Standing in Truth: Despite the SWAT Raid on our Sustainable Community, We Remain Committed to Being the Change We Wish To See In This World

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Challenging the system and facing down the beast is a dangerous choice. Ultimately, to do anything truly great or revolutionary, you have to take the risk.

We’ve been living sustainably FOR YEARS with a below zero carbon footprint and great proven success, despite the incredible opposition we receive in this part of the country. (Did you know it's actually illegal to disconnect from the municipal water supply/sewer system? Or that it's illegal to feed the homeless without complying with a series of regulations in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area?) 

We have found a better way, so we are committed to creating, living, and sharing it with as many people as possible--and to standing UNWAVERINGLY in the fiery wrath that ensues.

We have been tested, and we have proven we stand for TRUTH.

In August 2013, shortly after our founder Quinn Eaker started making Youtube videos and releasing public content on the way the system really works (check out his Truth About Money series, for example), the beast reared its ugly head and tried to terrorize us into compliance with a $350,000 SWAT raid on our property with fully-loaded machine guns, black helicopters, snarling dogs, blacked out & completely unidentified uniforms & gear, and more adrenaline-charged soldiers than could be counted screaming orders at our adults and naked babies.  

That really happened to our community of free, peace-loving individuals.

The City of Arlington in Texas accused us of being a highly armed drug trafficking cartel and sent in their warriors. They could not produce a search warrant for HOURS, and in the end seized NOTHING named on that bogus warrant. They did, however, destroy our crops, steal our sustainable building material, and hold our people hostage for hours.

Yes it was horrific, but of course we don’t back down. We know the Truth, we're adamantly committed to it, and we appreciate the support that Steemit has shown us towards sharing it! 

Here's a taste of the media coverage of the SWAT raid executed on the Garden of Eden:

We remain committed to transparency, responsibility, and respect, and we hope to inspire everyone to BE THE CHANGE in this world no matter what resistance you might face!

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The neighbors complained??!


I swear to god everybody is a handler these days...

Humans are strange creatures. Social interaction is almost feared in the US these days!

wow, I can hardly believe this except that I can. I'm so sorry this happened and good for all of you for upholding your truth and staying with life as you choose it. May the force be with you, the forces of love and truth and happiness that is!

Thank you for your support!


This shows you are making an is an amazingly real threat to the establishment.

Agreed! We know we got their attention and they obviously felt really uncomfortable. We are definitely out of the norm. I am certain they've never had a SWAT raid like this before. we offered them breakfast while they held us at gunpoint, even to lay down their guns and bring their families here and we would feed them, reminding them they don't have to hold guns to people's heads to make ends meet. We are grateful to all be safe. Love and light were definitely on our side! Thank you for your comments.

@everlove is amazing - who else would offer to feed the SWAT team raiding their property???

Hahahaha---don't think I've ever heard of anyone! But it is who we are. I'm sure they could feel it. That's likely why we are still alive. Loving them anyway has made all the difference. I'm certain they would have liked to have just made us go away!! Now they made us stronger. There is no denying we made an impact. Funny how the community loves us anyway--the firemen, bankers, postal workers and other local businesses too. Love is the answer!

Also they don't like anyone who doesn't conform to their idea of what is "normal". It is due to prejudice too plus they are making the authorities look bad by doing some of the stuff that they are supposed to do but don't - like feeding hungry people.

We are anything but the standard definition of "normal". We wonder what the community would look like if the authorities chose instead to use the $350K of taxpayer dollars towards bettering society, like putting in public gardens or playgrounds...or feeding people. This is why we are so vocal about living VALUES!

Yes. It is sad but I doubt it will change any time soon. Keep doing what you are doing - it makes a difference and that makes it important.

I just followed you, the name caught my eye. I am a lover of sustainable (our meaning of it, not the fascist evil globalist NWO/Un type definition of it) - living. I am an activist that has been targeted in #Canada aka #Canadastan for years for speaking truth - so sadly, I am well aware of what the #PoliceState and the #Grid are up to.

UV and RS you --- I want the best for you all, 110%. Thinking of you here in Canada // BD

Thank you so much, your support means a great deal to us! Stay committed to your values, brother - the truth shall stand!

I hear you @barrydutton. That is why it is not happening just to us at the @gardenofeden, but to everyone. It's time for the truth to be seen and acknowledged. Together we can make a difference. We are grateful for your support and sending you ours.

Governments are insane.

One can pretty much rely on a government sucking.

And the crazy thing about that is, it is us! We are doing this to ourselves.

:( please keep us updated!

We have a lawsuit against the City of Arlington.

It's terrible that you had to go through an experience like this, and sad that the authorities are so mistrustful and fearful of people who chose to live differently from others. Stories like this make me ashamed to be a citizen of my own country. But I'm glad that you stood your ground and didn't let yourselves be intimidated! You've got my support and I'm sure the support of many many others on Steemit who admire all the good things your community stands for. Stay strong & live free, and thanks for spreading awareness!

Thank you! It has served to make us stronger, and it actually helped spread our message all across the world. Blessings come in unexpected places!

Situations like this make it completely impossible to believe conspiracy doesn't exist. That's entirely awful and seemingly unlawful that you guys had to go through that.

Sounds like someone was told not to come back empty they grasped at threads (okra?! Fucking parking tickets!? A piano?! Improperly stacked wood?!). Ridiculous.

It was completely unlawful and unjustified. It was dishonorable, disrespectful, and atrocious. Absolutely despicable behavior on behalf of the "authorities", and still no apology!

Prayers and I am devastated along with you!!!!! :-O WOW


Thanks for your support! Thankfully the raid made us stronger and more committed to our purpose, plus the story spread like wildfire so we reached people all across the world!

The government is like an abusive boyfriend who just realized his girlfriend doesn't need him.

that's awful, you are doing such a great and important work, they even have no idea how to do this, but they have a great idea how to ruin. what is happening to the world. best wishes to you and stay strong!

Thank you! We exist to show that there is a better way!

Boy difficult times for everyone. Thank you for sharing this information.

You're welcome; we're all in this together!

Stay strong brothers.


Love you and grateful for your example!!

Thank you @letuslove!

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We have an awesome life, and we are here to show everyone they can too even in the face of opposition!

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Why did this happen? Did they ever tell you why other than some idea about drugs? I suppose it is possible someone who didn't like you guys tried make false claims on you. It is horrible.

I think what you saw was the nasty part of human nature in action - I think it could be seen as prejudice against people living an alternative lifestyle. If you don't conform to what some people see as normality it can get you into trouble and that is sad.

You are lucky nobody was hurt but I'm sure you know that. Thank you for sharing.

We are very thankful no one was hurt - there is a statistic that says you are 8 times more likely to die in a SWAT raid than in a terrorist attack.

After the SWAT team left, the code compliance officers came in and gave us thousands of dollars of fines for things like "grass is too high" and "improper use of an electrical cord" and "indoor furniture used outside". We suspect it was possibly an attempt to drive us away from this land so the nearby golf course and housing addition can expand, and/or that our 5-acres-away neighbors didn't like our "improperly stacked firewood".

A lot of sustainable communities/eco villages have been coming under attack in recent years. Though it could be in relation to your proximity to the golf course, I think it a lot more likely that you were targeted due to your success.

The governments of the world have worked hard to make their citizens dependent on them for survival. It's how they are able to take so many liberties, because they know that the system they have built is not easy to escape for the average person. Most haven't even entertained the thought of living outside of their system of governance because they do not think it possible, but success stories like yours can prove to be a problem for those currently in power.

The more people that learn about what you guys and many others are doing, the more people that will want to abandon the system entirely. They cannot have that, for then the system they have created will fail, so it's better to shut down as many of these self-sustaining communities before others catch on and follow in their footsteps. Hats off to you for standing your ground, I'm sure it must have been a stressful situation for all of you.

@son-of-satire---EXACTLY!!! They can't have empowered people, that messes up their entire plan. But alas, they are doing it to themselves. The truth always prevails. Love is on our side!

Hear hear!!

@son-of-satire - Stop the fear bullshit, so much generalities in what you just said I want to puke all over you.
-You got raided because some neighbor attached with the Million dollar richy rich golf club down the road doesn't like how you live.... They made up some stories about you growing pot and hording guns, the stupid people in the Police Department probably sent some rookie cop to investigate your property and noticed more people than he could handle, so he went back to the station with some bullshit about seeing marijuana.
Since GUNS were mentioned, this prompted a swat team invation.
When they realized they droped the ball and fcked up, they wrote you the sitations to somehow make themselves not feel soo fcking stupid.

I'm sorry this happened, but it really only takes a couple complaints about guns and drugs to peak police interest, and then another retarded cop (there are plenty of those, the requirements for police officers is 2years community college, what a joke!) to be scared stupid of getting killed while checking out your property full of shirtless people.

Fear bullshit? What are you talking about? If what I wrote was enough to make you afraid, then you really ought to man up. There is no need at all for your hostile tone, nor your arrogant postulations.
I merely stated what I think it may have been, and I have a lot of very good reasons for thinking as such. You speak as if what you're saying is fact when you have no way of knowing what the fuck you are talking about. Just because you have a naive perspective on the world, do not presume that it is a good idea to try and force your own opinions on to others, especially in such a despicable manner.
The next message that you direct to me will be a lot more polite or it will be ignored.

Yes that could be a motive - I would not be surprised - if there are wealthy people behind the development they may have pulled some strings. This kind of thing has happened before in the UK too.

As @son-of-satire points out, it is becoming unfortunately way too common.

Sadly yes. The authorities seem to be becoming more heavy handed all the time.

We would not be surprised either, @thecryptofiend. Sucks that the world has come down to that!! This is why it is so important that we stand together. We are power in numbers.

I believe they also wanted to make a statement--one of those that instills fear in others to keep them hushed and under control. Gratefully this backfired on them and the world got to see the City of Arlington for who they really are. The release of this SWAT information went viral and people from all over the world now know about us which has only made us stronger. So grateful for truth to be revealed and that love and light reign supreme. We are grateful everyday for this next breath. Thank you for your comment @thecryptofiend.

You're welcome. It is important that this kind of overreach and intimidation is publicised. Also love your dignified and non-violent stance - the contrast is stark. I don't think I would have that self control and it would just be playing into their hands.

I agree. Once people can see the ridiculousness of this tyranny we can ban together and stand for change. That is why the @gardenofeden exists--to show possibility. We were extremely peaceful which totally took them off guard as they were expecting to encounter terrorists! What a surprise they had in store. We've had a couple of Arlington Police apologize to us for the behavior of the City. There is still hope!!!

Absolutely. Non-violence can shame people into seeing sense sometimes. There is always hope.

Yes there is!!! The more we wake up and stand together, the more powerful we become. There is no time like the present.

damnnnn that sounds so lame! And you guys are doing such good for the world! Keep on being awesome!

good luck to you guys in the future, I hope that you figure out a way to make that never happen again. I also hope that we, and any other sustainable communities out there, do not have such atrocities happen to them!