Something Feels Really WRONG About the World...

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Something feels "wrong" about the world, these days.

Tragedy in Las Vegas notwithstanding, and the sudden death of musician Tom Petty notwithstanding, something is off-center.

Enjoy this beautiful sunset!

I am generally not much given to get into the "woo-woo" end of life, but something feels "not right." As regulars to this page may remember, my wife and I have a small art gallery here in our town... meaning that I spend much of my daily time among the "general public.

People's energy has been feeling "off" for about a week. 

Yes, I know that sounds New Agey and odd... but consider this, for a moment:

How many of you "perfectly logical" folks have now and then met someone you really didn't know and thought to yourself "I'm getting a strange vibe from this person?"

When I put it that way, you can probably relate.

That's the kind of "strange vibe," I've been getting. Maybe a bit like animals tend to get, quite a while before an earthquake actually strikes.

I have been trying to write a "meaningful" post all day, but have scrapped about 15 ideas already. That pretty much never happens to me... so I am just sending out this "smoke signal" and hope to get back to my "regular programming" later on.

How about YOU? Has the world around you felt a little "off kilter" for the last week or so-- without there being a cause you could pinpoint? Are people in your community acting a little "odd," even before the Las Vegas incident? Leave a comment-- share your experiences and feedback-- be part of the conversation!

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The Solioonensius: Time of Planetary Tension and War

Thank you for that... it has been a while since Gurdjieff and Ouspensky have crossed my path; interesting article... triggered a memory of something I read about the effect of certain winds. I remember as a kid, living in the south of France and there it was the "Mistral" wind that brought irritability to the adults around me... it's an old and vague memory; for me as a little kid I just recall it tended to being me a snotty nose.

Later, we lived in Spain and it was the "Levante." My stepfather-- who was about as mystical and spiritual as a block of granite-- used to call it "the winds of war."

These are certainly interesting times, in which we live.

Y es, when I first read All and Everything some 40 something years ago, it was (mostly) an impenetrable maze. Recently, listening to an extremely well done audio version being read to me each evening, vast panoramas of meaning now open for me. I guess that it took a lifetime of experience to enter the depths.

I tend to avoid the best I can with interacting with the public. I get rather a strong feeling in regards to others peoples “energy.” Whether it be an emotional state or something I just can’t describe but I do understand that feeling you are having with people in your art gallery. I have noticed for many years now and I have no clue how many that something is “off.”

A few years back when I had to take notes on a public speech for a class I attended a church service since we only had a week total for the assignment and my local government officials postponed a meeting I was hoping to attend.

In there I got a chance before the service started to talk with one of its members and make sure it was ok with them with what I needed to do with my assignment. I shacked the guy's hand and my knees nearly gave out. I have not been a spiritual believer in quite a many years but that man had a very powerful positive energy about him.

I sometimes also get very sickening feels around people as well. Had a clearly homeless drug addict once knock on the door begging for “food” money. Not only did I not believe him I refused to answer the door the next time he was around months later. He even went around looking into the windows for a while before leaving. I made it clear with a tv and lights that someone must be in the house and didn’t answer the door. This is just an extreme case, the same thing happens once very rare occasions when I’m at a store and I just have to get as far away from whatever I’m feeling in a row over.

The world has felt off tilt for a number of years. People seem no longer able to stand straight anymore. You get up and you just fall back over, you take a step and you trip. Everything going great for you then you get very terrible news about something near you.

It’s almost like you recover from something then, just as you almost get back to that same point beforehand something else happens. Like on days of the feeling of “normalize” and something bad happens out there in the world hours later.

All in all we just have to focus on the positive things and move forward in life the best we can. We can’t let instances like these make us afraid or control our daily lives. That gives the wrong kind of people power in this world. The kind that makes them goes out and keep doing such evil things over and over. It is always disheartening when copycats start showing up because of how much media coverage events like this gets.

As far as this sad event. I actually wanted and tried to go to bed early that night. I just could not no matter how much I tried and how much my body needed that extra a sleep. After a few hours, I gave up and turned the computer back on to try and get some work done. After a while, I found out about it and was unable to get anything further done or even sleep. I had a very sick feeling far worse than most times when I find out the first details on a still active event.

While I do love logic and I wish more of it was in my everyday life. There just is not any when it comes to things like these or that “off” feeling we have prior to something sad. I also think for most part if it was not for that event to trigger us into remembering an "off" feeling stronger then what it was and into the days to come after that. It just seems to be our human nature to become very tunnel vision when it comes to a single feelings over others even if it was the weaker one as we try and sort out the worlds madness.

Whenever I start analyzing disturbing events and then looking at life in the greater sense... I always keep coming back to the classic "frog in boiling water" analogy... in a number of ways, we keep thinking we're OK, and that we're "dealing with it" and that "everything will be fine."

Many people avoid looking directly at an assortment of truths... ranging from their own lives ("dealing with" having to work 65 hours a week in two jobs to make ends meet and resigning themselves to "having no choice") to greater societal life where so-called "experts" spin the statistics to make us feel like things are actually better than they are: "The Economy" is strong; "Unemployment is lower" and so forth. True statements, in an absolute sense... yet filled with holes and lies.

Case in point, yesterday I got a little card in the mail from the county, saying that our property values had been increased about 6% since last year. Which will result in a 6% increase in our property taxes next year. Last month, out homeowner's insurance expired... and renewed. "Your monthly payment will change from $99.12 to $107.14, effective with the next cycle."

And yet the government says that "inflation is less than 2%." In the meantime, my income is the same as last year and unlikely to increase... because of rising expenses.

The math doesn't add up.

But somehow I have to come up with $200 more for next year's expenses... and from where I am sitting, my option is to add enough work time to my existing schedule to make $200 more.

Now multiple by millions of times around this country and others... and we can detect a growing background atmosphere of "quiet desperation," and then we have these horrible events happen and people sit around analyze till they are blue in the face; overlooking the fact that more and more people are quietly reaching their "breaking points."

It’s why I been avoiding the best I can to read about possible tax reform. Like everyone I need it, and much sooner then I expect them to get something out. Doubtful by the time they are done playing favorites with lobbyist it will be anything worthwhile for the little guy. Which will just get tossed onto the log pile of “thanks for spending tax payers money on this.”

I’ve reduced and gone without quite a few things trying to keep up with rapid cost of society. I think you hit it right in the middle “breaking point.” That would explain a lot people around me. Far too many people either never had an emergency fund or it’s been depleted over the years without any ability to refund it. They are just one minor bump in the road away from giving up for good.

We actually had a contingency fund till my wife needed rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders within an 18-month period. In spite of the fact we HAD insurance, we still ended up some $24,000 out-of-pocket... which drained all reserves, killed an old IRA and but a balance on a couple of credit cards. That was 2011... we've been playing "catch up" ever since... unsuccessfully.

That is a sad example of what causes many to spiral out of financial control. I hope you were able to deduct some of the expenses from taxes for those years at least.

Enjar, it sounds like you have the amazing "gift of discernment".

We are experiencing a lot of solar storm activity, which causes a lot of earth energy!

Human excitability

It's funny just how much we are affected by what seems like "little things."

People ("rationals") say things like "Oh, we can't be affected by things like sunspots and solar flares!" And yet, our little Moon, sitting out there... has the "power" to exert gravitational pull on millions of trillions of gallons of water.

Also, I recommend the article @onceuponatime linked to in his comment.

Much the same way you feel @denmarkguy. Even before Vegas which my wife and I actually planned to go and visit this coming weekend. We had already made plans waay back months ago. But to get back to this off feeling well yes there is a cloud so to speak. You may or may not believe in the supernatural world but there is a constant battle between good and evil going on. This heavily impacts what goes on in our world. Everyone may not be in tune with these feelings but I tend to pick up on these feelings. The world is broken as we know it but there is hope for everyone. Our creator will come to do away with all that isn't right in the world. Let's just hope he comes pretty soon. Take care of yourself brother.

Seems to me the world is getting broken by fear... and by a media system that preys on our fears. People who are afraid tend to start behaving badly and irrationally. People fear we live in a world of scarcity... so greed blossoms in the fear of "being without."

What's the counterpoint? To ignore the greedmongers... but sadly, it requires a level of awareness and consciousness most people don't have. So many seem to have become sheeple who just blindly follow the next rumor around.

Nice to see you back, Earl!

So much negativity in the news. I mean that's basically all they report. Yea if you don't have something to hope for everyday you will be miserable. And thanks man it's good to be back too.

"Bad news" is what people seem to tune in to. Good news, not so much... maybe it's part of the human condition... we tend to look at evidence that "I am better off than them," which tends to mean looking for a lower common denominator. On the other hand, if we "look up" to someone (something) it often means we have to WORK at something to get there... and a lot of people are just plain lazy.

Lot's of laziness but also I think we should broaden our idea of what work actually is.

Agreed! And that's an entire discussion in and of itself, right there. And actually... YOU are on the cutting edge of creating a new definition by stepping outside the "box" of conventional living.

I have been trying to redefine work for most of my adult life... and still working on it!

It feels like the world and majority of the people in it have lost their purpose of existence. We all have been too consumed with our regional, cultural and social differences for far too long, we have been subjected to hatred and intolerance by the people who are supposed to show us the right path, we have stopped caring about our neighbors, our loved ones, the strangers we see in suffering more than once in our daily lives, we have been shown too much negativity all around us - and all that, is now resulting in such catastrophes, which is nothing but a demonstration of failure of humanity as a whole.

No one segment, country or mindset can be blamed for such incidents. The evil has gained existence within us - it's just the extent and magnitude that varies from one person to another. We are choosing our leaders, we are publicly not condemning wrongful acts committed by those in power, we are letting our society and the rest of the world be controlled and ruled by people who don't deserve to be in power in the first place. Not just one geographical location, not just one population - this intolerance and barbarism is what our world is getting plagued by. And the first thing that strikes our mind is "thank God it didn't happen over here". What we don't realize is that those safe zones are running out. Those relatively safer places and communities aren't getting any safer in the near future.

If these brutal acts of terror, inhumanity and injustice can't bring the world together as one, what else will?

"Man's inhumanity to man" seems to be increasing, year after year... and to me, it seems to have its roots in a growing fear. When people are afraid, they start behaving badly and making poor decisions; we become more "reactive" than responsive.

Seems there is also a growing anger because it becomes harder and harder for people to just "get by," in a number of parts of the world-- even here in the US. Sure, we have "more money than ever," but it costs proportionately more than ever to live... at a higher rate than the increases in real earnings.

I was talking to a friend the other day about politics and politicians... and we arrived at the somewhat sad conclusion that the people truly qualified to run the country/countries have pretty much zero interest in the job, so we end up with a bunch of crooks and incompetent oafs in charge of the world.

Thanks for a very thoughtful comment!

Exactly.. that is my point here. It just seems to be happening the same way all around the globe. Real disposable income is decreasing at an alarming rate. With all the inflation, unemployment, higher education costs for our kids and everything else, it's just becoming too hard to cope up with all the real life challenges. I am part of a third world region, and I can well remember the times when it wasn't this bad not too long ago. Even if there was lesser money being circulated in the economy and all the money markets, people could at least find some sort of bliss and a balance, instead of having to worry everyday about the very next day.

And yes, whatever I see on the news about the Western side of the globe, the US, it's pretty much the same. And this is all happening just to benefit a few at any given time. Certainly, we are now seeing the aftereffects of all that. And if we, the masses, don't change this now, our future generations will be witnessing even worse.

Real disposable income is decreasing at an alarming rate. With all the inflation, unemployment, higher education costs for our kids and everything else, it's just becoming too hard to cope up with all the real life challenges.

Indeed! There are a lot of lies being told to people-- one of the biggest is the myth of "The Economy" as told by governments around the world-- be that in Pakistan, the USA or anywhere else. Sure, "the economy" is better as measure by how much oil we pull out of the ground and what the corporations are making, and the position of the stock market. But these numbers mean little to the average person on the street.

People may be "making more than ever" but if the cost of actual living-- inflation, education, insurance, housing, food-- amounts to "more than ever x1.5" that becomes a meaningless statement.

Absolutists point to the fact that there are fewer people living in "absolute poverty" than ever before... to me that's very close to a straw man argument; sure "there would be no poverty" if we all ran around in the woods with sticks, wearing only a loincloth. Possibly true, but has little to do with the real world as it currently exists.

That is absolutely correct. If the standard of living is going down for an average citizen of any country, these numbers have no value whatsoever.

But again, do they care?

"if it bleeds it leads"...the motto of the media.
does that mean that if there's not any bleeding going on
that they'll hire someone to do some killing?

This is such a sick thing to even think about...

watch the news for a few weeks then get back with me on that.

The news here is all about tragedy - killings, deaths and so on. And they pretty copy-paste the stories from the mainstream media in the US. Anyway, after watching a couple of alternative sources, it looks like this may be a staged event. It makes me sick!

A good old saying, that... fear-based media. Suck you in and then keep you trapped.
Runs side by side with misery loves company.
I can't help but think that many are fascinated (or mesmerized?) by these things because they feel powerless... and in seeing these horror stories, they feel a little bit better about their own miserable lot.
Nature decided to turn the idiot box off for us... storm came and blew the satellite dish of the roof some years back... we decided to never fix it and cancel the service.

I quit watching tv when I went to South East Asia to drive a bomb truck in 1971...I never got back into the habit after that.

I actually grew up mostly without TV.
My dad said he didn't want "that idiot box" in the house.
So we didn't have one.
Left home in 1978... TV was NOT one of my first acquisitions... in fact didn't have one till my girlfriend insisted, three years later...

When I was young it was called the boob tube.
I was very disappointed.
Never saw any on it.

Something feels "wrong" about the world, these days.

Are people in your community acting a little "odd,"

¿Weird & unusual events? ¿Your community acting a little odd? ¿Unexplainable outcomes? Haha, ¡Just look at this post!

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I just hope these surprising and unexpected results do not affect the usual density, depth and quality of the exquisite stories and thought provoking written pieces to which you have already accustomed us. }:)

Cheers!! and looking forward for your next one.

As is often said, "Sometimes the proof is in the pudding."

Unexpected as it may be, I'd guess this post took off and ran because a surprising number of people related to the message and the question. It IS slightly odd, as I haven't had a $100+ post in a couple of months... not that I'm complaining! Just puzzled...

And no worries, I have no intention of changing my writing format!

Haha, glad to know you have no intention of changing your writing format. Otherwise, I would be hungry without yummy, substancious and nutritious stuff to consume. And then, I would be forced to go garbage cans diving out there to find something worth a bite.

Meanwhile, I will keep guessing what could be the recipe to adorn also my own posts, with that succulent pudding of yours. :)

The day before yesterday I was saying to my wife that "I feel a bit disconnected. I cant seem to focus on anything. Cant explain why because there is nothing I can put my finger on. I sure I will be back to my normal self tomorrow".
But of course the whole last two months I have had nightmares now and again about nuclear war, so that doesnt help. But I can relate to what you are saying.

Nightmares of nuclear war sounds pretty damn unpleasant... can't say I have had anything that severe, although both my wife and I have been dreaming quite vividly as of late, and some of those dreams have definitely had a "post-apocalyptic" nature to them.

I am not sure about the mechanics of the mass consciousness... but people's moods do seem to come and go in cycles.

I am currently looking into this "mass consciousness" thing and it is pretty much starting to be accepted as among the scientific community. Recent breakthroughs in quantum theory and neuroscience are certainly pointing that way There is a mass of other data as well. like the "coin-flipping experiment" and the "tenth monkey" phenomenon which are quite simply unexplainable unless mass consciousness exits.
Scary stuff

The more I watch events unfold, the more it seems like the people talking about "We all create our own reality" are actually right... at least to the degree that if the colletive is intensely focused on "death and destruction" there does tend to be an increase in death and destruction.

Scary stuff, indeed... as it feels like more and more people have almost forgotten how to think positively.

I agree and it does concern me. At least we can try ourselves to stay positive but it is not always easy.

I have been having dark apocalyptic dreams as well...for a few months actually

Regarding Vegas, Let us remember. 1 person (only one) took a terrible action.
Hundreds of people tried to help. Heros were every where.

That is what I am going to focus on. Horrible and tragic, but it does not define who we are.

That is, indeed, what we know so far. So I can go with keeping that in mind.

I am really not sure what will be revealed, in time. There's something about a 64-year old guy with "no profile" that strikes me as not making sense. But time will tell. Or not.

The last week? I'd say few years! The world has been going more and more off kilter as time goes by! Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Typhoons, Volcanoes, Tsunamis...Wars, Refugees...madness. Absolute madness.

The more it happens, the more people seem to want to close themselves off - Brexit, Catalunya, maybe Scotland soon. Who knows, all of Europe?

The world is going to implode!

Fear... lots and lots of fear, usually driven by the media. If you're not supposed to be scared of this, you're supposed to be scared of that.

"The end is near!"

Of course, people have been saying that for a really long time, but now we live in the digital information age, so news of the end immediately spreads to everyone, where before it was contained in some local town, somewhere...

Yes agreed on all points! For sure the internet has perpetuated the discovery and the reporting of incidents and it's much easier to follow things realtime with more accurate facts. But the weather, the disasters, it seems to be more extreme. Or at least extremes we've seen before, record levels, but we're seeing all the extremes in a shorter period of time!?

And the people, seem to be crazier.

But maybe it is just the access to the knowledge that makes it all feel "more" than before.

In some sense, it feels like there has been a "quickening" of life... whether it starts with the digital age, or goes all the way back to the Industrial Revolution is hard to say... but more and more seems crammed into less and less time-space. What;s puzzling-- and a little alarming-- is this notion that natural disasters are following the trend...

Are you saying it's alarm that people believe it...or that it might actually be true?

major shift in humanity going on right in from our eyes, for all of those willing to see!

Yes, it does feel like change is afoot... let us hope we are gaining some wisdom and insight.

we are! ... great article. best wishes to you :)

This breaks my heart. It is senseless, stupid and now unmanageable pain for many. My question is not longer "why"? I am over that. How can we make this stop?

I wish I did know how we could make this stop. I'd suggest a good stopping point is to step away from the electronics once in a while and take the time to actually get out and interact with people in our local communities. You know, some effort to make the local folks around us more like people as opposed to just nameless and faceless numbers that are reported as part of statistics.

Not anymore than usual, I think. The standard of living continues to rise across the globe (not uniformally, but it's still rising), the world is generally safer today than it has been at any other time in human history, and more people have more access to more information and resources than ever before.

I'd say we're living in pretty awesome times.

Agreed... to a degree. The standard of living has certainly improved "on paper," in terms of economic numbers. Some of it is merely an illusions; governments lying with statistics.

Read an interesting article in a regional paper a few months back... talked about how property values, and wealth per capita in our area was at a new all-time high. Then someone did an analysis on "effort-hours needed per unit of purchasing power" and it actually showed a steady decline since the mid-1980s.

It's all a matter of how you spin the numbers, and what result you are looking for.

I'm assuming "effort-hours needed per unit of purchasing power" is how much work is necessary to achieve a standard unit of purchasing power, right? If that's the case, it's far more likely that inflation has negatively impacted this standard. That assumes it's expressed in currency, which I may be wrong about, but I'm welcome to any correction.

As far as the on-paper point: more people have greater access to more goods from a wider variety of sources than at any point in our prior history. I don't think you can argue that. Medical technology has made unbelievable strides in the last 30 years. Decentralized methods of water purification and power generation are available for relatively little expense, and they continue to drop in price. You'd really have to stretch to make the claim that the standard of living has either remained stagnant or gone down. I don't disagree that governments tend to want to skew statistics (just look at the US "unemployment" figures or the actual debt liability), but that's not the only method of discerning the truth of their conclusions.

Im not sure. Things do feel off somewhat, however things have been off from when 9/11 happened as well. I think the world is just off all the way around...

True enough... the world in general is not in its greatest shape; for me goes all the way back to Reagan's 2nd term... something subtly changed; the front marker of overt greed.

Not any greater variance than usual. I've been tired lately, but I've also been busy lately. I have a toothache, but I usually have one obnoxious health problem each year or so. My wife is pregnant, and we've been trying to figure out if there's any way we can make our home a more comfortable place on our income level before the baby arrives, so that's added a titch of stress, but nothing unbearable. All in all, the world has always been off kilter, and it doesn't seem more so lately than ever before.

Appreciate that perspective... good to hear of an island of relative normalcy.

All the best with your efforts prepping for parenthood!

I have had this feeling for the last 5 or 6 years - that something is' off.'

I wish I could solidify my feelings about it, but it's a bit like ether at the moment.

Yes, it has been going on for a while... just seems to be coming closer to boiling point, these days. And yes, it's vague and non-specific... but I feel it's somewhat tied to the fact that for a lot of people it is getting harder and harder to simply "paddle in place," which leaves us with undertones of frustration and anger.

Agreed. 'The paddling in place', for the older of us (over 40's), especially, is mentally tough - because we never grew up with that. Things were always progressing.

The 'wests' new paradigm is not the post war constant growth one, improving lifestyle, anymore.

Although I am chronologically a "Baby Boomer," I always considered myself more on the front edge of Gen-X... and with that, growing up with the realization that I would be part of the generation that would actually end up worse off than my parents. My wife and I work way more than our parents ever did, and struggle far more to merely paddle in place.

There is a lot of negativity in the world, however, I feel it will become more positive soon enough. One day the word war will be thought of as something which takes place in a video game. We are entering into a new world.

Seems like we are working our way towards some kind of "tipping point" where things either fall completely apart, of people wake up out of their slumber and take back their personal power from the media... which seems to hold a lot of people in their grip with a lot of fear based content.

I can't find any confirmation about Tom Petty . Only that he is "clinging to life" :-(

For a while, it was a little ambiguous because one of the wire services reported it without confirmation. However, it IS now confirmed:

listening to Tom Petty all day :-(

i agree with you.

Yup for weeks it has felt off, raising feral cats and they are on edge as well...

Yeah, that's part of what I do, as well. Don't watch the news... but watch to see if pets and animals are acting "not themselves."

They all have gotten real clingy and seem to have to be where ever I am in the house and heaven help if the door is closed, a couple have started scratching at the door if it is closed and they can't get to me. Totally not the normal behavior of them.

When my wife is out for an errand (we both work from home)... the dog sleeps under my desk; one cat sleeps on the printer on my desk, the other on my filing cabinet... all three within touch-distance. This time last year, they would be scattered through the house.

I've felt for some time that our culture is going down hill. I was in the doctor's office recently and the nurse remarked that she was so tired and that these days everyone was so angry as I, too, have noticed.

I have been pondering the anger issue, too... wonder sometimes if there is actually more anger, or if we're merely in a timeperiod where it is evidently OK to vomit all your rage and biases out for public consumption without any personal filters.

I detect nothing special about the past two weeks, they're slightly better than the past two months, but only marginally- which means things are pretty uniformly crappy, but slightly less crappy.
Except for yesterday, which REALLY sucked.

And I have to question viewing Tom Petty's passing as of any more significance than that of many thousands of other musicians around the world who died today, or this year- regardless of the number of loving fans only one or two will have any lasting cultural, social, or historical import- and Petty isn't one of them (flame me all you like, I always liked his stuff, but a harbinger of some Earth Change, he definitely ISN'T).

I think we might be misunderstanding each other a little here... I'm not suggesting Tom Petty's death "means" anything, nor that he died as the result of anything cosmic... my point was more that his death offered yet another point to feed a general background murmur of frustration/anger/sadness/grief.

Not sure why you'd think I'd flame you... that sounds more like something the sheeple over on Farcebook would do.

My point is the only reason his death could feed the background Badness of Shit Going Down is if his fame exerts some morphic resonance on reality due to so many focusing on it- you're really demonstrating a confirmation bias here; there are thousands of musicians dying every single day and scarcely a single one missing makes a difference to the world (and I should know, I've been a musician since I was a child), just wait a decade. Even now, already, very few really care that Prince has been gone for over a year-and while I liked Tom's music more than his, Prince was fundamentally a far more important figure in music AND the world (I could say the same for Bowie's significance); that's just recent history, but not that recent.
I got to this thread from a whole different place, but this has given me some focus to respond better on both topics.
We can focus on the rough parts of samsara, and that will become all we perceive with our faulty senses. The same with the smoother, more "pleasing" side of samsara. In either case, we'll be mistaken to at least some degree.
Also, NOT focusing on the rough or smooth, pleasing side doesn't mean we should or have to ignore it, simply place it in perspective. It seems to me that the really "evil" human factors are being constantly fanned by many who believe they stand to gain in power or wealth from this turbulence. Mass, nearly instantaneous, global communication everyone now has access to simply is the explosive accelerant to this turbulence- we just don't pay much attention to how effective this could be for redirecting towards the more positive. Steemit's growing explosively too, but I see far more positive than negative I can focus on, without ignoring the Badness of Shit...

Im not one to shout the end is near the end is near, but you never know. If you do believe in that or ever considered it now may be the time to start doing some research in religion.

Well, not going to go as far as saying there's an actual "end" here... but it does feel like we're at some kind of breaking/tipping point where a major change in how the world operates could come about.

Yeah I'm not usually either and I agree about the point of major change

Yes my world has seemed "off" for about 2 weeks..I can't put my finger on it.

I can't either, exactly, @kayleigh-alesta.

If you feel up to a little "esoteric" reading, check the article in @onceuponatime's comment near the top of the comment section.

No change here, maybe third world countries aren't at that stage yet.

Honestly, I have no idea whether there are cultural variations on this effect.

A lot of people feel that way...but here,where I am, everything is normal

I found your own ones unique write-up though to look for a lot of linked home elevators number seek... your that you can write-up.. maintain publishing AS WELL AS up-date your own info.

great one m8! i wish see this post in trending <3

Thank you-- it might just get there.

Yes, I would agree, but unlike volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, some aspects of "off" conditions are controlled by humans. In democratic countries, failure to vote is tantamount to a vote in favour of the bad guys. So some of this we ourselves brought about, through inaction.

wow Nice 💙

Yeah. I've been all over the place the last few days. Crazy angry, intensely sad, wildly excited. I'm normally a bit bipolar, but this is off the chain.

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Agree completely. Things have been off for a while now. I really noticed it during hurricane Irma. People lacking a kindness for one another. Sad to me. We are all in this together, we have to make the most of it. I heard something rather profound today . ... basically it was that we cannot try to make sense of someone or something that acts out of a dark place that we do not understand. Thanks for a great post! 🐓🐓

Do you experience any form of physical pain? Emotional and mental stress can sometimes manifest into physical ones (usually pain around the top back area or the neck, hence the expression pain-in-the-neck).

Perhaps it's a good time to explore journalling or meditation, or maybe a change of environment. What happens on the inside reflects on the outside, and now that you're aware of the "off" energy, you can make a conscious effort to change it.

Hope you feel better soon. :)

fantastic context

. I had a very sick feeling far worse than most times when I find out the first details on a still active event.

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