What's it worth?

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Life is strange. Comically so...

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Browsing 🚿 through Steemit this morning, I came across a post by @writewords that I could really relate to. This is my response to that post.

He's talked about how he just noped outta' employment from a job he was getting no fulfillment from. And did so in a late night text 📱, to his boss. And it was something I can relate to...

That feeling of working without purpose. Feeling like nothing you do -- means anything.

Everyone hopes to wake excited for the day. The endless possibilities laid out before us...!



...really, does anyone ever seize the day?

Does anyone ever stray from the schedule? The little box we're put in?

I know... the culture would want to have us believe so, but is it true? Or..., must we all spend our days doing things we'd rather not have to do? And how much of that is just being a part of responsible society, just of our conditioning? Our programming?

Are we ever allowed to be "selfish", and just say "screw it!?

I hate this, and I'm not gonna' do it anymore."?

That question led me to ponder about what I'd really like to say to @writewords:

Do not let your "what if's" become your "what next's"

What do you mean, Jane?

Well I mean this...

Life before 40 is...hopeful. Now, that's not to say that life after 40 is hopeless, It's just...different.

Life ~shifts~ from thinking on things, like romantic getaways and exciting opportunities, to...

...life insurance and power of attorney plans. Life goes from being able to quit your job in a text, to *"whatever you do, don't you dare quit your job." *

Do you feel the same?

Don't spend your time thinking "what if", only to wind up on the downside of 40, looking back and no longer thinking what if, but what next!

If you don't spend your time before you're 40, cultivating the life you want, I can almost guarantee you will spend your time after 40 wondering where the hell the time went, and what on Earth are you going to do now? Start over? Again? A new chapter? New book altogether?

I'd suggest, @writewords, you take this time to really think about what it is that you want to do, for like, ever...because, let's face it:

If your a man in America, you're gonna' have to have a job. Especially when hoping to find the kind of woman you describe. And.. you're probably going to have to work well past retirement age. Till death us part...

...like most men in America. (I cannot speak for other countries, as I've no experience.)

I'd also suggest that you, no, all of you, really look into what it is that you love to do, and do that. It may not pay well. Many satisfying jobs are menial labor. It gives the mind time to be quiet, often outside...listening to the birds, watching the insects. Gardening, you know, is an especially tranquil activity.


Something that doesn't require working under fluorescent lights, answering ringing phones.

Something that doesn't require a hard sell to people for things they don't need, don't want and probably can't afford anyway.

What'll it cost them in the long run to buy a car 🚗 they can't afford? 💰

  • Their house?
  • Their savings?
  • Their marriage?

What'll it cost you to convince them to buy it?

Keep your integrity intact. Don't sell your soul! Maybe we settle for less? Maybe, we wait a bit longer.

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Thank you for reading!!
~Jane 👸

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Well, Jane. I'm pretty much at a loss for words.

Let me find something to say. You touched me with your post. What a beautiful circle of sharing between two strangers on a platform like this.

I have to reread what you a wrote a few times. It is like God is talking to me through your words. Thank you so much.

I absolutely need to stay working (once I relax again) but it has to add to me spiritually. Ultimately I can't life for something I don't really believe in.

And what you said about car sales: I've been blocking that part out so I can make momey but you're right. It was killing my spirit.

I'm thankful i am on this journey and thankful to you Jane for your light! ❤️

Thank you for this lovely reply. I'm happy my words were comforting. Keep your head up, and I'm praying things work out soon for you.

Hi @disarrangedjane, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Thanks so much, @shadowspub! I am pleased that you enjoyed reading it, and thanks for including it in your Ramble! I appreciate the support!

Let's not sell our souls for perceived comfort.
That house? Is it built on the sands of debt? How well does one sleep?

Those savings? To pay taxes on that house?

The marriage, a happy one?

Who has reached their potential?
Who has kept true to themselves - even before God?

That picture is lovely - lady bug... You took it yourself?

Happy Tue evening. 🐸

-ch @globocop

Yes, I took that picture. On the broccoli I grew.
Who has reached their potential, indeed.
I was told I never did. Others were told I hadn't.
I don't know from reaching successfully my potential. Before God? That's an even more tricky question.

All God wants is your heart. Simple.
Perhaps you can reach more of your potential here, on Steemit...


-ch @globocop

I'm going to follow you so I can learn more about this God / heart stuff. 👏🏻

Thank you RJ! Most of my posts contain A Christian element within - but all are written by a Christian. You can also check out the category #christian-trail for Godly posts.

Have a good Wednesday!

-ch @globocop

Awesome, Globo - 🙌🏻 A good day to you!

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