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The principles of success in this life can never be tweaked, There are ancient principles that we have to follow for it is impossible to cheat your way into greatness.

Sometimes when I see the attitude of some men about their lives, I am amazed ,sometimes I am almost moved to tears.

I am amazed on how a man can live and and not pay attention to their own lives.

How a man can live without a destination ,no direction for his life whatsoever.

Its even okay with the ladies,they can try it, but you, as a young man,you'd soon become stranded when the reality of life hits you.

You know what I discovered?

People wants quick fixes,they want it fast ,they want a short cut ,they hate to plan ahead and they expect to reap,they don't want to fight and they expect to win.

I see people who have never taken their lives as a course of study and they expect to see tremendous change.

Our generation has been decieived and now is the time to stand upright and fight ingorance .

I want to tell you that it could happen to you so easily,I also wish to tell you all that all you have to do is to sit and not fight.
I also wish to tell you its all fun and there won't be times you would cry a lot but if I did...I would just have finished decieving you.

The journey up the ladder is an intentional journey ,it is you that will want it deliberately and you will crawl to greatness. If you have to with your knees bleeding ,you have to be willing to give up a lot because it won't always work as you have planned it.

But stopping isn't an option for us because daily we see our future so bright.

If we stop now,what have we been fighting for before?

Even if the entire world is saying no to us,we will keep saying yes to ourselves .

My advice is thus stop wishing it would happen to you,you have to deliberately work for it. Stay happy.

Stay up,its your normal life to lead.
When God thought about greatness ,he created you to show it.


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