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"There is only one boss. The customer."
- Sam Walton -

The Kindle e-reader is an amazing device.

You can get an entry-level Kindle for about $50, delivered. But be sure to read the fine print; that is a subsidized price, because it comes with "special offers."

When I bought my Kindle a couple of years ago, that sounded like a reasonable deal; for the sake of a few ads, I could save fifteen or twenty bucks up front.

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The Amazon Kindle Reader - Screen capture from Amazon

The ads themselves aren't that bad.

But there was a hidden problem lurking, not covered in that fine print. I had to discover this problem for myself. The constant refreshing of ads on my Kindle screen—whether I was there to see them or not—was cutting into my battery life.

Amazon offers a "paid" method to turn off ads.

However, I felt that they had already received their display ad money's worth, and that furthermore, the battery life issue was a problem they owed me a solution for. So I contacted Amazon customer service. Here's a record of what happened:

I went to the Amazon website.

I logged in to my Amazon account.

I entered this customer service URL:

I saw the page in the image below.

When you clicked on the [ Devices ] tab, I saw a list of my Kindle devices. This included computers and smartphones. The one of interest to me in this case was my Kindle e-ink display book reader.

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The Amazon Kindle Reader - Screen capture from Amazon

When I selected the Kindle at issue,

a small "chat" window opened, and I was put in touch with customer service.

In the table of images below,

you can follow the entire conversation that I had with Amazon Customer Service representative Namita.

Note: If the print is too small for you, just click on any image for a full-sized version; then click [BACK] to return to this article.

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@creatr @creatr

As you can see,

Amazon agreed to turn off the ads on my Kindle. It happened right away, while I was still in contact with their customer service representative.

Will this work for you?

I don't know. However, if you have noticed that you're having battery life issues with your Kindle, it may be worth a shot.

It's nice at last to see the same, stationary, non-battery-consuming screen saver on my Kindle from the time I turn it off until the time I turn it back on again. Thanks, Amazon!


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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I appreciate the Kindle tutorial on eliminating ads. Although I don't own a Kindle I could imagine how resourceful this would be two others who do own it. Knowledge is power and you have shared some good knowledge. Thanks again @creatr

Yeah, I hope this helps someone else. I was really pumped when I discovered that they would stop the ads.

Its the small things in life.

Yes, yes it is. You'd be surprised how fixing this made my day!


Would you like to assist me at the San Diego Maker Faire this year?

By that, I mean cover for me at my booth for an hour or two, but be free to spend the rest of the day looking around?



I was waiting for them to say that wii just be $19.99 lol

Yeah, me too... But they confirmed that I would not be charged... We'll see!

I mean, this doesn't really affect me since I don't have a Kindle, but I'm glad you had a decent customer service experience! They're usually helpful, if hard to understand sometimes. :D

Thanks. My experiences with Amazon service as a seller have been less than high quality, however... :(

Oh really? I've never tried selling on Amazon (minus through distribution services), I like me some eBay. <3

After 24+ hours of trying, apparently I can now respond to you... :O

Yeah, the Amazon seller experience may be less enjoyable than the consumer experience....