This world is more inclined to use the internet for much evil reasons but to some it is a tool to a more noble intentions

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We can use the Internet like a plane or a ship either to get us into a fine vacation or to our "final destination".

The younger generation of people, those that were born before the onset of smartphones which we are using today for almost anything that we could imagine possible from the "simple" communication type of text messaging to using Apps with a variety of functions and utility to make our lives easier, convenient, entertained, and pre-occupied although the latter seems to get overboard that it takes away our attention so much that it makes the young ones to suffer from being dumb because all they do nowadays because of easy and cheap access to the Internet is being glued at their smartphone screens considering that the young are so much curious about the things in this world that it will just take a little more curiousness until they are lead to what they should not see or watch. It is very easy to corrupt the minds of our youngsters these days where they are so free about accessing sites like pornography and beyond that. So because of it I am not seeing a boy nor a girl with a smartphone like the way I see youngsters in my time and that was just about a couple of decades ago because for example it is hard to access video pornography before, you would have to spend some big money in order for you to be able to buy a porn magazine which in the first place hard to buy because you will have to search for them too on whom or what store you can purchase it from. Then after that your age will be an effective barrier if the seller will see you to be too young for that kind of shit too. It is the same thing for wanting to watch porn as well where it is also illegal to rent them out in the first place at least here in my country. But with Smartphones it is just a matter of a single word to be typed on the browser search bar and a curious youngling can just access it easy for as long and as frequent as they want and because of that an instant shaping and corruption of the mind of these vulnerable younglings will define them forever.



A young child with a smartphone looks like it is cute and funny but what we are exposing them really is a gateway to evil and this world's side of insanity and all it takes now is their level of curiosity.

It only takes one single way about misusing and abusing the access of the Internet and it will already re-shape our society and more often it does this transformation in the bad side from developing a bad eyesight at a younger age because of the extended screen time to changes in personality, mentality, and all that bad traits which the more vulnerable are learning in a bad way because of their access in the internet is always unsupervised with regards to young while for the not so young ones will just fire-up their desires depending on their inclination and moral values. So the Internet really is a tool like a knife where depending on who has this knife in their hands will determine the outcome of what will happen next to them and the people around them. What I mean by that is that you can use the Internet to make your life easy in a positive way by utilizing this tool for being productive through many means like making it to access ways of making money (although there are still illegal means of making money), using Internet for learning from school if it happens that an online class will be preferred by your school teachers or administration for some reason, it can be used as an instant library where you do not have to go to a physical library in order to get this and that information because searching and accessing information through the Internet is really more than a magic too in that regard. There are so much good things for utilizing this "knife" but many people nowadays are using it the wrong and bad way because this world is often inclined to do the bad stuff more than being inclined to go to the right direction. Well, one great example of that is the power of making the printing of money is destroying our lives because of the thirst of one country to dominate other countries, so "they" (USA and its FED) abuses this power to get an upper-hand on other nations illegally which is why USA in particular is leaning on the bad side of what the economy should go, but USA government together with its partner the FED chose the illegal, unjust, and evil way to steer the economy through a Ponzi scheme way no matter what it will cost against their own citizens, the, and the rest of the entire world. So the phrase "who who owns the Gold rules the world" is not true anymore with regards to backing money with it because again the "higher-ups" had manipulated the price of Gold in the first place to not make it a tool for other countries to rival the dollar of USA and another one example of how humans, given with power, will just be inclined to do the bad things because of many factors such us greed, power, and domination even if its unjust, unfair, and destructive to the lives of all people.


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I want to emphasize the good use of the Internet because I am a living proof that we can change our lives positively from what seems to be impossible to achieve but if we just try with the help of God on the side, then we can make some of our dreams happen if not all of them. The evil use of the internet is just dependent on who is using it and for what purpose, it will still continue to be a "wild west of a world" because our lives are still affected even if we are not using it at all.

In my case I am using the Internet specifically to earn money via cryptocurrencies and trade it to finally land on my bank account after some time, to entertain myself in watching YouTube and Reddit videos and listening to music, and to communicate with my family, some online friends, and brethren from my church via Facebook (Meta). So it is just a pure business, entertainment, and communication utility for me. I would of course use the Internet to know more about terms, and things that I want more information about like the good effects of Moringa powder or if it is good to use in a dried powder form or a cooked form or perhaps the list of other nutrients that Moringa powder have aside from the vitamins and minerals that it already have in good quantities per Tablespoon or some bigger quantity. I also use the internet as a dictionary, a translator, and calculator and basically searching for almost all things that comes to my mind at some instance when I remember something or wanted to research lightly about some topic, thing, subject, etc, when it comes to my thoughts so that my curiosity and longing for extra knowledge will get fulfilled. The convenience of what the Internet brings to my life and our lives is making life easy for us in general and again it is just up to us on how we use the Internet on how it will make or break us. It directly changes our lives both in a good and productive if not positive way or in a negative way where examples of each side is so many to enumerate. But I had chosen the way the Internet would help me personally to help myself from what my fate had been and my life's direction had turned to the path which is more easier for me to pass through. I am talking about my ability to support myself financially without any much help financially from other people because I used the Internet in a more noble way because I simply needed it and thanks be to God that after trying and searching I did found it and that made my life both in physical and mental well-being much better compared to when I have no access to the Internet.



The Internet is likened to walking in a busy street at night, you can see beautiful things around until you realize that you are all alone and danger is waiting to pounce you when the chance and time is right.

However it is also a reality that in this day and age where our lives are affected in many ways because of the Internet, some people, groups of people, and countries are using the Internet to victimize other people in so many ways of exploitation, abuse, etc. That is why the Internet is comparable as well to a busy street where you can walk and see a beautiful place somewhere perhaps a restaurant where you can go in and eat but the street is also a place where you can get your last final breath because of criminals lurking around like a Lion searching for a prey and at the same time it will be a place where you can find yourself in a much vulnerable situation because you are alone and helpless on what many factors will cause you to get injured, or die because of some unfortunate event with you involved right there on the street. Also, some people says that a cyberattack from a country against another is one good indicator of a looming war or a greater war that can end human civilization and it is scary because it is also currently happening to my country because China is bullying the Philippines for wanting to claim the west Philippine sea for its own evil interest. So as we can see the forces of good and evil is also fought in the Internet, it is not like an attack of a soldier directly striking against the flesh of another soldier or a civilian but with a more sinister way of attacking the lives of an entire country because of what a cyberattack can do against the vital parts and functions of a targeted country. Even the comparatively "low-tech" radio broadcasting via a television and radio programs can be weaponized by both democratic and especially an oppressive government had used and currently using it via its state media or a politically biased media (in case for "Democratic" form of government) to broadcast propaganda so that they can fashion the belief, opinion, affiliation, minds of vulnerable non-fact-checking citizens to favor their interests although I believe that deep in people's hearts they will just "go with the flow" and somewhat support an evil government all because they will be sorry of they didn't to the extent that they will say and do in favor of that evil government so that they will not get into a direct trouble with such governments. In conclusion, even if we are presented with a good things this world is more inclined leaning to use it more in evil ways more than for good intentions. That is why our fight must be concentrated on Kings, Presidents, principalities and rulers of evil, the cause of evil so that we can live in peace and harmony, but again this world is evil which is why evil rulers rule and the rest of us are turned into hopeless slaves as we can all feel it all more now compared to when humanity is still young which at least have no much "tool" that hurts all lives unlike now where a ripple on the water feels like a series of unrelenting Tsunami waves already.



This is the world and evil dominates it if you just observe that is why in the end we should not cling to this world and realize the utmost and immediate importance of having to turn to God because we can get the chance to get to heaven which is the real world where we should strive to get into because only good things happen there because it is the place where God resides where there is no more evil anymore and all the negative things we are experiencing from this current world which will pass-away and never to return.



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