The twinkle in your eye is really starlight

in life •  10 months ago

This is true on a number of levels.

Firstly, if you are standing in the sun, all light is sunlight, and the sun is a star, hence starlight. But it goes much deeper than that.

You are what is left of a blue hypergiant star that went supernova over 10 billion years ago.

Our entire solar system and very likely dozens more were born of this. Our sun coalesced from the stellar nursery roughly 5 billion years ago, swirled in a disk to the music of creation. The planets coalesced from the bits of rocks and gas over the next nearly billion years. The atoms in your body, the iron in your blood, the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen that make life possible. All this came from an exploding star.

The very atoms in your body are eternal, you are an eternal being made of stardust. The energy of that ancient star, long dead, now shines in the smiling eyes of the ones you love.

The people all around you, the ones you love, the ones you mistrust, those who are different from you in any way, those of your twin... all these people came from the same exploding star. We are more the same than we realize.

The next time you look up into the sky and feel drawn to the beauty of the glittering night, realize you are looking up at your old family home.

The light that you are is truly starlight!

Photo courtesy of microeyelenses

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Beautiful post @ghostwriter👍
Just thinking that we are alive in this vast universe and are able to live, eat, breath, and smile is so special and worth cherishing.
Yet we waste our time and our life twiddling away on useless petty things.
Just waking up to realize how special we are, can have a huge impact in our perspective.


Thanks so much! And I think it is important to remember that we are all stardust... let's stop wasting time judging others and just love the brightness of each person. Each person has something to add to the cosmos of our world.


I just had share this blog post on Twitter 😋
I wanted to know what inspires you to come up with something so deep as this post?
I'm quite intrigued to know this 😇


Thanks for the share!

It started with a conversation with my husband, but I have a fascination with the whole creation of the universe, the evolution of stars and galaxies... I mean, think, the Universe took almost 14 billion years to set things in motion and make all the particles so that we could evolve and start asking questions about the Universe. Makes me feel humbly important.


To put it all in such a beautiful way was awesome!
Glad I could read it!
Keep up the great work. I'll be looking out for more of your posts 😊

Never thought of the stars as family; I'll be thinking about that next time I glaze up at the night sky.


Thanks so much! It's such a beautiful way to bring us humans all together.

yeah it looks fabulous.


Thanks so much!

I really do agree with you. I mean, when you look at your body you have: a leg... an arm.... an abdomen... a finger... and a... an eye? What is this eye thing? It's so incredibly unique and different from the rest of the body. It's like an alien existing within us. With that being said, it would make sense that this alien aspect of ourselves is actually from a different galaxy or a space well beyond this dimension.

I was actually just having a discussion on my post the other day about the power of eye contact. It is truly a profound experience, and I believe there is good reason for that!

PS: I'd love to hear your thoughts about that post! You can check it out here: How To Fuel Flirtation And Ignite Irresistible Interactions


I read it, interesting post! I suck at flirting, always have. Your post would have been useful back when I was in the dating sphere... still eye contact is important in all interactions...

But there is something special within us, something so much more than our physical bodies. I will be posting more soon.