I have a mix feelings about crypto prices being down if only I have extra money to scoop some of them now

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Cryptocurrency price crashes are good if only you can buy more using some of your profits or extra money where sometimes you already bought and not able to buy at a more cheaper price.

Bitcoin's volatile move downwards makes the prices of Altcoins to also move in a more magnified way but it is normal because it is the ways things go whenever the price of BTC fluctuates where if BTC moons, most altcoins moves sometimes immediately after. The thing is that we do not know what is the "local top" of the price of Bitcoin itself will be which is why we would regret that we didn't sell if BTC reaches such temporary high prices because we are in most cases, anticipating more and more price moves and thinking that "this is it" while after sometime, the prices would even crash and then we hold to see the price of BTC itself will pickup again, reach higher prices and so we would hope that "this is it" again and then the price of BTC would gradually go down intermittently in "elevator down" movement making long red candles and along with it we see the value of our Altcoins returning to "mean" prices which we should treat as good but since we didn't sold or take profits with our Bitcoin, we cannot buy these inviting cheap altcoin prices now. And so we can only look, look, and wish that we have some spare money to add to our stack of Altcoins which we hope that would either pump one day or give us more daily dividends if we are holding it to earn passively, etc. I am more that happy that BTC is at least holding these high prices and not like before where it is very volatile that it is like an altcoin when it eventually moves down steeper after a big pump lasting a few weeks. Well, the reason for that is not much big people or money managers or lack thereof are involved yet in buying BTC compared to now that Bitcoin ETFs are involved in putting a buy pressure to Bitcoin because of the realization that people and big institutions must FOMO-in for the reason that the value of Bitcoin will just continue to move up because really BTC has been proven time and time again that it is a "store of value" which means that if you "park" your wealth in the form of Bitcoin, it will gain more value rather than lose value if you will just continue to hold your money in banks where inflation will just eat its buying power due to the over-printing of the US Dollar which was exacerbated by the support of US to Ukraine.



We have to balance things out with regards to our decision in selling and buying cryptos in order to maximize our gains by sometimes accepting compromises due to some other factors which we have to consider to make a better decision.

Yes, you are hearing me right, my goal is to sell some of my BTC to re-invest to some of my useful and life-changing altcoin because after all, it was that altcoin that I sold before was the reason that I was able to acquire some Bitcoin anyways and it is in my plan considering that Bitcoin can be much more profitable if I would not touch it because it gains value over time and not just some value, it reaches a very high point because of its fundamentals like its feature of being scarcer over time and thus it gives it more value evidenced by its current value and its past charts. That is why if we would "zoom out" when looking at the charts, we can pre-determine on where the price of Bitcoin would reach in the future where the only question is "When?" it will reach such prices. The answer to that is quite varied, the wait can get prolonged based in many factors but most of the factors would favor Bitcoin's faster move in the upward manner because since BTC is an asset too, the inflation would also push its price higher and definitely not lower. These series of intermittent "crashes" is just a noise for Bitcoin's journey on its way up especially now that due to our economic turmoil, more big financial entities and hopefully countries that would adopt Bitcoin as part of their reserve currency will also push the price higher up to what we hear from many people who are "in the know" are telling us. It does makes sense to predict such future prices of BTC because again, it gets scarce as time goes by considering that its supply or the future mined Bitcoins is getting halved every four years as a cycle as a code.



All factors are leading Bitcoin's price in terms of its value to move up in time which is why by mere holding it will also make you profit by doing nothing if only you can wait.

Now personally, I am still comfortable in selling some of my Bitcoin holdings in order to buy an altcoin that I am utilizing to earn daily which in a way is much better than waiting for price cycles of Bitcoin to happen which is very four years which actually for my case and situation in life is too far to wait because I also have to consider that my old parents has to enjoy my profits while they are still able to enjoy it and not when they are bed-bound or unable to enjoy life anymore. The same case for me and to much more degree because there is a tucking time-bomb in me where I can actually die at any moment because of the comorbidities in my health where I should also be dead already if not for the mercy of God in my soul which I guess that he is still giving myself a chance to do something for the betterment of my standing as a Christian so that I can be saved and that is what I am thinking about. But I still want to improve my condition while I am still living because we only have one chance to live here on earth and I just decided to try to stay for as long as God permits it so that I can do more for the benefit of my spirit, body, and the ones that also loved and invested on me like my immediate family particularly my parents who loved me and taking care of me despite of my misfortune in this lifetime of mine where I basically never experienced joy, joy to live normally, eat normally, sleep normally, feel normally, travel to nice places, meet a special someone, and do more things that I find productive and fun, none. And so at least I have Bitcoin an altcoins which are the instruments that helped me a lot all throughout these few years of extreme hardships although in the back of my mind that choosing to live with this health condition is just madness because I am just surviving most of the time.



I am more inclined to choose a daily good amount of income based on my personal circumstances than to receive a one time big time amount but it will make me wait because I do not have much of my own "lifetime" existence.



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