A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

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Today I'm going to share with you my Saturday morning, which started very well after reading my comments on Steemit and seeing a portrait of me by @sweettais.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

In this post I am going to show you this amazing portrait of me, then my walk and exercise at the Lumpini Park in Bangkok near the "Alliance Française" and my noon juice.

All photos are mine and taken with my Samsung phone.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

I like to look at my Steemit comments in the morning and respond to them. This morning I had the pleasant surprise to see a comment by @sweettais saying:

Thank you for helpful information! I have a small gift for you- your portrait and hope you like it:)

I went to her profile and saw this portrait of me.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

What a pleasant surprise it was.

I like this portrait very much and I'm honored that @sweettais has taken the time to draw a portrait of me.

That's the first time someone draws my portrait.

A big thank you to the artist that you see below.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

Visit @sweettais' post here and upvote: Portrait for a big man on steemit @gmichelbkk

As it is Saturday, my daughter and I left the house at 7:00 a.m. for the French lesson at the "Alliance Française" in Bangkok starting at 8:00 a.m. During the 2-hour class, I have time to do my walk and exercises at the Lumpini Park, and then have breakfast.

You may like to read this post: A Morning at the Alliance Française in Bangkok.

This morning it was raining a bit and it did not stop me.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

At the left is the app showing what I did this morning, 30 minutes of exercises and 21 minutes for the walk. My weight is now maintained at 75.1 kg.

At the right is the map for my walk from the "Alliance Française" to, and then in the Lumpini Park.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

During my walk I noticed the 3 garbage sorting bins and it reminded me of the ones I saw in Tokyo.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

They have 4 different bins in Tokyo, as you can see below and I think that having 3 is already pretty good, providing that the content doesn't end up in the same truck, as I have seen it done several years ago.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

This digital advertising is pretty recent and takes quite a large area of the building.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

In the park, there are people doing Tai Chi every week.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

I am using the fitness equipment in the park, which is starting to be in really bad shape unfortunately. It stopped raining at that time.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

The view from the fitness equipment I am using.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

Walking back to the "Alliance Française" I took this photo of their new building that will open in August this year.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

That was my breakfast at the "Alliance Française" like every Saturday.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

I really enjoyed it while it was raining very hard outside.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

Back home, to compensate for the morning calories, lunch was juice.

A Saturday Morning Starting Very Well!

That's all for today.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

All photos are mine and taken with my Samsung phone.

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wow,that's amazing.

Yes, it is. Thank you for your comment @mahadihasanzim.

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My goodness such a lovely art with beautiful precision really my goodness I don't know if it's pencil, or pencil with paint, but the thing is, it's amazing, such penchant for an art, it's beautiful

Thank you @josediccus for your kind comment, I am glad you like the drawing. You can visit the artist's original post and upvote.

I'm doing so instantly

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@gmichelbkk what an amazing talent.The sketch of you is fantastic.Will defo go on to @sweetais and upvote.Must have proper made your day.Such a lovely gesture.👍

Thank you @pamcooks for commenting and upvoting the artist.

I saw that picture of you too! Very nicely drawn, such a talented artist.

Thanks for sharing your Saturday morning routine! I've recently formed my Saturday morning routine. I have breakfast at a local cafe, then go to the gym on Saturday and after working out I stay at the lounge area to write/read etc for an hour or so before I go back home to spend the day with my family. Maybe I should write a post about it as well :D

Thank you @zhuwa for your comment and telling us about your Saturday morning. Yes, this will be interesting to read a post about it from you.

You are right, @gmichelbkk. What a great morning to wake up to! It is a real gift to be drawn with such precision and talent. And then, taking a stroll past all the Taichi-ers... with your earbuds in, jammin' to music, I suppose. Thailand is such a fun country to live in. Life is grand! Oh, and your breakfast looks superb.

Thank you @gungho for commenting. I don't listen to music, but motivational and self-development speeches. Breakfast is really good, I admit.

i really like the Portrait she has talent .
Every time i see your post about the morning exercise it encourages me but i am very lazy person not able to wake up in early morning :(

Thank you for commenting. It is just a question of habit. You can do it @imran-aslam!

Very intresting post

Thank you, I am glad you like it @sudheesh.

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