At last, an other post after 9 days. Life can be too busy. Fortunately, you never know in advance what life has in store for you.

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It is as it is, when I am in Rotterdam I have a very busy life and almost no time to write a post.

Pixabay, TeroVesalainen

I try to read blogs from the people I follow and I vote and try to comment, but that is also minimal. I wonder how other Steemians are doing everything at once, work, family, social life and social obligations and write blogs.

pixabay, geralt

I understand it is difficult for me because I was in France for two months and I have to do a lot to make up for the time I was away, but something else happened.

Last Saturday, now a week ago, my mother broke her hip. She will be 86 next Monday and begins to be a little forgetting. Not very much, but enough to make my sisters and me worrying about her well-being. She is in the hospital now and on Tuesday she will move to a rehabilitation clinic. She will have to learn to walk again and do all kind of exercises.

Every other day I visit her in the hospital and I am so glad she is a warm and loving lady and so thankful for the help and care she receives that it is not difficult to visit her. But for a visit of less than an hour I am away from home for three hours, so time flies through my hands.

Here you see her in better days, about 5 years ago at her birthday.

She is not my 'real' mother. My father married her 30 years ago after my mother died of cancer five years earlier. She was a widow herself, her husband also died. They had been married for almost 20 years before my father died. They have been very happy and my two 'real' sisters and my two step-sisters and I are very fond of each other.

We have always called their mother 'mother' and they also called our father 'father'.

But now she is an old lady, lying rather helplessly in bed or sits in a wheelchair and I try to be there as much as I can during the time we are in the Netherlands.

My mother and I at the same birthday party as the last picture.

I know I am writing a very personal post, but I presume there are a lot of other Steemians who have old mothers (I think of @doktorjohn for instance) and having old parents means you have to take care of them as they once took care of you. I do hope your mothers are as brave and grateful as mine.

My mother in a wheelchair about 7 years ago with my four sisters. My two 'real' sisters on the right and my two step-sisters on the left. My mother was in a wheelchair because we had to walk a lot on this trip, she hadn't broken her hip at that time.

Last year I wrote a couple of posts about the fact that I was remarried after being divorced for 10 years. I have a very loving marriage with my new husband (who was also divorced) and we are very fond of each other. I do not know if it is different to have a second marriage after being divorced, like myself, or after being widowed like my father. I do know that in both cases a second marriage can (also) be a very happy one.

My 'second' mother was very good for my father and we as children were glad he married again because we saw he was happy again. Now he is gone and she is still alive, but we all regard her as our mother, although I must be honest and say that her own two children are still more concerned about her than my sisters and I. I think blood still be blood.

So I try to do the best I can, at the same time be a good mother and grandmother and a good daughter and try to write something more on Steemit, because I like this platform so much and I think I have built some very valuable contacts during the last year and a half (since November 2016).

I wish you all the best for now.


Oh yeah, I'm very sorry about what happened to your mother and wish her a speedy recovery. Of course in our world there are many families where there are stepfathers and stepmothers, but still if these people have made your life and the life of your family happy, we also love them and must take care of them. Therefore, I understand your delay with messages on our platform and expect new ones as soon as you have free time. Good luck, my friend! Thank you Clio

Thank you Serkagan for your support. Yes, she has been a part of my life and I do love her dearly.

So sorry to hear that your mother broke her hip. We all have been there or will be there sometime in the future. We are the sandwich generation where we are caring for elderly parents, children or grandchildren. We do what we need to do and sometimes we look back and wonder how we got it all done. I think people on the platform understand that life gets in the way and we often need to take time to take care of business. Your contacts will wait for you.

You are so kind and so right. The sandwich generation, that is what it is!! My children would like me to be there for them (and their children) and I want also to be there for my mother. It is really a sandwich! I have also the experience that sometimes you think: "how did I do all this", but we do it and as a good friend once said, we can we tired when we are dead then we have time enough.

Don't worry Friend! she will be alright. I pray to god for her fast recovery. My grandmother too broke her thigh and those were very tough days for me and family to see her suffering but she finally recovered and we are all happy again. I wish same thing for you. People will be pure when they are either kid or old but not in adult age and the emotions they show are very pure and our heart becomes weighted when we encounter such emotions.

Thank you. I hope my mother will recover also.

I will share my experience that I had with my grandma....She was suffering very much and doctors said that they can't help because she is too old and her bones are not strong enough to re join but we were with her and gave her moral support all the time and finally we found one hospital where she got operated. In between before she got operated she was suffering and crying like a baby all the time . I use to cry too much like her but without getting noticed . I want to do all whatever I can but i can't do anything. Such situations arise definitely because this life and it is a mixture of many emotions and you get to experience every phase of these emotions. I want to tell you more about many such emotions but I cannot because I'm not good enough in english and cannot describe such intense emotions. Finally once again praying god for her fast recovery. Stay strong . Half pain vanishes from the strength that you show !

I do know what you mean. It is so hard to see somebody you love suffer. But I know the patient is glad to have moral support and a hand to hold on to.
Your English is very good!! Don't worry about that.

Be glad that she is still around, the fact that she loved your dad and made him happy is enough to give her your full support. We are all human and need each other in this game called life. I wish her all the best and many happy years on earth-every chance u get honor her as a mother and give all the love she deserves :)

You are right. The fact that she loved my dad and made him happy is enough to give her our full support. She is such a lovely lady, so it is not hard to love her anyway.

Hi, I had already noticed that you didnot post any thing , I was worried .But now hearing your real life story ,feel sorry for your mother.But I feel very proud that you were very busy for a very honest reason.I know you are a very kind-hearted person,a very efficient mother,loving grandmother,a beautiful sister and also a very good daughter.Really I appreciate your beautiful personality, I will pray for your mother.God bless you friend .

Thank you so much Maya, you are too good to me, but I try to be there if needed. God bless you too!

Dont worry about your Steem contacts @clio. All of these will finds you when there is time for it. Right now priority for you sounds like real life needs you a little bit more. Take care of those golden oldies, blood or no blood, they are still people who were in your life more decades.

My grandmother was not my own grandmother. My grandfather remarried after my grandma had died at young age. This was all before my time, so for me she was always my 'real' grandmother. I never considered her anything else.

Lovely family shots you have there...Cherish them, and take care of your real family, your digital family wont hold this over you

Thank you so much, you are too kind!
For my children, my 'second' mother was also the only grandmother they have known. For them she was 'oma', they know my real mother only from pictures. When my father remarried, my two oldest children were there, but @exyle was still too young, only 2 years old, so he stayed with friends that day! It is strange to remember it was 32 years ago.

It goes so fast right!

I also my grandparents having their 25th anniversary so vivid, while most grandparents were going towards their 50th or 60th anniversary. But thats the beauty of being a kid. You dont care and this is all normal :)

Hello my friend! Life can be really very busy and very difficult to find time blogging!
I wish your mom rapid recovery! You are such an amazing human being, I'm so happy to read each word you wrote on this blog.
You very well said about when our parents were young they were taking care of us and now it's our duty to take care of them.

I know you understand 'busy' very well. You are also very busy with your bistro and your family.
We all hope she will recover soon, but it will be some weeks before she can walk again.

Long time passed and no new post from you!
Now I understood why..
So sorry for your mother, I hope her fast recovery..
Have a great sunday..

We hope so too, but we know it will be many weeks before she can walk on her own again. Tomorrow she will be 86 years old and we are allowed to go to the hospital before visiting-hour and have coffee and cake. No big family reunion this time, with all the grandchildren, but she likes it when we, her daughters, are there on her birthday.

I wish your mum a speedy recovery. It is nice to get personal views if each other's lives I think. It gives us all valuable shared perspectives. Thanks.

Thank you! I also think it is nice to get a more personal view of each other's lives. It is good to know more about the man or woman behind the pseudonym, certainly when you 'meet' each other on a regular basis on Steemit.

It can indeed be hard when you have such important things to juggle. Steemit will be here regardless and if you are gone for some days or not there are people that will be pleased to see your posts. I wish your Mother all the best in the healing journey. It is quite a tale. I am glad your dad found happiness with her. I am quite the believer in second marriages to being in one myself :0)

You are right, Steemit will be here and I am glad you wrote that there are people who will be pleased to see my post. We shared the 'second marriage' last year when I wrote my posts on " how to survive a divorce'. I am so glad you also found happiness again (and not to forget the two little ones!)

We did that's right! People will. I have found that people like posts that are personal and that have some of the author in them like yours.

The two little ones have been such a bonus, the second time has definitely been the charm!

this family story is awesome. i like it.
keep it up.

Thank you!

This is a beautiful story and is also tradgic.
It's horrible to see our loved ones grow old and die, and watching them can break our hearts and stir all sorts of emotions.
I think the way you have adopted her as a mother is wonderful, and also eccepted step sister's. 4 girls must have been trying at times. I guess qualities like patience, long suffering, self control, tolerance, mildness, peace and love where tried and tested before you entered school. Maybe not?
But I know with three step sisters it was often a circus.
Any way I think it's really special what you're doing for your mum.

Thank you for your comment. I can honestly say that my sisters and I can really get along very well with our stepsisters. They were good for our father when he was still alive, and we are good for their mother. So we really feel like real sisters. (which can be also difficult of course!)

Clio... you are ‘good’ to follow.

You too, doctorjohn!

Wishing you and your family well
She will probably be "up&running" again before
you know it! These hip injuries seem to heal amazingly fast.. 🤗

I do hope so, but she is 86 years old and didn't walk as good as when she was younger.

Strong Emotions are contagious. Emotions are base of living. I specially search for such posts which makes me cry or which makes my heart weighted and gives me a sense of inspiration and happiness

Such a beautiful your real life story. Your mother was lucky to have you a so caring son..

loving family is a perfect life

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