Chelsey's Chronicles #15: @chels and 'Operation Surprise Party'

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Do you like surprise parties?

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It's a question that offers mixed responses. Some absolutely hate the idea of being the centre of attention, whilst others love being spoiled by friends and family and generally feel blessed. Others believe there's no point to even have parties, even to celebrate their own birthday. @nishyfishy belongs in that last category.

Meanwhile I belong in the second category. Personally, I also love to organise these events, especially if it's for my special someone :) It brings me so much joy to see all my friends together, having a good time.

I decided to plan a small gathering after our trip to Thailand (Check out my older posts if you haven't!)

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Since he isn't a fan of a huge celebration bash and would rather spend quality time with a group of friends, I thought it would be perfect to combine the two and invite our uni group to his place without him knowing :D

A Bit of Context

@nishyfishy is very low maintenance. Which is great but it also means he remains quite indifferent to many things. AND he also doesn't show too much emotion - so making him genuinely surprised was itself a challenge haha!

^see what i mean? hahahahha love you babe!

It was also pretty difficult to lie to @nishyfishy. I swear he either has a sixth sense or he just knows me really well, but he always happens to know when something is up. There were a few times when he was so close to finding out the truth (I had to struggle through a tickle fight) BUT, I kept it together because I reeeeeally wanted to pull off the surprise.

The Plan

Whilst everyone was sneaking into the back of the house that led into the backyard, I distracted him by watching Casey Neistat's vlogs at FULL BLAST hahaha. The next challenge was to figure out how I could film him without arousing suspicion.

It hit me!

At the time, I recently purchased the Canon G7X, a camera that many Youtube vloggers use. I could 'pretend' to vlog our day today. I teased the idea of him cleaning the pool in the backyard just to test out my filming skills and how it would be good content for our vlog.

He ate that up and we proceeded to go downstairs.


I heard the shouts of our friends and @nishyfishy's face showing a mask of full shock and disbelief.

gottttt emmm!! it was a huge success

The rest of the day was filled with drinking, board games, belle's hot chicken and an overload of Maccas.

Taken by me with my Canon G7X Mark II

Let me know if you've ever had a surprise party thrown for you or had to organise one for someone else :)

With Love,


P.S I would like to thank @julimattos for introducing me to Unsplash! I always see her add lovely images from the site to her posts :) It's definitely a great place to use free HD photos to add some visuals to your blog posts.


Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible!"

hehe thanks for the positivity @jehovahwitness :D

Aww that seemed like such a nice surprise! It was definitely worth keeping the secret. I bet it was so much fun :) I don't love birthday parties, I usually just like to getaway and travel somewhere in my birthday. :)
And YES unsplash is awesome!! I'm glad you can find nice photos to use there :) thank you for the mention! <3

hehehhe thanks @julimattos! Yes, so many of my friends prefer to do that too! Much more stress-free, so you can really enjoy your birthday. hahaa of course <3

I love French Fries. Funny cute dog. Happy Birthday. SO fun. Now I am hungry hehe.