most freeing things we can do. Dump those negative thoughts. Get the bad news out of the way and move on. Great post for a Saturday morning. Thank you @gmichelbkk.

I am glad that you like it @joannereid, thank you.

Just think positive and keep moving forward... soon you succeed.

yep, I do it all the time. Especially happens at night when I'm trying to sleep. You're right with your solution. Whenever I feel something creeping into my mind I tell myself "don't let it in". It works, but not for long lol. It's a powerful negative force.

Thank you @cflclosers for your comment and let's fight this powerful negative force.

@gmichelbkk your post really struck a cord with me big time.I am such a worrier i just cant help it.I try to think positive at first but the more I think about it the more it makes me think negative.I will defo take on board your advice.Especially no matter how bad things are there is always someone worst off.So always be thankful of what you have rather then second guessing and being upset about what you haven't. Thank you for sharing.Really great post👍🏼👍🏼

Thank you very much @pamcooks for your comment, I'm glad that you like the post. When writing it I was not sure if my readers would like it.

Well I loved it.You just totally described me.Sometimes you dont recognise only when you read something and it resinates with you.It is very well written and thought prevoking.Take your own not feel negative and be weary whether readers would like it.Post it, which you have done and wait for the fab comments to come your way. ( says pam who is taking your advice now)👍🏼👌❤

Thank you @pamcooks for your feedback, this encourages me to write more of these posts.

Please do! If it evokes emotions just in one person then you have done your job right there.Look forward to your future post.I am an avid follower now👍🏼

Yea! The power of positive thinking goes a long way in our success and achievement. It can affect situations and circumstances. I also am an optimist and i can tell you, it pays!!!

Thanks for this wonderful post, keep it coming. I love it

Thank you @aduragbemi for your comment, I'm glad you like the post.

Its a highly motivating and inspiring post. I am feeling good and motivated after reading it. Thank you @gmichelbkk.

I am glad @lovecreativity that you find my post motivating.

I always worry too especially of the future... Hope everything will turn out positively!

@emdesan, thank you for your comment. Everything will turn out positively.

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