A Morning at the Alliance Française in Bangkok

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Today I'd like to show you the Alliance Française in Bangkok. Every Saturday morning my daughter has a 2-hour French class there and as it is 40 kilometers from where we live, I often made a post about the hotels we are staying in, but I have never showed you the Alliance Française

The Alliance Française has language courses, cultural events, arts courses and has activities for kids. If you are a Thai or Franco-Thai, this is the place to go to learn French. They have classes for young children from 6 years old, students and adults, and the tuition fee is reasonable.

If you plan to go to University in France, you can learn French at the Alliance Française, get a certification like the DELF and DALF that will waive the language test requirement.

They also have a bookstore, a café, a media library, a movie theater, an exposition area and translation services.

A Morning at the Alliance Française in Bangkok

Some information about the Alliance Française from their website.


179 Thanon Witthayu, Bangkok 10330, Thailand.

Google Map



The Alliance Française in Bangkok

Let's see what the Alliance Française looks like from the outside.

Not really the kind of building we usually see in Bangkok, looks like a bunker from the oustside, don't know who the architect is!

There is a tuk-tuk that you can take to go to or from the main street, which is about 500 meters away. There is an area to park your car around the building.

Here you can see what institutes you have in the building.

This is the entrance.

Learning French

This is the classroom where my daughter has her class. There are kids from 7 to 12 years old and one French teacher. 

There are classrooms on 3 floors.

Other classrooms.

The inside of the building

The design is kind of interesting.

La Médiathèque

This is where we wait while my daughter has her French class. This is a library with books all in French and also documentaries. It is a place for French expatriates or Thais who are students of the French language. 

It's on the second floor.

Don't get too comfortable!

Exposition area

From time to time there is an exposition on the Medium floor. It's mainly Art, but today it was for French products and foods.

It got crowded very quickly.

I bought some French sweets...

Movie Theater

There is a small movie theater where you can see classic French and Thai movies.

The café

You can eat Thai food, French snacks and, of course, coffee.

I haven't eaten here so I cannot comment on the food. I know that the coffee is good.

There is also an area outside.

The bookstore

A lot of books in French.

There was a book sale today.

I hope that you enjoyed visiting the Alliance Française in Bangkok with me. Please upvote if you'd like me to show you more about Bangkok in my next posts.

Michel Gerard



interesting reminder to the Alliance Française I visited sometime back in Singapore. The building here in Singapore is more colourful.

Thank you for commenting @ace108

excellent image, The hotel's distance from your home is 40 kilometers away.The distance is much more

Yes a bit far, but that's the only place to learn French.

Who is this kid? so cute baby.

My daughter.

very good coffee dear.i like this coffee,,
thanks for sharing @gmichelbkk

Wow, I wish the Alliance Francaise had such a nice huge place like that in Granada too ^^ New follower to you!

Thank you for commenting.

I want to learn French but it's quite difficult for me.
Good post and Thanks for sharing.

French is a beautiful, but difficult language.

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Thank you for your nice comment.

welcome sir. i want talk with you sir.

Gd post dear you are really gd dear & thanx for sharing

Thank you very much!

welcome dear.

WOW! I couldn't imagine the beauty of this building from outside. When I saw inside pictures, I realize how charming and beautiful it is. It is well decorated. Everything looks nice.

Thanks for the comment.

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