CHAPTER ONE: "Let there be the man, and there was a man; let there be a woman, and there was sex…”

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Chapter One

"Let there be the man, and there was a man; let there be a woman, and there was sex…”

At dawn, after so many years of waiting, Nina heaved a wooden chair at the front of the door, waiting for Harry. Usually, two things were always involved: either a soldier, bearing the letter confirming his death at war, knocks her door, or Harry himself, the soldier boy, walks in with a smile and the joy of getting back, alive.

Frequent and more than she could count, Nina checked the wall clock, wondering why he had not shown up, yet. But when hopes were beginning to fade, a knock came softly on her door. Nina rushed over, held the doorknob panting heavily, and swung the door open to see who was there. With fear and anticipation, she looked straight into the face of the tall, lanky soldier standing in front of her, she looked at him like the first time they had met, rushed towards him with tears streaking down her chick and placed a bucket of kisses on him. If one thing was sure, it was the fact that she had indeed missed Harry, she missed his smell, his fast fuck, and the morning surprises he always gave her.

"Why did you stop calling," Nina said hitting his heavily laced booth.
“I hate you!” she continued with tears, hugging him and kicking him at the same time.

“I’m sorry baby. Here I am to stay, finally” he said. He looked all guilty and was almost crying too. Of course, he knew quite well that he should have called, perhaps send letters, but he just kept away with hopes that she would understand. And that exactly was his mistake, the mistake that would continue to haunt him forever.

"Finally?" Nina said to herself. She began to remember the event of the past few years. She recalled how she sought abode in pleasure with rich old men, in different countries, the fake life that she lived and the conscience that would continue to blame her for not waiting.

For seconds, she was utterly lost in thought wondering if it would be necessary to tell him the truth or keep it to herself. Or just run away from a far away country, start life all over and be happy, but it was easier said than done. Nina understood the rules, she knew exactly what to do and the consequences that are surely inevitable.
What he didn’t know won’t kill him or break her

"I miss you baby' Harry said. He locked his hands on her back and brought her closer to himself. And even though his sweat-damp cloth was seemingly unbearable, Nina still locked lips with him. She kissed him softly, tracing her tongue on his, and on every corner of his mouth.

She made sure she was not in a rush or too fast about it.
And as though, she would never get enough of his kisses, and she held his cheek pushing his high neck down to her level. She then held the strap of his backpack and pushed it aside, allowing it to fall like a heavy sack.

But Harry had other things in the plan, in fact, he had waited all years for this particular moment: the moment of love, passion, and sex. He heaved her into his hand and hurriedly carry her to her bedroom. As he came closer to the door, Harry kicked it open without wasting time to unhook the latch.

Straight on the bed, he grabbed his shirt pulling it over his head, while Nina helped him with his belt and his camo trouser. Without giving him notice, Nina grabbed his already hard cock. She watched how it steered at her in the face like it had a mind of its own. His cock was as stiff as him, it was, In fact, a vein-striped cock with a pink tip. Nina held them in her soft hands, she licked the tip, kissed his balls and draw them apart.

As he had guessed, she began to run the tip of her tongue down his shaft and creating a crazy sensation in him. Nina looked him in the eyes while she inserted the tip of his cock in her mouth. She watched the folds of wrinkles forming on his forehead, the way he bit into his lips and the strong way he held her head.
Then she held his balls in her left hand while his right hand rocked his vein-striped cock in her mouth. Sometimes, Nina would juggle his balls and other times she would pull them as far it sufficed.

When Harry could not hold it anymore, he grabbed her head and pushed her to the soft bed. Then he crawled up on her, licking her toes to her thigh. And as he spread her legs further, so that he might get a better angle of fucking her wet pussy, Harry pushed her pink underpants apart and set just a finger into Her pussy hole. He watched her shake intermittently and gasp like the whole room was stuffy. Yes, he was as strong as that; it was, in fact, one of the things Nina had missed. However, whenever she remembered that she had been an unfaithful girlfriend who sold her love for money and pleasure, she would gradually feel empty till the sex pissed her off.

Nevertheless, touches are powerful than the things of the mind, thus although her mind was almost preoccupied with other things, the way Harry kept on fucking her pussy with his fingers was heavenly.

He watched her scream and shiver. He then added yet another finger and fucked her until she began to squirt really hard. In no time, while her squirt was still flowing, Harry lowered his cock into her pussy and fucked her in the old missionary way. He pushed her wine backless-gown down her stomach and fondled her round breasts. Her breasts were his major turn on – his specialization. As he rammed his hard-rock dick into her cum dripping pussy, he squeezed her boobs and nibbled it gently. Just when she was close to her first orgasm, Harry began to run his tongue on her nipples, sliding his tongue up and down it like a baby licking ice cream. As he continued, he could hear Nina's soft moans, her tighter grips, and deeply shut eyes.

“I’m gonna come” Nina screamed.

But Harry was never listening, and his plan was to fuck the years he had missed – just once. He held onto her waist and flipped her over such that she was now lying on her tummy while her ass jutted behind her.

Impressed, Harry pushed the flesh of her massive ass apart and inserted his dick. He missed that hole, and he missed the way it made Nina go crazy and the rush of ecstasy that it sends between his body. Above all, he loved how he cummed in her ass hole without nursing the fear that she might get pregnant or not.


As soon as his cock had found its way down her ass hole, Harry grabbed to Nina’s ponytailed hair and pulled it tightly behind her. He loved that position, the way her breasts bounced when he rammed his cock into her back, her helplessness, and her total submission.

When Nina had thought he would go slowly first, then maybe increase his pace, Harry did precisely the opposite. As soon as he pushed his cock into her attention calling ass, he began to move in and out fastly. He fucked her all the way like it was going to be his last fuck. Even when his cock was hitting the end of her ass, he kept on hitting the right places and the right angles.

Like the German machine, her grabbed unto her soft melon-like-breast and squeezed them hard. Harry saw the way her ass clapped his thigh and felt the way his balls hit her cunt. He knew she was getting close to yet another orgasm, so he suddenly released her breasts, allowing her to fall back on her stomach while his vein-striped cock continued thrusting deep.

Minutes later, his strength began to ebb, and his cum was almost pending. He felt the rush on his dick and his pounding heartbeats. So, when Nina reached yet another orgasm, her tightness influenced Harry's. He couldn't control himself anymore and in few minutes was spewing his warm cum in her ass hole.

“Damn…. fuck……." Harry screamed as he shot his cum into her.
Satisfied with their first sex after years of departure, Nina giggled. She hid her fears and secret in her laughs and her smile. Immediately, she headed for the bathroom where she showered together with Harry.

"I think I need a Nap," Harry asked. He knew he had really stressed himself and couldn't hide it anymore. And without waiting for response or replies, he crawled into bed and crashed.

Minutes later after dabbing water off her body with her towel, Nina set into the kitchen and began to prepare a nice meal for her boyfriend – perhaps her lover.

Thinking of how she got carried away by frivolity and carnal things, Nina gave herself to depression again. She wished it could only be a dream – a kind of dream she could wake up from. And honestly, she had really missed her friends; she missed the daily hangouts, the shopping, gist upon gist, cooking together, and the love they shared – it was a bond they thought would never die. And yes, they were all wrong, they were wrong for leaving her alone when she had thought Harry to be dead, they were wrong for the little attention they paid to her weakness, her naivety and herself.

But fear came upon her too sudden. Nina began to ask herself question she could never provide answers for. What would he do if he knew? Would he send her packing? Send her away? Even if he forgives her, will their relationship have value and trust, again?

When it was becoming unbearable for her, Nina rushed out into the lounge, took her coat, and dashed out of the house.

As she ran to wherever her legs took her to, Nina cried all the way. She was really and utterly disappointed in herself, and she wished she could talk to a person – perhaps her mother. She wished she could open up to someone and let out all her fears and pain. Then she thought about it all, she knew she wasn't perfect, no one was, and no one could be.

“If he loves me, he would forgive me and accept me. Yes, he will” Nina said to herself. She suddenly got the courage and strength she had been looking for, but it was all too late.

As she turned her back and walked home, a hit and run driver swept her off her foot into the back of another car. He hit her hard and badly such that all who were there were amazed that she had even made it for few minutes.

“Somebody call 911” an old woman screamed. Her grey hair was what Nina saw last. She remembered how she had always dreamt of becoming that old - someday. Well, she had always agitated what she would do, perhaps she would go for some recreational activities, a vacation, or a long tour with Harry.

The screeching tires of the ambulance made her jerk a bit, and even though she was scared, her fear was in no way closer to her pains. In tears, she began to remember Harry, how he would feel when he hears the news, her friends who she had abandoned for a long while, or her mother who would forever be in shock and pain.

Before they could carry her on the ambulance’s stretcher, Nina felt her eyes closing against her command, and she felt a terrible pain all over her body. Yes, she wished she could speak or make someone know how she felt, but it was too late. As soon as the ambulance drifted off towards the hospital, she gave up the ghost.


It seems you may have gotten off on the wrong foot here on steemit. This is a very well written story and creative piece. I also read your 48 one and it was good as well, the pictures got you in a little trouble on that one, not citing the source, I take it these are your own photos in this one since steemcleaners hasn't come to screw with you?
Please do everyone a favor, one person asked you to tell which promotional service you used that is ruining your REP for you by posting spam with your account, that service needs exposed so others can steer clear of it.
I think you have some real talent from the two pieces you have written but you need to take things slowly on here and learn the ropes, your hustler mentality you mentioned in 48 will actually be a detriment over here. I am no expert on this platform but I've been here for 7 months and have learned a fair amount. I wish you well, and do let us know the service.

Hi yes so I asked my friend he said he used fiverr. Any idea what that is?

So is steemboy9 your friend who said they would help you promote your self and your posts? I am half way familiar with fiverr, it is a site that people post things they will do for around five bucks or so, like design logos, come up with business names, translate stuff and such. It has no direct tie in to steemit as an app that I am aware of. It does sound like someone is running an add over there and using it to get people who aren't real savvy to steemit.
I mentioned your situation in my daily dose column today, 05/02/18 and the best suggestion was that you might want to just end up ditching this account you created and then start over fresh with a new account. Your REP has taken such a beating that all your comments are now hidden from view and most people won't even click on them to reveal it and see what you have to say.
I believe you are a talented writer you just made some unfortunate errors right from the get go on here, the most important thing on here is to protect your account keys and your REP.
Steemit is not a get rich quick scheme and using services and bid bots isn't the way to go if you are serious about becoming a legitimate member of the steemit community. It takes time and effort to build a following on here. The money will come with the amount of those two things you invest.
When and if you do decide to start fresh there are several mentoring groups for new folks to join. By getting in a group you can meet people, exchange ideas, and they will help with your writing and give you pointers on how to be successful on here.
I will give you one suggestion right here, when ever you get some comment from someone and before you answer it, go take a look at that account and look at the comments that they have been making, if the list of comments are all the same then you know you are dealing with a spammer or a bot. Don't even bother to respond to the comment, you have to learn to sort out what is a real person and only interact with those.
Also read the "terms of service"(TOS) and be familiar with the site rules. A person just can't jump on here and think that they know what is going on here.
Last bit of advice, if steemboy9 is your friend that was going to help you, I would also pass this information on to them, and then I would cut ties with them.
If you do decide to start fresh , look me up as soon as you get a new account, before you post one thing or make one reply to someone and I will help you find the right groups for newbies or as they are know here as "minnows".
You need to reign in your enthusiasm and think before you act here. A little guidance will go a long way and there are people who will help guide you.
Until next time,

Yes, I just saw your comment. Yes, I remember it. It's a phone app which my friend did for me. I ll double check and let you guys now. This bot is absurd! Lowered my rating so much!

You made some mistakes and are paying for it. Each person who flagged you for spamming also have to do with your REP being lowered, it wasn't just the steemcleaner bot that lowered your REP. Your account sending out spam to real users is the biggest problem you have and that is the main issue.

Have you given up on steemit?

Why did I get spam to come here?

This comment was made on a post:

The account has existed for 50 days without doing much of anything and then starts posting a short url spam.
When you correct the mistake of the url you get,
So starting 22 hours ago this account decided to spam your url.
This is not a good way to make connections.

greetings!!! post upvoted. count on me for more votes !!!

If you could write such an erotic article, I can not wait to read your books. Like any reader ... there are always controversies about your ending, but in this case, I respect your story and I will only say "poor Nina", she was as sinful as everyone else is.

Wow, this was harsh. Very well done!

I’m glad you linked this post under mine, just be aware that it’s considered a little rude around here. I’ll follow you from now on, though, so no need to do it for further posts 😉

Все сделано, жду взаимности =)

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