Vlog 292: Steem price + Is it still worth to start blogging today?

in life •  6 months ago

Yesterday I was asked if it was still worth to start blogging today.

I thought about it a bit more and besides having FUN and meeting great people on here it's, in my opinion, also still worth it from a monetary perspective.

My reasoning:

Every STEEM I earned in the past I still have because I never powered down.

That means that 10 cent STEEM I was earning 16 months ago (and didn't sell) is now worth $3.80 STEEM.

So a .50 cent (2.5 STEEM + SBD) post back then is actually worth around $10, today. (I just didn't know it yet).

That's pretty cool.

Also, every SBD I earned went into STEEM from July 2016 till December 2017.

Now, If you believe that STEEM could be worth $20 or more in the future (which I think it can be in the upcoming 2-10 years)

I think yes, it is totally worth blogging today.

Of course, this mindset requires a leap of faith. I can't promise any of this.

But that's why this is called the blockchain of opportunity.

Everyone building on this blockchain is taking this same risk.

Investing their time, energy and knowledge in the hope it will pay off in the end. (Next to having fun!).

And one more thing.

Besides earning STEEM right now, I think earning SMT's in the future is the next big opportunity.

I talk about it more in my vlog (from @3:40)


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Greetings, exyle

I also believe that. I think the steem and sbd currency may be worth more by the end of 2018, 2019 ....

I invested my money from other criptomoedas and bought steem power to have a little faster growth. It is a huge risk, but I imagine that in the medium and long term it can give me good results.

The steemit social network can become a holistic profession for many, if they are good writers and know how to deal well with the audience they attend here, having good relationships and exposing their texts well.

Could you explain better what those gains with smt ??? This I did not understand.

Thank you and good morning!

Nobody stumbles into wealth by accident, it is attained by deliberate and intentional effort with a very strong leap of faith. Don't blog just for the sake of Steem price.... adding value and creating quality should be on priority...happiness is more important, if blogging gives you that then it is totally worth blogging today.


Agree. There is a bunch (if not most of blogs) that are made clearly just to earn money but that add zero value. I think my posts more than once, trying to create real content. I value when I see the same in others. Also people that really reads or watch and makes real comments.

$5 steem would be better. ;) lol

@exyle Mark is absolutely Right. If you put in the Effort you Will Be Rewarded. Most times when I post I get $2.00 or $3.00 a post. When I first started on STEEMIT I had no Idea how this thing Worked. It does not matter when you are NEW to know how this Works because somebody on STEEMIT over the last 2 Years has made a Post to Teach how to do This. My Advice for what its worth Be Consistent and Create Content. If you have a Passion no matter what it is, People on here will Find You and they will embrace you and encourage You......Just Get Started !


I like this reply :) And this what I do... I try every day.


takes a lot of time/work to present this and is appreciated

Hold on the Steem and powering up, is something I know you of. which I have also learned from. It now my 9th month here on Steem blockchain which I have successfully build up my Steem to the level it is now.
Nothing goes to the blockchain in waste, which I also believe much on the blockchain.

Investing their time, energy and in the hope it will pay off in the end.

That the real fact behind blockchain

My biggest post so far made $350, when steem was 12c.
I didn't cash it out though, so that 3000 steem is now worth about $12,000.
More than 95% of it's value has been added since payout.


WOW! What a story! That's so cool!


Wow great story. Hold is it!


Wow, that's really something encouraging.


It wasn't at the time. People were leaving in droves because the price was too low.
You gotta put your long term goggles on :)


Thanks mate.

Hello @exyle if you think the 7kg of big and good steaks that you cooked for your birthday (28 april) in 5 years you can take 70 kg and with only one Steem is fantastic! :)


lol! Enough to serve everyone at Steemfest 7.


Ok I will arrive with a truck full of coal for the fire,I love grilled meat:)

You are hitting the nail on its head!
When the price dropped the activity here was dropping but I keep on engaging. It was just easier to get noticed and to build up steem power.
Now I am glad that I did!
And yes, the steem price will climb! So every steem we earn now could be doubled by the ens of the year.
If one would start now with blogging, that ine will still be an early adopter because the mass is not here yet!

Well.... having fun writing and curating is what counts most for me. I posted my first blog post after 3 months and guess what? I only have 8 votes and $0.97 (for some reason it was 0.97 and now it is 0.92).
Anyway I am so thrilled about it, even the 97 cents is something I earned and I really had a blast writing the article since it was a "journey" for me.
So whatever STEEM does in the market is OK with me for now.
I am just thrilled to be on board.


During my first year in steemit I only made two posts and made 25 cents. Guess what? After one year of having forgotten my account I opened it and saw I had about 40 u.s. dollars because of a pike on January with those 25 cents. Just keep on creating content of value and hold on!!

We all saw our total account values more than triple last month. Why not get as much steem as you can and hold it for when it really blows up?


The name says it all. STEEM! STEEM is not something that blows up. It is something the will blow up other things.

Besides earning STEEM right now, I think earning SMT's in the future is the next big opportunity.
Today I tried to compare STEEM MarketCap with GOOGLE, FACEBOOK and TWITTER marketcaps! We didn't know the true value of this amazing platform and blockchain so far! With or without SMT, STEEM will rocket to the moon!
$20-$100 is possible for STEEM! It might go there!


Great vlog as always.I see lots of potential in cryptos and in this platform and I think it is still worth it to continue blogging. I find that I learn so much just by reading posts on here. Besides I have made some good connections and it makes me happy to interact with them. With the coming of SMT there will be better distribution of earnings across the platform :)

Getting on Steem is still worth it anytime any day. I don't know how many things on earth can be done with so much fun and still earn something good.

Being ‘worth it’ is a relative question. What is tiny for you may be huge for me. Posting may never provide me or anyone else with riches. Accumulated value always takes time and must also involve risk.


This, I'm just posting here casually. And if I might earn something that I can put in my savings account, that would be really nice. But If you just log in here with the intention of earning money then it get's old very quickly.

I think this too... that soon we see steem up 20 or more $

And I think this year we can see steem up 15 or 16 $ ... it happens this summer or end of the year .

Great food for thought here. I've only been here 12 days and have furiously blogged since the first moment my application was approved. I am continuing to do so for the time being, because I believe that with just 250,000 daily active users, we are a long, long way off from maximizing our potential. One day--if we clean up the bots, fake upvoting, less-than-stellar "trending" selection, bogus accounts, etc.--it is not unreasonable for us to expect 100 times that active participation, or even more.

Will that 100-fold increase in usership translate into a 100-fold increase in the price of Steem? If our quality also improves, I would think yes. There is no reason to think otherwise. Even newbies like me who are here long after almost a million accounts have been created are nearly in at the ground floor of what this platform could become in time. The key, by my way of thinking will be to vote in the right witnesses, because some hard forks are definitely needed.

My bigger question, Exyle--if you will permit to interject here--is "Is detailed curation worth the effort?" That question is more a question about site mechanics than esoteric notions of the "value" of curation. When I click curation rewards, the site says I've earned $.01 the past week. But when I scroll down through my "comments" icon, it shows many of my comments have earned OK money. What gives?

TIA...for your reply.


Current display of curation rewards is a bit broken at the moment. I don't think you should worry to much about curation at the moment. Having fun, creating content that you enjoy creating and making connections is much more important.


OK..if it's just the curation reward DISPLAY that's broken. Newbies need that commentary payout though, because we sure aren't able to grab any attention on the authorship side.

Thanks for your reply!

I liked the phrase you used - "the blockchain of opportunity." As with any endeavor in life, there is a risk-reward trade-off. The more risk you take, the more reward there is. (and vice versa) What I think is unique about Steemit is that the risk is not really a financial risk. It's more of an "opportunity cost" risk -- deciding whether the time investment is worth it. Anyway, thanks for the heads up about Ned's trip to South Korea - looks like he has been posting updates, will need to check that out...

@exyle ik hoop dat de prijs van sdb terug zal stijgen, buiten het feitdat je een paar euro's kan verdienen met bloggen is leuk meegenomen , maar vind steemit nog steeds leuk omdat goede content beloond word en ik zo al veel goede creatievelingen ben tegen gekomen, groeten

steemit will be worth everyday even for a newbie its a great platform i guess better than ever because of lots of people and huge community

When I started on Steemit, I instilled in myself that I am not here for the sole purpose of earning, but to provide value and quality content people will like or have interest in. I try my best to do such, that's what I know. 😀

In this platform, you'll get to know a lot of people from different walks of life and different parts of the world who have something to offer to the community - from food to crypto - and that's what makes Steemit the best place to be.

I guess everyone who starts on Steemit just have to think of it as a social media that "rewards" - that itself is self-explanatory. It's either you get nothing, or you get something. But either way, that should not be a basis to evaluate whether Steemit is worth blogging for or not.

Good morning @exyle!! Steem, steem, just keep steeming!! LOL I enjoy your enthusiasm! Enjoy the gorgeous spring day! The birds sound so happy 💙

It is always worth to Blog, especially if you enjoy the content you are working with. In the next 3 years it will always be worth to post anything, because STEEM will be so expensive that you will really regret if you miss this opportunity, knowing that you had that huge opportunity.

I haven't started to stream yet, but it makes part of my plans, I´m just waiting this next 2 months to pass, so I can finish my degree comfortably, and then I think I'll start my project of live streaming.


Live streaming is fun. I just stream games at the moment but it's something I never thought I would do.

Its a great explanation. But I have 1 more point to add. Let say you invest 1000 STEEM but and the after 1 year also price of STEEM stay the same. WIth this STEEM power you have promote your post and get STEEM and SBD. Your Investment will remain same but you will get STEEM and SBD by you post. This is like dividend or interest on STEEM.


It's true. I agree But I also like the fact that you don't have to invest. That's a huge difference from other blockchains.


Exactly!!! Spot on! That’s what makes steem so special, you don’t need to put money in, basically effort in by blogging/curating. Awesome ha!


Thats for sure. Your returns are through your good content.

you have seen every aspect of it and shared your great point steemit is just going to get even better

Besides earning STEEM right now, I think earning SMT's in the future is the next big opportunity.

These are so dahm exciting times, I’m so glad to be part of it. Your .1 cents turned into an amazing profit and thanks to your patience you definitely don’t regret not powering down. In recent past Steem has grown so much, not only in price. It’s imposible not to think 🤔, it’s not worth investment. Afterall we have nothing to loose, only our free time.

It is all about what do you think or believe, the price of STEEM will be worth in the future. Long term, Imho I believe STEEM will be worth much more than it is today.

I blog for contents and I think one day steemit going to be a reference article to the masses one day. Soon!

you are good post i like it

Thank you for your sharing. It is a great perspective!

great shared dear sir
bitcoin seems to gold day by day.its really worthy
great for crypto user..
i becoming in feel great to show steemit rais in 3.4$
great raising in a moments of recent time .
no dout cryto will controll the world

@exyle its good that you have much steem and ofcourse its rate in future goes up.

Great Post I Upvoted You If Your Looking For A New Friend Im On Everyday

i have no power for upvote so
Thanks for sharing this post.

When SMT's are going to release ??

Your every faith in steem become inspiration to many people in this beautiful community. I am surprised to hear that you had not power down sp still now. It's a great work, but some needs compell me to do the unsual things. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information to the people, you are always fantastic.

Thanks for your input!

There is hope at the end

Thanks dear for sharing your story

Please keep blogging and vlogging, I thank you for this info that you give us. I always check for you blog each day, keep going.

blogging is really worth it completely even when you setup a website its not that worth but its here on steemit totally worth each second of it


thanks for sharing this experience @exyle74 I say every effort deserve your reward and more if it is done with dedication and care

wow even you also donate your steem doller to the poor people.nice thats great.i saw your image.thank you very much for donating to the poor people

Wounderful story writing your life , good job .

I recieved your post on resteem .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @exyle

Follow my blog @powerupme

takes a lot of time/work to present this and is appreciated

Thank you sir for share your Vlog 292.

Next one needed for us...please share next.

Yes, it is still maybe good time to start blogging. The percentage of success in here? That's something really have to take into account. Most of the people are earning here is either early adopter or have some money power. Except these type of people, most of the minnows are living hand to mouth like. They do not have enough attention or audience. A newbie got the success, just by doing hard work is rare here. It is place where your money will play the role for you. The time is still good to start. But the environment is not same. so, think twice before start blogging here( If you wanna make a future here without using your money)

wow I would be grateful to get success on steemit one day i like the way you write and i like also your country ! NL (Armin Van Buuren )

@exyle wow at not powering down,so yeah I would keep blogging.

Thank you for sharing, but I also think that digital currencies have a bright future. You will know a great boom and you will regret many of the people who do not excel in this process, especially steem. I think it will one day achieve in the near future $ 20 undisputed.

I think it is still going to be worth it to blog, we are still in the infant stage. Maybe if we get the same number of users like face book then things will be different. But currently there is still room to earn and grow, am just starting but I see hope.

Interesting perspective! I will definitely take that leap of faith!

I agree with the monetary reasons to blog. What people forget is the chance to build a library of knowledge on this blockchain and the contributions it gives to further cognitive development. If we keep up this post count, steem articles (blogs) could be a huge contributor to this end. Write to write just like people do on Facebook/reddit. I’m back in Brazil, cheers!

I was asking myself that same question so naturally I had to read your post. I'm still new but waiting for a week for posts to end feels like an eternity lol

with minimum worth (trust & efforts) we can have maximum gain in steemit. who knew that 1 bitcoin would worth 9000+ usd? all btc gainers have had this bumper harvest due to their foresightness! and steem will also bring such harvest in near future as it's the one of the top most popular coin based on use case.
great post indeed, thanks.

Thanks for the encouragement @exyle. I keep on blogging away. I must say though, without the relationships I've formed here, both in person and online, it would be a tough ask.

Commenting more than posting, is essential, in my opinion, in order to find like-minded people.

Good job........
I want to download this app on IOS.....

There is no Android application?

wooo steady once postingannya, very useful for me, thanks @exyle

wooo steady once post 👍, very useful for me, thanks @exyle

I additionally trust that. I think the steem and sbd cash might be worth more before new year's over ....

I contributed my cash from different criptomoedas and purchased steem energy to have a little speedier development. It is a colossal hazard, however I envision that in the medium and long haul it can give me great outcomes.

The steemit informal community can turn into an all encompassing calling for some, in the event that they are great authors and know how to bargain well with the crowd they go to here, having great connections and uncovering their writings well.

Might you be able to clarify better what those additions with smt ??? This I didn't get it.

I will hook him
and I really need a friend like you
thank you very nice potingan

I like your attitude. I like to think of it as the $10,000 Pizza. Whether the story is true or not about the guy who paid for a pizza with Bitcoin years ago and today that Bitcoin would be worth $10,000. I like to imagine I may one day say, "Look son, that was my $10,000 post and I just didn't know it at the time!" :) Gotta dream, right?

I completely agree. People should Get on the STEEM-train!

I think yes, it is totally worth blogging today.
Steem your way to power greatness and glory
Think blogging, think speed !
Steemit Team F1 640-Formula-One-l.jpg

wow it just shows the potential this platform has wonderful great time for everyone

I think the problem is, everyone is looking at short-term instant gratification. I see Steem as a longterm investment monetarily. I enjoy it for the people I meet and the things I learn from them. To me it is win-win.

So true....I've been working with my community and subscribers for the past few months now and preaching about how important STEEM will be for everyone in the future.

Lots of people see the big rewards and the big money being earned 'now' they don't see the future when they are getting a penny or less everytime they make a blog post.

But they need to have the vision like you did. Keep creating and generate STEEM. The future can be very bright but like you said, stop thinking about 'now' and start thinking long term.

Great message sir!!!

Hi exyle plz watch my video i hope you like my video

Thanks for the backup Youtube link. I'm not sure why but the video was extremely fuzzy. What resolution was it at?

A question from @zwora from translated into Polish version of this post:
“Can Steem reach 100$ price or is it impossible?”

you are great and super charming, the truth I have been following you for a long time, from my first day on the platform, I was suggested to follow you because you really help a lot with your knowledge of this. Thank you

I'm so new but so excited to have made 1.4 steem I can hardly stand it. I don't even have the time for all the blogs I want to do. So starting Small and working my way up the food chain. Check out my page let me know what you think so far.

I want to know if we can trust that the curation rewards we see when we click on "comments" are the same as what we are actually being paid. I KNOW that the "rewards" button shows "$.01" as my total curation rewards for last week, and that CAN'T BE RIGHT as I reply--A LOT--, but despite it looking like I can expect many SBD from last week, I sure don't see much hitting my wallet. I even had a post about this question removed yesterday. So....

at 5:19 or so you say you sometimes use an app called stip shelf, or something like that, to create content. Could you clarify what that app name is?