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Life Potpourri


I seriously need to craft an ode to Danish Aebleskivers, yum!

Yesterday was like forty-two days rolled into one. Well, maybe just a couple, but as my close friends know, I have a predilection for extravagant number utilization and emphasis. Heh. What I found fascinating about my previous twenty-four hours was the micro-moments that I caught myself in a state of reflective gratitude as I considered the many hats that I donned throughout that day.

My Saturday morning kicked off at a rather unholy hour as I needed to go pick up my Mom and take her to a neighboring city for a super important medical review thing. What I did not understand at the time was that I was to be a witness of this event rather than just a fortifying companion, and a short while later found myself relishing a ground level in a strange building performance of Kat The Super Professional Librarian.

Have you ever been thrown into a odd situation and instead of being intimidated or embarrassed by it, just decided to go with the flow of the show? I had more fun in that doctor's office than a toddler in a ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese's! I took my seat in the witness chair with more faux poise than twenty-two tech interns at a Chiptole restaurant and proceeded to bore my gaze into my mother's assessing physician. It was fun.


Later, as my mother and I enjoyed a post doctor visit brunch at The Old European Restaurant, a new hat was trotted out, that of an amicable adult child. As you age your relationship with your parents evolves, and I must say that I am enjoying the current state that my parents and I find ourselves in. Sipping fresh squeezed OJ and French press coffee while having a deep and companionable discussion with the person that birthed you is a bit of life platinum dusted with some diamond encrusted joy! I love my mom and dad, and really do cherish the little brunch moments that pop up in my timeline.

A short while later, I dropped my mom off and donned another hat, that of Kitchen Kat. I rushed home, hopped out of the car, and quickly whipped up some milk chocolate frosting. The previous evening I had baked a butter cake for my kid's 4H fundraiser chili feed. I had approximately twenty minutes to slice the cake into layers and frost it with potential cake walk participant drool inducing flair.

The Kitchen Kat hat got to stay firmly in place as I placed the frosted cake on the floorboards of my little blue car, grabbed a ton of canned green chilis, and headed to the local Lion's club for the next part of my day: Chili chef. Every year my kid's 4H club does a big chili feed fundraiser, and I somehow always find myself as part of the chef brigade for the blessed event. For the next five hours I found myself opening cans, chopping veg, stirring gallons upon gallons of both regular and white chicken chili, and doing an unholy amount of dishes. All while cracking jokes of course, because all commercial kitchens need levity. It was while I was slicing cornbread and being harassed by a few teenagers that I found myself in gratitude mode again, for in that moment, surrounded by a few hundred happily stuffed, generous members of my community, I was once again struck by joy that is my life.


Part of our fundraiser includes a silent auction of "baskets" that our club members put together. This year I got the "Family Game Night" basket to create, and instead of buying a ton of games, my husband and I put together a regulation corn hole set, and people loved it! I have to say, it was a nice reprieve to emerge from the kitchen and witness a silent bidding war over the resulting labor of our hard work.

Later, I affixed my final hat of the day onto my somewhat over-exhausted form: amiable companion. Saturday night is our weekly game night with our "Pack." I can't say that I didn't enjoy finishing out my many-varied in task day with a few hours of laughter in the company of some of my favorite people. It was as I was sitting perched on my weekly bar stool that my friends thoughtfully set at the game table for my tiny little form (sooo considerate are they;o), noshing on some most excellent cuisine crafted by @jacobtothe and inspired by @gringalicious, that I was once again hit with that joy wave of infinite life contentment. Even in our most busiest, crazy to do moments there is just so darn much to enjoy and be thankful for. I hope that each and everyone of you are donning a hat today that is colored with a hefty dose of mirth and gratitude. You can bet your cream filled and slightly cantankerous crab puff that I am!

And as always, all of the images in this post were taken on the author's non-crotchety and slightly slumberous iPhone.

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Have you ever been thrown into a odd situation and instead of being intimidated or embarrassed by it, just decided to go with the flow of the show?

Oh yes, lol. My dad seemed to enjoy putting me in front of a room of business people when I was younger, and somehow I always stole the show - not for a lack of boot quaking of course.


I bet you were and still are a force to behold!

I donned a Phillies hat today and watched them get their asses kicked 10-1.

Sounds like you are feeling better, glad to hear it. Sometimes you just have to take a day off to to recharge. That corn hole set was a really good idea, who doesn't love to play? My mother is a fanatic.


Um, I am both happy that your wore a hat to protect that head of yours and sad that your favorite team got creamed. You know what, I have never attended a baseball game, pro or otherwise. Played in a lot of them, but it kinda sounds like a good time. For some reason I can envision this trash talking, pork chop bedecked, beer swilling creature at the Phillies game and it makes me smile just a bit. Heh.

Your mom seriously sounds excellent. I love saying the words corn hole whilst mimicing my Aunt's Tennessee accent. It seems more authentic that way. Lots of horseshoes happened when I was growing up. Inebriated horseshoes played under the not so subtle glare of the shop's floodlights. Good times.

And I did sleep almost 24 hours, which did help a bit. And now must go teach one of my children about transversals and Order of Operations. Hooray!

Hope you are having a great day my friend😊

Either you are feeling better today, or faking it well!


It's hard to keep me down mentally, and I am a marvelous faker, LOL! You should see me play poker. 😉

Today, I am thankful for this post and beauty in it. You do live a beautiful life and one full delicous things too. The hi-lightof my day may be a nap. I will have to forgo my sparring class ... oh'vey ... cherry blossoms:)


Okay, I keep getting stuck on the "sparring class" part of your most wonderful reply. Pryde, you are seriously awesome, and me thinks you live a pretty dandy life as well:o)

Also, shrivel cherry blossoms, shrivel.....


I study karate and so once a week, I get into fights on purpose.

Yes ... cherry blossoms, shrivel indeed. Feeling better today but I tell you ... I think next year I will either have to get out of dodge or get an allergy shot.

What a great post! Have a great week!


Thank you! I hope your week is excellent too!!!

I counted every blessing as I read you counting yours. Especially about your Mom.

Sipping fresh squeezed OJ and French press coffee while having a deep and companionable discussion with the person that birthed you is a bit of life platinum dusted with some diamond encrusted joy!

100 percent!


Awe, you are seriously the bestest COC:o) Embodying a spirit of gratitude is totally the way to go, and I hope that you are having a fantastic day!!!!


It is a delightful day, made more delightful by you.

Its always good for me to read your great article no doubt you are a great writter keep it up and share more and more thanks for sharing hope you also visit my blog


Thank you! I hope you are having a lovely day!

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Thanks Q!

vary good writing thanks for @generikat


Awe, thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed it!

Vaya amigo de verdad se nota que tienes mucha creatividad para escribir me distraje en par de minutos leyéndolo increíble :D

Wonderful blog.i appreciate your writing.
Thanks for sharing wonderful post.
Carry on life....

This is looking great

I dont know how I almost missed this one, but alas it was almost the case ;) Glad I caught it!