It's worth the wait for Bitcoin to fly higher if you had learned from its charts then you too will become a winner

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There is no doubt that Bitcoin will continue to soar and so those that happen to have it will soon rejoice with a mighty voices that roars.

It is funny for me when I first discovered Bitcoin because during those years it is only priced at 5 cents per piece of Bitcoin and yet there are no exchanges that offered you to buy it and have a good stack of it. But I remember that there are so-called "faucets" in websites that aims you to visit it from time to time and if you are just patient enough will make you earn about even .05 BTC if you put an effort in visiting similar sites which offers it so that they can earn from every visit that you make to their websites which is why your visit is worth about a thousand or tens of thousandths of Satoshis and you neither the faucet owner have no clue that Bitcoin will amount to these current levels of prices. But during those years when Bitcoin was just around 190 to 210 dollars, I have no means of buying it particularly when BTC is just cents in price because during those instances I am still learning how to use a computer for the reason that I have no knowledge at first on how it works plus my aim was to use it for gaming purposes because in those years I have nothing to do particularly during the time that I was already a dialysis patient and not qualified nor the energy and resources to venture out because I simply can't do it and just stuck here in our home watching TV if not sitting around and enduring my hardship of not getting enough dialysis treatments so I feel ill all the time. To help me up with my boredom, my brother bought a computer so that I can play but that PC never was connected to the internet because there are no Internet service here in my barrio and the only access that we can get it is through a Nokia phone's modem capability which is so slow that it takes 15 minutes for a single page to load and yet I got fascinated when I first saw it happening because it is new to me. Later my brother sold the computer to his colleague and I was left with a Sony Playstation 2 which my brother bought for me to use it for the purpose of playing games with it instead. But I was not able to use the Internet until my sister-in-law bought one of the earliest IBM laptop and later a second-hand laptop plus a USB modem which I borrowed from her to let me somewhat surf the net although I can't possibly use the modem for such use because the broadband modem has a hard time getting a signal from the distant signal tower plus the fact that I am just using a free VPN so that I can access sites which I download movies from. It is where I discovered BTC when I was trying to download movies from because Piratebay is accepting BTC donations during that period.



From just a bump on the soli to high and majestic mountains, it is just fun and nostalgic to realize the price of Bitcoin had been.

By the time that I was already earning "serious money" for me, I was able to buy a few BTCs because I can afford it already although BTC is 210 dollars at that time it is still expensive. I am of course glad that I was able to do it because look at the price of BTC now. Although some of my BTCs were lost I am still ok with it because for me what BTC that I got now is already fitting my needs as my needs now are not that extravagant nor the things that I wanted to do like buying a car and driving it, raising a family of my own, owning a home where I can solely reside into, visiting places for an adventure and vacations as well as my dream of pursuing needed treatments like a Kidney transplant, backbone correction or alignment surgery and treating my liver condition as well as other complications in my body including a facial reconstruction surgery are now not in the list of what I want to do anymore. I am now ending up with simple things although they also cost money like building a new, safe, and secured house for me and my parents and money in my pockets for solving emergency situations and extra food on the table which we also need along with pertinent food supplementation are the only things that I am prioritizing to happen. I am also planning to invest more in crypto so that I can earn more in a day to day basis to set me up and my parents in a much better financial state which I guess will happen if I will be more patient about it like I mean waiting for some few months more could very well fulfill these goals of mine because Bitcoin price movement is really different now because of the need of people and big institutions and maybe later countries to buy BTC to gain from it any many ways considering that the price of every BTC is raising but it can still rise from what some people in the know says and what we can make sense of with the Bitcoin charts. So buying even at these price levels of BTC is still important because for one thing we are plagued with inflation which will not and never go away and we have to protect our wealth by preserving it in the form of Bitcoin and then seeing that the value of that wealth to increase over time.



Although the value of dollar keeps on dwindling, the value of Bitcoin is rising and thus saving us from the effects of devaluing currencies of our own countries.

So it is just sensible to buy BTC because in my experience, selling BTC in particular will make you lose the potential to lose money for the reason that if you just held your BTC let's say about three years ago, now that same amount of BTC is worth even more. Well of course if you are in profit and there is no funds for you to use for your needs in whatever type of need or want it is, you are still the main person to decide on what to do with your general assets, digital or whatever. But if your needs can be solved by other financial means then reconsidering that even holding your BTC is a very wise decision especially now that the need for BTC is ever-increasing due to its dwindling supply and the fact that big money are buying it until countries will also consider in buying it and if we look at a country that had made it as a legal tender, I don't think that their country will have financial problems anymore because BTC is here to ever increase in value and those countries that holds their wealth in the form of BTC to say the least will be winners with regards to having a stable wealth which also increase in value over a relatively short amount of time. But many people are still having second thoughts about buying BTC particularly now that BTC is somewhat very intimidating to buy because at least not much people can buy a whole BTC anymore but regardless of that they can still get gains in time as BTC is divided in Satoshis. However many people will not consider about even touching Bitcoin because they are just happy on what their FIAT currencies are doing despite that it is all losing value and fast. Regrets about buying BTC when it was cheaper will always be there but we should know that based on the conidiations right now, we will be on the winning side at the end of the day and it just only takes a relatively short amount of time before we see our faces smiling because we have made a right decision that at least augment our lives in some few ways but for others that had been involved with investing in BTC when it was cheaper, they already changed their lives because their dreams had now become a reality.



Everyone is entitled to do what they want to their money whether in the form of FIAT currencies or cryptocurrencies but Bitcoin is offering this way of making you gain more value with your wealth through time and it is worth considering because of the state of our economy where our country's currency is losing its buying power so it is sensible to protect yourself from the effects of inflation.

Disclaimer: The statements here are based only on my personal belief and opinions and are for entertainment purposes only, so please do your own research before involving yourself in the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies to avoid potential future financial losses.



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