Because of the raging heat I couldn't sleep better at night but only until dawn to early sunlight

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Only when my village sleeps and all the noises had died down plus the temperatures eventually cools that I will begin to slip-out and go to slumber.

It has been hard to sleep lately because of the heat coupled with humidity and it doesn't cease until about 4:00 a.m. in the morning until 8:00 a.m. But the early morning would coincide to people being busy with their daily affairs and this house is no exemption because once the dog barks I will for certain be awakened up because although the door of my room is closed, the plywood still lets the noise in to really wake me up considering that I am a very light sleeper and had been having sleep problems for decades already. I mean since the late 90's I am suffering already from insomnia because of my impending Kidney failure and before that I was also already suffering from anemia which was the cause of my more than two decades long issues of not getting a restful sleep.



Noises from specifically passing motorcycles is really annoying because they are louder compared to other vehicles.

However in time I was blessed by God to gave me the ability to have some decent sleep because of the miraculous improvement of my anemic disposition and in turn it improved my sleeping habit, just enough to give me some REM sleep so that my brain will not go "loco" because I am an intermittent sleeper and doesn't sleep 6 yo 10 hours sleep. Now if the conditions are right, not too much noise and then the temperatures are just relatively right and not like these past weeks where record-breaking heat is being experienced by the people to many areas in my country alone. Can you believe that? a record-breaking heat? something is really off with the global climate as we are witnessing it from the news. The fact that I haven't seen such high temperatures raging on in my country is a flying evidence that there is already a pressing issues with the climate. But sadly I personally don't think that it will improve for the reason that big entities with big businesses will going to be affected because their industries will have to do some compromise which they will not let happen because you know, they will lose money but not that they will lose money which is part of it but because they are greedy.



The unprecedented record-breaking heat patterns just affected me personally and thus I have to really cope now with this kind of weather pattern.

Anyway with this kind of heat, I cannot really fall asleep as fast as I can like before because I will start to feel uncomfortable before I would go to the transition to sleeping and so I will "toss and turn" eventually because of that and lose time at the same time and eventually I would turn on the laptop in the hope that it will make me sleepy when I watch some videos or only listen to it. One big sign of I being sleepy is when I begin to yawn already and at that point I know that my body just wanted to rest already but again with the combination of cars passing-y, the heat and humidity, and then the occasional barking of our dog which is the most annoying of all because the dog bark is very loud that it can really wake me-up when I was already asleep with the door in my room closed. More often too, instead of tossing and turning at night I would prefer to watch some videos from YouTube to just listen to and try to close to help me fall asleep. Usually the heat is already gone before midnight and will make you get comfortable to have a shuteye moments particularly if it is raining lightly or if there is really no more hot and dry season anymore but we are still in the month of May so I just pray that at least some cloudy skies will happen again to really save me from these problems trying to get some needed rest or else it will start to affect my brain, I hope not.



It is still not cool when midnight strikes so I have to wait for the wee hours of the morning and take that opportunity to rest until the rest of the early morning.

In the other hand this heat provides me with lots and lots of opportunities to perspire a lot. I mean I would turn of the electric fan from time to time and perspire away lying down on my bed. My purpose was just to relieve my body from extra water and toxins and it is quite effective in doing so because I can be more liberal about my fluid consumption and at the same time feel much better considering that I am frequently perspiring, almost non-stop even with electric fan on blowing unto my body because of the humidity. But along with that there is of course a big level of discomfort because I will still stay in this room with no relief from the again, heat so it is just a constant endurance for feeling the discomfort. Electric fan helps a lot but during the day they will blow hot air as if you are being-put in a desiccator machine. So although I needed some sort of sauna bath, it will still not be good because of the discomfort brought about the current weather and it sucks to ever live like this and I hope that my situation will change soon for the better with no more compromise with my comfort and well-being.



I have a love and hate feeling for this extreme weather, in one way it helps me but in the other hand it also it gives me so much discomfort and I cannot do much anything about it until I can have the power to change this situation which makes me think about renovating this house so that it can give me and my family some level of comfort which is just right for my needs.



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