Christmas Party at the British Club in Bangkok

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Would you read this blog post and look at the beautiful photos we took this Sunday during the Christmas party at the British Club in Bangkok?

Yesterday, I wrote a post about my daughter Christina decorating her Christmas tree and I hope you will enjoy seeing how we celebrate Christmas here in Thailand.

The British Club in Bangkok organized this event and we went to join friends there. The Christmas party started at 2:00 p.m. and ended at 6:00 p.m.

Christmas Party at the British Club in Bangkok

Different activities were offered to children, crafting, cookie decoration, face painting, magic show, trampoline and slider house, with at the end a quick visit of Santa in his tuk-tuk.

Let's see the photos now.

Decorating cookies with cream.

Making a candle.

Looks like fun!

Magic show.

Face painting.

Mother and daughter.

Father and daughter.

Hit that thing as hard as you can!

A very quick visit by Santa who distributed some candies. 

At the end of the party we enjoyed a nice buffet.

A few of the photos were taken from the British Club's Facebook page and the majority are mine.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you will have a great Christmas yourself.

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Michel Gerard


Santa in a tuktuk! Yesterday I saw him taking care of traffic in HuaHin. Busy guy in Thailand!

Yes, very busy, considering he stayed only a few minutes and didn't bother taking pictures with the kids!

I like the pinata adding a Mexican twist to this western holiday in the east. What a fun event! Your daughter rocks the face paint.

I'm really happy to have my second Christmas in Thailand. I think they do a very good job with this holiday.

Yes, that was great for kids. I hope that you will have a nice Christmas.

Most definitely - steemit just improved things dramatically. Maybe I'll start staying in your level of hotel soon. I'm going to Yangon in January and paying $7.20 usd for 2 nights plus breakfast in a hostel rated 9.2 . I'm sure I will love it, but your stays are always so alluring.

Wish you a nice stay.

Wow" Nice' sir Thanx you so much for sharing. always be happy . & have nice" day enjoy .

Thank you very much for your comment.

It is always so unusual to see Christmas celebrations in countries with a warm climate (green grass in December and all that).

Yes that's right, it looks strange.

This looks awesome!
Seems that this was a lot of fun :)

Thank you for your comment @infinityroad. It was fun.

Beautiful Christmas party for you buddy! I hope you enjoyed it.

Yes, it was nice. Thank you very much @dedicatedguy.

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