Scenes From The Snow Topiary

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Round One Of The Snowpacolypse!


So, our first real snow storm of the season was about a month and half later than normal, but let me tell ya, it's a doozy! On top of getting about two feet plopped on us last night I also had a very sick child, a power outage, and a bunch of animals to tend with. You all know me, I can never just have a straight forward set of tasks to deal with!

IMG_8190 (2).JPG

Rufus is going to have to be unearthed at some point. Oh children!*

The thing is though, I tend to be prepared for things. Sometimes. This time I was. Yesterday I filled all the stock tanks and moved feed around so my morning chores would be easy, and the day before I purchased a ton of fuel for my tractor and generators. It is really nice to have power and internet when there is no power and internet!


What isn't nice is having a sick kiddo. At about two this morning I was worried I was going to have to brave the snow storm and take my poor daughter to the ER because her fever was so high. Thankfully I got it to descend a bit, and by mid morning it broke completely. Poor thing, it wasn't fun.

IMG_8194 (2).JPG

IMG_8196 (2).JPG

Patches O'Houlihan scoping out the snow.

One thing you can count on with a massive drop of snow is the kids and animals in your neighborhood like to have a good frolic in it. My son and the neighbor boys have already been out sledding and doing their normal teen boy stuff like running around the outside of the house in shorts and barefoot. Because they are insane. I nixxed the jumping off the house idea. We need at least a couple more feet of snow before I will allow that protocol to be enacted. Yes, I am a mean mom.

IMG_8200 (2).JPG

Khajit won't quit rolling in the snow, I am concerned...

Tonight and tomorrow we are supposed to get as least as much as we got in the last twenty-four hours, that means I will have four feet of snow. I guess Nature decided to do an all at once snow pack at my house this year. Interesting.

IMG_8199 (2).JPG

This morning the steers, heifer, cats, and the horses all bounced around like a bunch of adolescents, kicking up their heels and as a result, launching snow in my direction as I wandered toward them with their breakfast. Silly creatures, don't they know that I don't have time to play cause I am being a responsible adult? Instead of rolling around in the floof I had to do boring things like melting snow on the woodstove so we could flush our toilets. ARGH! Being a grownup is so freaking lame sometimes.

IMG_8201 (2).JPG

That's it! I am putting on my snow pants and getting with it! Sledding here I come!

And as most of the time, all of the images in this post were taken on the author's still hasn't been dropped and lost in the snow...yet...iPhone.


Wow, that's a lot of white stuff. But I'm glad you are being a lame adult in the midst of it all. I got a good number of chortles out of this post (what else is new), and your kitty is a bit of a nut, too. I agree, "HMM??!" One never can tell about our dorky, four legged friends. Maybe it's flea abatement through freezing...
I love your table too, in no time, it will look like one giant marshmallow on a metal stand. Gotta love it. Well, keep trudgin, shovlin, feedin and keepin on. I don't miss that stuff, though it's supposed to snow here tonight. Not like a N. Idiho blow though. Yikes. Stay warm, and forever cool,
the flat pan of DD

Ooh, I like that warm and forever cool bit dd, I read it as stay hot and frequently chilled...j/k!

My offspring was quite ill with the flu this weekend, and being a fare to middling Ma, I spent all of the snow storm time, half of it with the power off, living like a pioneer out of a Little House Book. There was meals cooked on the stove, lots of shoveling, and so on. My girl recovered, the power returned (I have a big generator), and lo and behold the Kat was struck down with the plague yesterday. At least I got to spend the day in bed and I got to take a sick day from the brare' I didn't really like it though, not a little bit, not at all.

I'm on the mend today, although I am not allowed to get out of bed. Apparently I have a problem with resting, who knew? The view is nice though, with the snow up to my window and stacking. I'll have to snap a new picture of the marshmallow table now, I bet you can't even see it!

Hope all is well in the land off feather and domestique cookware-ness!


So glad the shorter version of b'Kat recovered so well...must be rather stressful...particularly with a high fever. And I'm sorry you got it. We've had schools closed here due to the munge traveling around. I'm knocking on wood and eating vitamin C and avoiding the publics as much as possible to avoid it. But hard to do when you're a book tender such as you are. Part of the job. Then again, what would you do, if there was no public to come read your books?

Hope you get well soon. And enjoy just watching the stuff pile up. Sounds a bit warm and romantic, actually. I found a flocked tree by the side of the road, so HH and I took it home and set it up in the yard. Even had lights on it still. So now we can look out the window and see a well lit snowy tree. Gotta do what you gotta do. I need to make a post on it SOME day. So much to write about, so little getting writ most days. Get well soon, and enjoy a bit of time off for awhile. l'PD

Winter disappeared in Pennsylvania today. 58 degrees and I was walking around without a coat. Our meager snow accumulation has gone away. Might be even warmer tomorrow.

Maybe this is just a little payback from Mother Nature after she dropped numerous single digit nights on us back in November. I'm starting to think Fall and Winter switched spots on us.

Whoa! It was almost 60! Dang Chops, when Winter rolls back in you are going to be slightly chilly. Honestly, for the last few weeks I was feeling the way you are. In October it was single digits and then plenty of times in December it was in the 40's and 50's. Now we look like an Arctic research station or Swiss calendar picture, ha ha!

By the time I did my share of the shoveling and cleaning off of vehicles, I had no ambition left for sledding. Glad The Girl is feeling better!

When we have storms like this one I find myself feeling so much gratitude for the carport. It's nice to just hop in the car without a scrape-fest. However, it's not like I haven't got out of the act of snow removal entirely, nope, nope, nope.

I am glad the girl is better too, never fun when one's offspring is ailing, or when the darn kids give to you, I've spent the past two days in bed with her stinking plague. Argh!

And guess what! It's still snowing, lol lol! Hope all is well with ya!

One homesteader made a post long ago about using fresh snow to clean woolen rugs. You pile it on, brush it in, and then off. I'm wondering if it has the same effect on animal coats....

Two feet of snow is not a picnic, prepared or not. I can't imagine dealing with 4'. First off, we'd have no place to put it, from the driveway alone!

I am glad your 2' was enjoyed by all. :))

Ooh, that rug trick makes tons of sense, just the other day I used snow to clean the alfalfa and manure off of my chore clothes lol!

We are pretty much buried alive, and it's still snowing, but honestly that is a pretty normal happening for our part of north Idaho in the winter. The tractor has gotten quite a workout!

We are approaching a depth of snow that the kids get pretty excited about, roof jumping off depth. Sometimes we have to shovel our roof off too, and it makes it even more fun if you get to flail yourself off apparently, lol!

Sounds like round 2 is in process or already done as I type this. Here’s to massive forts, jumping off the roof, and barefoot snowball fights my fiend! ☃️

AHHH! My long lost friend! How the heck are ya and your lovely missus? It's so good to hear from you!

Lots of snow things have been going on, picking up 1600lbs of show steer grain in the midst of this snow drop was the most interesting of them, lol! Hope all is well for you!!!

My goodness! That is a work day or two on the homestead, haha. Hope you guys are well!

Me and the missus are giddy with anticipation for our firstborn. Expecting our girl any day now. Momma and baby are both healthy. Waiting on the Lord’s timing.

I love the first snowfall of the year but I'm ready for it to be gone the next day.

Ha! Snow can be a little laborious and inconvenient for sure, we are usually stuck with it until March or May depending on the year. That might be the reason I plan on fleeing during the winter when my kids are!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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That is some serious snow!
And not only kids and animals love to roll in it. I would happily do what that kitty does :)

@tipu curate

Ha ha ha! I am right there with ya! Tomorrow we are pulling sleds behind our snowmobiles, I am sure I will be rolling around in it all kitty like too!:)

Hi again, Mean Mom! :D

Ah, yeah, sometimes adulting sucks! Snow is to play in, after all! Your boys sure seem to have this figured out... ;)

Sorry to hear about your daughter; I have only two things to say:

Once more, 'nuff said. Get back to me if you'd like me to hook you up... ;)

Praying for her recovery, and your patience through all of this... Hugs!

Glad I don't live in the snow anymore! (Though I would love to visit and play...)