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RE: Something Feels Really WRONG About the World...

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"if it bleeds it leads"...the motto of the media.
does that mean that if there's not any bleeding going on
that they'll hire someone to do some killing?


This is such a sick thing to even think about...

watch the news for a few weeks then get back with me on that.

The news here is all about tragedy - killings, deaths and so on. And they pretty copy-paste the stories from the mainstream media in the US. Anyway, after watching a couple of alternative sources, it looks like this may be a staged event. It makes me sick!

A good old saying, that... fear-based media. Suck you in and then keep you trapped.
Runs side by side with misery loves company.
I can't help but think that many are fascinated (or mesmerized?) by these things because they feel powerless... and in seeing these horror stories, they feel a little bit better about their own miserable lot.
Nature decided to turn the idiot box off for us... storm came and blew the satellite dish of the roof some years back... we decided to never fix it and cancel the service.

I quit watching tv when I went to South East Asia to drive a bomb truck in 1971...I never got back into the habit after that.

I actually grew up mostly without TV.
My dad said he didn't want "that idiot box" in the house.
So we didn't have one.
Left home in 1978... TV was NOT one of my first acquisitions... in fact didn't have one till my girlfriend insisted, three years later...

When I was young it was called the boob tube.
I was very disappointed.
Never saw any on it.

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