Drying Herbs And Grinding Into Powder

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It's A Work In Progress

Actually, making the honey is the easy part. I am still drying herbs and then grinding them into powder. If you prefer, you can use the fresh herbs and then add the honey and shake once a day for 3-5 days. I prefer the stronger flavor of using dried herbs and grinding them. Then I add to the honey, stir, and it is done.  The ground herbs are excellent to use in smoothies also. Just pick which herb you want and add 1 tsp into the smoothie and continue. 

Having them ground, opens up a lot of ways to use the herbs. Of course, you can also cook with them. Freshly ground herbs are perfect for cooking. The lower the cooking temperature, the better the benefits of each herb You can also dry the herbs and leave in pieces for making medicinal teas.  As the herbs are growing fresh and new, it is good to finish off the last picking of the winter herbs. 

So as we continue to dry and grind herbs, we wish you an excellent day preparing the things we each need for our families.  We are trusting that each of you have an excellent adventure preparing herbs for use. 

Shalom Shalom

 Gail Marla Silva @floridagypsy   


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