Crashing? Huge bids are not uncommon, or do you mean the value has gone and the bids are going into negative ROI?

Way negative.

I am seeing this a lot now, and looked at someone else I saw do this the other day. The large bid at the end comes in at 80%+ of the total vote value. You can see this in the sleeplesswhale comment on this post.

The other person bid 80%+ of the vote value on about 10 bots for one post. They already were pretty full when the big bids came in. It seems like it is only on the bots that accepts bids at -0- minutes after posting. That other person is using some kind of service for bidding and told me he sent too much money, but it's on all his recent posts. I think it might be a way to mess with the curation percentage(?) It makes no sense otherwise to lose money on purpose on every bid.

I'm in there all the time - this is a new twist in the last weeks. There are maybe 10 people doing it now. I'm only on the small bots and do not know about the big ones.


Being out of the Bot game has certainly eased frustration for me.

Many big bidders don't care about ROI - Bots are promotional tools after all, and promotion should cost the buyer.

I'm bummed with bots for a few reasons:

Look at all the front runners these days - they don't care about the content, only ROI - front run a Bot at 1 min though, and you won't be getting much curation.

2nd, it's a reward pool, for rewarding content. And now, it's for sale. This was not how it was intended, and if everyone put their stake up for sale, how would that look? If a competitor can avoid this, and keep their pool clean, goodbye Steem.

Am I selling? Nope. Am I thinking with my heart and not my head? Perhaps.

Many, many of the larger people who used to vote on my posts are now delegating to bots instead. They only keep 500+ sp to have the slider - or have delegated all and stopped posting entirely. My steemdunk is almost empty of posts. I am shocked by some of the people who are gone now.

The issue with this "bot crushing" strategy is that it kills a bunch of other people at the same time who were also trying to boost their posts. The other person I looked is doing this on promo-steem posts!!!! The irony!

I've always been a content creator here and never an investor except in time. I might not last much longer. I made the mistake of watching some videos about steemit from other content creators who left, and from people who do not like the model in the first place. Then I took a look at trending for the first ever time in a year here. Big mistakes to look in those places in terms of my motivation.

I think my biggest mistake was posting minnow tips all year. The only people who care about them are minnows, and they are dying fast now. I should have done the "suck up to the whales" strategy, but that is not in my nature and I still do not even know who most of the whales are.

Now I am trying to pick up the wreckage of my other projects not-on-steemit, and I sure do regret dropping them now.

@fitinfun Not to sound ignorant at all.. but I never paid attrntion to the ROI and i didn't mean to mess up anything for you or anyone. You have my apologies. Next time before using the smartsteem service I'll make sure I'm not burning anyone else I hate to sound uninformed but truth of the matter is i am uninformed so I will make sure to get up to speed. As a token of my actions feel free to use my upvote bot and he will always 100% percent any post you submit for the next week if you send in the bare minimum and though his SP isnt quite as high as others each one of the bots team members will also review and upvote you at 100 % as well @echowhale
Again my apologies @fitinfun didnt mean to mess up anything.

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. I saw your posts and thought you could not be doing this on purpose, but there is a lot going on I do not understand. I see your votes for my posts right now and I am so grateful.

I wrote a post awhile ago to show people how to use the bots and not waste money. I hope you like it and do better for yourself on the bots.
How to use bidbots without killing them

We do not have a lot of options here these days. I will look at your bot and see if I can do it. Thank you very much for the offer.

Thank you again. You restore my faith in humanity at a really low point.

@fitinfun though we may not know each other at all, I must say it bothers me that you say restore your faith in humanity.. whats got you down? The bidbot stuff or is it something else?

It's that I am in a panic about money and have dropped many balls and had some "friends" take great joy in my struggles instead of helping in ways that would not be hard for them. Then, as I mentioned in one of these comments, I spent some time looking at steemit stuff that makes me feel worse.

I do use the small bots a lot to boost payouts for me and my real voters. I jumped to a conclusion when I saw you at 80% as all the serial bot-crushers use. For this, I am very sorry.

I'm the sole support of my son in California and myself in Thailand and tragedy is about to strike both of us if I do not get some money coming in. He has severe ptsd due to a lot of factors, but my obesity and health struggles during his childhood and youth are the most of it. He is finally excited and happy to be posting on steemit and in a good living situation after years on the street. If I fail - he loses all that and I will not even be there to help him.

But I look at all my dropped projects and cannot get it together. I feel regret for being so positive about steemit and letting everything else go. This was my own fault.

I am an eternal optimist and always feel things will work out. But I sure have limited options now.

As to the humanity remark - I was so grateful to see you take this whole thing in a positive way. I saw my friend abh12345 on your post and gave him all the info I have to see what he thought. He's my go-to guy when I'm confused here, so I jumped in without thinking.

But really, under the circumstances, I should have talked to you first and directly. The fact that you were so nice about it does my heart good.

Lucky you to get all my venting today. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

That is very kind of you! I suspected you and others are not 'Bot crushing' on purpose. When your post is finished, you send a bid I guess.

Most people are not doing this on purpose. I contact a lot of people when I see this, and they did not know what they were doing. In this case, I thought I had reached out before, but now I see I had not.

In the case of the people going big in the first 15 minutes - SOME of them are trying to alter the payout percentage. If they can get a lot of votes in the first 15 minutes, the post will pay out with less than 15% for the curators. More for them - less for the people who vote for them. But most of those people only have bot votes anyway.



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