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RE: Scenes From The Snow Topiary

in #life7 months ago

One homesteader made a post long ago about using fresh snow to clean woolen rugs. You pile it on, brush it in, and then off. I'm wondering if it has the same effect on animal coats....

Two feet of snow is not a picnic, prepared or not. I can't imagine dealing with 4'. First off, we'd have no place to put it, from the driveway alone!

I am glad your 2' was enjoyed by all. :))


Ooh, that rug trick makes tons of sense, just the other day I used snow to clean the alfalfa and manure off of my chore clothes lol!

We are pretty much buried alive, and it's still snowing, but honestly that is a pretty normal happening for our part of north Idaho in the winter. The tractor has gotten quite a workout!

We are approaching a depth of snow that the kids get pretty excited about, roof jumping off depth. Sometimes we have to shovel our roof off too, and it makes it even more fun if you get to flail yourself off apparently, lol!

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