I'm lucky to have something to break my boring days by being busy about writing my world away and getting solutions to my other problems along the way

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Nothing much in this world based on my physical capacity and what was left for me than to use my pen and paper on what I want to say and convey in the realm of blockchain social media.

It is my final fate to being busy everyday about writing my world away and that I have a place in this world to do just that plus getting rewards on the side, so how fun is that? Indeed fun thanks to blockchain technology for the reason that it gave birth to something that affected my life positively which is so great that by the mercy of God I was able to immerse myself from the final horrors brought about my medical complications which I thought with utmost terror would wipe my existence that even with my worst nightmares and imaginations would happen but I was saved by the bell because of my new-found ability to help myself without much financial support from people around me. So I guess that my family is also had been proud if not more than relived that I will not cause them any financial burden because they can only help much financially but I really do not want them to get bothered in the first place because the already has families of their own while my parents and I are just stuck to each other in this situation of ours but it also includes the love and utmost support of my parents for me that they would not just let me go and help as much as they can to support me. What made a bog difference about my survival is this "special" way of supporting myself with one of the use cases of blockchain technology which is the blockchain social media platform. The said platform product built on top of blockchain now are helping hundreds if not thousand of peculiar people who have the similar passion of putting value with other people's work in the form of a post or a blog even comments on comments to a specific subject matter that a blog is conveying to many people or users of that social media platform and at the same time getting rewards in the process. Aside from that there are still ways to earn from such platform as many groups or individuals initiate things that other people can get opportunities to make their efforts worthwhile by for example participating in games, competitions, and similar things and make your effort worthwhile if you happen to win or receive consolation prizes. But it is just a part of it because on such blockchain, decentralized apps are also built which can offer services or other use case for users to get the opportunities which those "DAPPS" can offer from trading to gaming, it really does enhance one's life and it is just up to the user on how they will benefit from a blockchain social media because of many ways to financially gain particularly if you will start with an existing investment on hand.



I can see myself now to still vulnerable and only empowered by a shell of protection and at the same time enjoying the benefits of my chosen niche in life which is writing.

Things like this hobby/work which I was doing since even before I discovered blockchain social media platforms does makes my mind pre-occupied and makes me to wait for the sunlight of another day. The resulting financial incentive side coming out from it of course is a great reason for me to attain a good level of happiness considering that my financial gain is great enough even in this times that Altcoins are really not there yet reaching at least the half of their all time highs. Because of that my anticipation of something big will come is motivating me to push through with my love for "sharing my world" to the world. It motivates me to live my life as normally as I can do it because of the sense of purpose that this non-professional and full of grammatical error writing activity gives me everyday. My sense of purpose had given me to hope for a bigger ambition which I never also that was possible and al I am really doing right now is just to basically "wait for it" even if I stopped writing. Well, I do not mind waiting but because of my and my parent's situation like myself "graduating" is just a matter of God's will, I mean anytime I can die and leave my plans, aspirations, and dreams to stop like that while as for my parents, they are getting older I really want them to have a special house where they can live in peace and security without me. However that dream might come true because of the way how crypto especially how Bitcoin price moves, it always surprises us but in these times ahead because of the beginning of wide adoption of Bitcoin by big money groups and organizations, and later nations, I can foresee that even now I might witness my dream of having a better house will come true. Well, that is if there will be no more worst thing that could spark a very bad war between big countries which is a possibility to happen at a blink of an eye, we can also witness on how our possessions digital and tangible burn just like that.



I'll be lying if I will say that I am not happy because of the bunch of solutions for my life's problems which is a miracle to happen for me.

But anyway, I am lucky to have my own way to crush boredom now and not only that I am able to also support myself which is for me will not happen without a divine intervention as if God is with me and supporting me all the way although some things in my life now is already too bad that it is now beyond my control. Now there is no more sitting around and looking at the calendar to see the date of my next dialysis session. No more feeling of I am a trash of this world anymore although I look like people always looks down on me as if I am a second-rate or sub-human to them, however it is still happening but at least some people knows what my true worth is and it caused them to value me like a sack of gold. Also, no more feeling of hopelessness and despair because of my gift of having to do what I love which is writing and having to monetarily benefit from it which alleviated my worry against a financial insecurity in a sense that at least I have something to pullout from my pockets during the times of needs, emergencies or even the wants which the latter I seldom fulfill as my way of disciplining myself not to spend on unnecessary expenditures. So in this peculiar niche which I am deeply involved in for many years already is just one story of also how a good use case for blockchain technology will alter or change if not improve tremendously the lives of uninteresting individuals like me who just wants to support himself in order to survive until it comes to a point that it had made him to thrive because of finding an alternative about solving his poverty and thus had made a good impact on other people around him and those which knows him. Now my life is just a mix of a horrid but a happy life where only a person's own perspective will judge on how I am doing right now, a boring but an exciting life thanks a million to God.



The feeling of boredom is just one thing but there are many ways to make a solution to that but finding many solutions in my life because of writing is what I regard as a gift and a miracle from God. It is in my firm belief that there might be more to come for the reason that it is all coming from God.



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