Why Do We Make a Mistake in Managing Time? Reprogramming Your Mindset! Read This Post With Attention Because It Can Change Your Concentration And Attitude In a Few Minutes!!!

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Hello Steemians,

today I'm going to write something that can really change your way of acting every day and why so many people make mistakes in managing their time everyday.

I have always written about paradigms and this theme I am going to write is associated with a paradigm but it is much more related to the fact that many people have never seen about the time we have from this point of view.

I can assure you that many times that I was a speaker to thousands of people I could see the change in their countenance by showing this point of view to them and I saw many people crying over hearing how I programmed my Mindset to build a new concept about time.

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Continuing ...

Most people live as if they have plenty of life ahead to achieve their goals.

This is a very dangerous trap because as a consequence of this thought you start to program in your Mindset the worst mistake you will make in your life that is the


Procrastination is one of the worst habits people get and the price of procrastination is very expensive, but I will still write better about it in another post.

People procrastinate just because they think they will have all the time in the world to reach their goals.

But it is not quite so and here is the biggest mistake of thinking this way about your life time

People by nature believe life time is a timer in progressive counting but in fact if you think in the opposite direction of this concept I'm sure your pillow will be speaking in your ear every night.

I had since a very young age had a hankering to beat the time, and with that one day I found myself thinking as I had fully programmed in the opposite sense this concept in my Mindset.

I realized that in order to have that burning desire I already had, as I have until now to complete my goals with obstinacy my Mindset was already ready with regard to time.

What I mean is that we do not live in progressive counting, we live with the stopwatch in countdown and that changes everything in our life when we realize it.

img src

I defined this as being the timeline of life.

Everything changes when we program our Mindset in this way because I guarantee you will stop procrastinating many tasks. I see 99% of people saying: Ah this is easy tomorrow I do, or simply: I will do it for tomorrow.

Think that you are in countdown and may not exist tomorrow and I can assure you that if you change the way you look at time like me but I confess I had that feeling instinctively and I started to convey that concept to people.

Do this, start listening to your pillow and think about what you have procrastinated because if you do not live intensely like you are counting down one day you may regret it. Time goes by so fast because it's a countdown.

I can tell you that thinking this way is what gives me the ability to execute my goals more quickly and success as well.

Finally, I would like to give special recognition to these people:
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I wish the best for all!

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Time is precisely one of the two main investments we have to make and manage .... Time and money. And like money, time we have to know how to manage it every day, and part of that administration is doing what we know we have to do at the right time, not before or after, just at the right time. If we postpone our things, the only thing we will get is a lot of frustration and regrets tomorrow, apart from the fact that we will not be able to live a full life.

Thank you for the greeting and recognition of @chbartist! The truth is that what you get with mutual support is very positive.


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Hello @chbartist , I would like to say that the credit goes to you and your whole team which includes everyone, this shows that together we can win. A strong community can change anything if they stay together. This is your mindset which convinced us to help each other by upvoting every meaningful comment.
Again thank you for building such a wonderful community. Congratulations everyone.

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A strong community is the need of the time. We all can help each other and grow at rapid rate.

This is because of sir @chbartist ,I'm really impressed from you all. Upvoted and resteemed

Time Is Money.

I will do it tomorrow really that us a very dangerous thinking. All of us know future is uncertain so we don't have to leave our work for tomorrow. We don't know what happened next. So we have to quit this Habit.

Time is like a rivers flowing water we can't touch it again from same place.

If we wast our time today it effects us tommorow.

Lastly I would like to say that really a great article written by you about time. I really appreciate your efforts in order to building a community of positive people where people helps each other's to grow up. The result could be seen in the comment section below where ever good commnt get 6 to 9 vots.

Thanks for writing such type of great stuff.


Time is everything. In fact, our own existence much depends on time management.

Yes you are right, Regards

Hi @chbartist this post is related to everyone and no matter with which industry the person belongs to. Time is very much precious and we must use it wisely and ensure not to waste time as whatever time is gone will never come back. You rightly said that many people have the mindset to delay things for tomorrow. They think that they can you easily do that thing tomorrow and don't do it today but we they don't know that we never know about tomorrow. We can't predict what tomorrow will bring in. Looks like life is big and we have ample amount of time to do anything we plan but that's not true because by passing of each and every second its getting reduced and we we will feel ourself with shortage of time. So we must value each and every second and finish works without pushing to later.
Thanks much @chbartist for mentioning my name in the post. I am learning from each and every post of yours and hope it will continue for long. Have a great day.

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If I really turn around the understanding of time described by you... and thus get hesitation and postponement out of the way... I reach my goals faster, but is this really the best way?

Or is it just making you more a slave to the performance society?
For everyone life is only faster.
But is this the right way?

I think only if one takes the time for tasks and also for relaxation, one can enjoy his time (life) also really completely.

I like to slow down. Also times a round to chill and do nothing. Just enjoy the moment.

At the same time you have the possibility to think. About yourself, about others, about everything.

Dear @chbartist sir!
The cycle of time is very amazing. One who destroys the time, definitely destroys it one day. The universal truth is that no work should be left for tomorrow because tomorrow is never for the people. To perform tomorrow, another important task may be necessary, to complete the backward car remains incomplete and we have to suffer loss.If a person's physical assets are destroyed, then he can be recovered, but can not recover the time. Some people wait for a good time by keeping their hands on hand, but I forget that the good times are the same which we use in the best way. A good person does not exist only on earth, but also makes small work special by utilizing his discretion and time. Such people currently live and build a strong future. I request to all new steemains who is connected with this community to understood the concept of @chbartist sir and make a little bit contribution for this community. It would be helpful to making strong community.

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Most people live as if they have plenty of life ahead to achieve their goals.

Most people live as they would never die. Death is somewhat far away that nobody notices it. Until one day the awareness kicks in and it may be too late.

Do this, start listening to your pillow and think about what you have procrastinated because if you do not live intensely like you are counting down one day you may regret it. Time goes by so fast because it's a countdown.

... and when you do this say "bye" to your comfortzone. Because that is the place where we live most of the time. Leaving it will hurt and feel like it is the wrong thing at first. Go for the long run!

Everyone should take notice of this!

Even though I can't agree 100%, there are some wise words! :)

"bye" to your comfortzone

@chbartist, Really important Subject and sometimes we fall for the Illusions and by that i mean, we think that we hold lot of time and this work can be shifted for Tomorrow but who knows what happens tomorrow, so we have to follow one aspect and we have to Reprogram our mindset towards Right Now Methodology. And in the end of the post, you've shared some words which is truly reflecting the essence of Community Development and Community Support.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Its great you brought this up.
Procrastination is a killer.
That tomorrow never comes.
I do have some elements of procrastinating and there is a scope for improvement .
Thank you

“Do not leave for tomorrow what can be done today!” I try to live by this phrase ad I have learned over time that many missed opportunities and wasted time go by waiting to do things. Sometimes I find that people live by due dates and work on tasks to get them done on time rather than work in order of which it flows. This way, for me, things are done in an efficient manner to separate time for those tasks that are more open and can represent opportunities to add value.

@chbartist procrastination is a thief of time as many people would say and time itself waits for no man. If you leave what's to be done today for tomorrow, you end up creating a mysterious future. In this world the most essential thing is time but mostly we relegate it to the background. Whoever abides by his time or is time-conscious ends up as a successful fellow.ay we all be great steemians

Dear @chbartist once again you presented us a very motivational post. We tend to be lazy and try to ignore the urgency of work. We behave like we have plenty of time but time never stops. It is like river which flows continuously and the water which is flown cannot be get back.
So, we should manage our time effectively and efficiently. We should not forget that our success depends on time management. We all have 24 hours in a day but the person who manages time, wins the race.

Sir, your efforts will certainly be worthwhile.Sir you have highlighted the weaknesses of all of us and the right thing.
You also rightly said that what we have to do tomorrow we should do it today, but we should do it right now, as our great men have said.And the people who have upvoting power are right. They should also check the previous post. Those people who have not upvoted for you should upvote and should work together. This effort will be worthwhile only after working together.

its like saying if today is your last day, how would you want your day to be, what would you want to make right? how would you want your relationship to be like? Its may spore you or it can make you to take action. Regards

You are doing a very good job, Sir, those who have given so much respect to those who have worked hard and take the society forward.

Time management is one of the things that affect our generation. It takes a great deal of determination for someone in this age to have a good management skills, Do you agree with me?

Indeed. Procrastination can also come in a form of thinking you don't have what it takes to do something now. That's the kind of procrastination I mostly deal with. Thinking I need to know everything about something to get started. But the truth still remains the same. Start now!!!

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Well said, life is short procrastinating is probably one of my biggest down falls from simple tasks to life goals.. It is to easy just put things off off until the next day, weeks or months later. Time will past you by quickly and one day you will look back and have regrets on what you could have accomplished. Thanks chbartist your blog really helps me stay on track.

As the saying goes procrastination is the thief of time...but it's tough sometimes to just get up and go do it...it seems easier to just brush tasks aside till the last minute and that's one problem I'm trying to fix in my own life...as always great work

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@chbartist! Time and tide wait for none. We know the real truth. But we can't imply that. That is our failure. Some motivation like your blog keep me motive and inspire to do the work in right time to achieve the goal.

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El tiempo es un regalo de Dios, por eso no debemos desaprovecharlo ni desperdiciarlo.

Es cierto que el tiempo no los ha dado Dios.

"no dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy".

Aunque realmente hay cosas que hay que hacer mañana porque hoy no es el mejor momento.

Como dice la Biblia (La palabra de Dios)

"Todo tiene su tiempo"...

Procrastination ... delays everything in life ... 2 months ago I made 2 publications about procrastination. 1 and 2... Nowadays it has become very common to postpone things, this is the first saboteur of planning and organization ... it is the first thing to fight if you really want to succeed.

Thanks for mentioning me in this post. :) Estas construyendo una linda comunidad!

Thanks for the reminder sir. Procrastination is really what paralyzing many people from achieving their aspirations in life. Related to "how to be focused ?", it greatly affects time management. Unfocused produces the sense of comfort in procrastination.
Thanks again sir for mentioning me in your blog.
God bless us all.

When you carry out your tasks always stick to the proverb 'Tomorrow never comes'. If you are little more serious, then please think about 'Do or Die', now you can definitely do it!!

Good post

You are really a genius, your thinking for the society is really praise worthy, you are thinking a lot for the community we are involved as well. Never leave a job for tomorrow. thanks.

It's a blessing coming across your blog. Thanks for this eye opening messages of you. Really I haven't thought of time to be running and limited, I always assumed I still have time to do things at when I feel comfortable with it. This message opened my mind to things I may have lost unknowingly

It's nice of you to recognize people. cheers to a valuable community rising here.

Thank you very much for the Information, i wish you also the best and a plenty of These articles wich are very helpfull.

Great post. Procrastination is not good. It is true what you said. People procrastinate because they though they have all the time which is not correct. My mother always told me to run from procrastination because it can destroy what someone should do in time and may not even do it. Procrastination is not and can destroy a lot of precious things that supposed to be done in time

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You are doing a wonderful job, sir, you are working hard and sincerely and you are pushing the society forward

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sometimes doing nothing is doing everything

thanks for sharing this beautiful sir

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Great refocusing of using time and using it in the best way for us to achieve and make the most of it. Procrastination, distractions and temptations are all increasingly encroaching our attentions in this digital world.

It's also good to find inspiration and motivations from energetic sources, much like how we should keep positive people around us to help us reach greater heights.

Always good to recalibrate and reflect on the time that went to aid our focus and concentration on the outlook ahead.

Keep Being Awesome,
One Tech Traveller

really nice and helpful post, especially how you dealt with procrastination. In my own opinion, i feel life is more that just setting goals and achieving them. atime you just need to slow down take time to reflect and do some evaluation. We all need time to relax and do nothing and enjoy the beautiful gift of life, clear our mind. My biggest regret so far in life, was been to busy chasing my dreams and i never truely appreciated the people i had in my life. i really wish i could turn have them back and tell them how much they meant to me but it too late. Its perfectly okay to be ambitious, but never let your ambition take away your family, always try and maintain balance.

Making mistakes man perfect and to making my career i leave job my job(banking)and start my crypto career through steemit🙂.nice blogg bro @chbartist

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Great post @chbartist! Thank you for inspiration!

Thanks for the inspiration words.

Thanks @chbartist for the message it's very motivating I am sure we will make a great community together

Excelente post, que conlleva a una gran y profunda reflexión.

Time is a waste of life, and life is a waste of time!

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