How to forgive correctly?

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Forgiving is easy. I'm serious.

But damn difficult to behave later, as if nothing had happened.

If you are not able to continue communication as if nothing happened between you, then better not forgive. Absolutely.

Little joke

Do not condemn a person to feel forever guilty.
If a person is very guilty before you, then cross him out of your life, punish him, even take revenge if you really want to.

But do not forgive him as if you were doing him a favor. No one deserves to see an eternal reproach in the eyes of others. No one is obligated to live with a constant reminder that he is not good enough.
But if you told the person "I forgive you", then just smile. Take him to the cinema, feed him cotton candy, joke and slap him on the shoulder with a laugh.

Yes, he was guilty, it’s true, but now a new life has begun. And if you ruin this new life by mentioning the past, then you will already be to blame.

I think the Bible needs a verse about how Jesus forgave Judas and placed next to him in Paradise.

And every time Judas asked him: “How are you doing?”, and Jesus answered him dryly: “Normal” and looked away.

In the end, Judas himself asked to be sent to Hell. Because is it Paradise?

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I feel I can forgive people, I don't really hold ill will towards others I just sort of am indifferent after I am wronged and I move on with my life. I think forgiveness is actually for yourself to cleanse your soul more than the external person. It's you that has to live with it, and holding ill feelings is not good for you mentally or physically

I'm all for forgiveness, but the forgetting part, that I don't think I can do. If you forget you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes

I totally agree with you.
Forgiveness is, in a sense, poison that is very dangerous to carry. Forgiveness is always first of all salvation, liberation for oneself and only then for another person.
Unfortunately, not many people understand this and that may be why they walk with heaviness inside, growing their anger to incredible sizes.
You correctly said - you need to try to forgive, at least once in order to no longer repeat these mistakes in the future.

Yeah, people feel that when they have been wronged that there is some sort of scoreboard and they are owed something and waiting for some external factor or person to correct the wrongs of life.

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