The world of blockchain social media blogging will still you give a lot of benefits but with elbow-greasing

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Sometimes your hobby turns out to be a hard work but at least you are benefitting.

It is a rat race (for me) to ever blog everyday, well for the obvious reason that I want to generate income out of it because if I would stop, then I would not get a reward, a crypto which I would have to covert to palpable FIAT money so that I can use it to solve my human problems. My earnings at this point falls about like I am a minimum wage earner here in my country, barely enough to cover my needs but it is more fantastic compared to a laborer or factory worker who have to really work hard and then cannot work on Sundays because Sundays are a day of rest pretty much all over the world but in the world of cryptocurrencies the earnings are nonstop 24/7 and that is what is good about earning through a blockchain-based platforms regardless of how it functions and what utility or lack thereof it brings to people or its users. In my case along with other thousands of people blogging around and sharing their stuffs for other people to see or do anything else aside from what I was doing (written blogging) which can be anything from playing games to trading, it is just a unique way of earning money through the Internet via this rather new technology called blockchain technology. I am of course more than glad to belong to this type of niche because I was able to keep on rolling like a person camping in the wilderness, relaxing with his fire near to give warmth and comfort and all he have to do is to feed the fire with sticks so that the fore would not die out on him. Well, that is pretty much that I do, feeding my "fire" everyday because if I would stop, then the fire would not give me comforting warmth (rewards) in the process. Actually I can make the process shorter by just posting shorter posts and then earn rewards anyway because of my "chosen" way of earning where I have to accept the fact that I must "blog" everyday so that I can benefit that in that way. I can say that I am forced to do it because of my own reasons plus the fact that I have to earn a steady income in an easy way is what pushes me to have decided to go into "that" route rather than to use the steemit platform in particular in the recommended way of interacting with other people and not use my stake in leasing to services which for me will not work because interacting nonstop will certainly ruin my now poor vision and the uncertainty of earning a favorable rewards everyday where it is like a gamble if you get a great reward from the blogging platform's big curators. There i said it and now I will rest my case, because it is indeed a case to case basis and there are so many options for us to do to suit our needs and preferences like even choosing on what platform to blog into is also taken in consideration.



For some blockchain social media users like myself, I have to sustain my work everyday so that rewards would come everyday, the only caveat of a personal standard which I have to meet.

As I had mentioned, i am through with interacting because after all nobody is interacting with me neither that I want to take the initiative to interact to someone because my stake will never be enough for the other party to make it worthwhile to respond all because of the fact that we are all in it for the money. It is true especially if you are new and nothing to give in return considering that you have created a super-duper helpful and valuable blog post, it will just be ignored if you do not have a considerable "thing" to give out to other users who wants a part of that "thing" (upvote)from you and it is a phenomenon which is still happening in blockchain blogging platforms although not in all. That is why in such platforms you still needed to invest not only your time but also your "money" in order to get things going like for example if you bought a car, you still needed a gasoline to be able to use it although if you are very lucky like me, you will be given a solar-powered car and enjoy riding it perpetually for as long as you are alive. That is what happened to me which really doesn't happen everyday. But everyone has a unique story on how they would find success in this type of work or hobby but it will be for the person's way of doing things which will be the main factor to give them success or failure where in many cases most people just gave-up because they can't do it anymore, it is not their thing, they are not motivated anymore because of this and that but mainly because they find it not benefiting them anymore. If we can remember in the early days of Steemit as an example, there are so many users that flocked the site because the STEEM token is above a few dollars back then until the token is not anymore valuable as much, then people began to stop because it is not giving them any much financial utility if not finding it hard to ever grow their stake because they cannot give an effort about it anymore.



There are a lot of work to be done in ever using blockchain social media and sometimes you have to sacrifice its intended use function because of your own reasons and circumstances.

Persistence is one key for building your own growth to blockchain social media, it is likened into a tree full of lowers with nectars for you to rake in bees and butterflies to make your flowers to produce fruit. That is why you have to make yourself an established "tree" first before you can produce fruits which is why if you do not have a stable means of sustaining your growth, then you will not grow and eventually you will wither and die. Lucky are those that appeared to be planted in a rich soil if not planted themselves as an established "tree" already that they can produce "fruits" all-year 'round because earning is certain to come. However persistence in the other hand takes a whole lot of patience, hard work, and most particularly, time because it is a long process to build one's self in social media platforms for the reason that it just requires big amount of money to produce little money if that makes sense because if you for example is only relying from your income here it will affect your growth simply because you cannot reinvest on what you have earned which is one key about earning substantially through time considering that again, it takes years and years to ever build your stake before you can substantially gain more. In conclusion, there is no such thing as an easy work because we got to start from something and requires a whole lot of investing with your time, money, and effort particularly in blockchain social media sites where many people are still not engaged to experiment on trying because they are most of the time intimidated by for one thing making an effort to make a blog for example much less interact to other people with different backgrounds and ethnicity with uncertainty if you can eve establish at least some form of friendship that also takes time to do as well, then reading other people's blogs is also a burden and those few things alone are hindering a would-be user to start their journey considering that in some platforms you still have the risk of getting destroyed are factors that should be also taken into consideration which is why only "select" people can flourish in these blockchain social media platforms because we share the same goals but we have to live it in a different world.



If there is a will there is a way and all you have to do is take one step at a time and soon enough you can reach your goals through time and although it is not easy, at least you will be going somewhere more glorious.



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