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Although it can be be fraught with challenges and I've never worked so hard in my life - I wouldn't swap my country life for all the money in the world! I love that my family is together. I love that we get dirty together. I love that we hurdle the difficulties together. I love that we breath the fresh air together. I love that we celebrate each aspect of homesteading together. I love that we are returning to the ancient ways, together!!

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While I understand that country living is not for everyone, there is something about raising children on a homestead that makes each day real. It is inspiring to watch my little boy's enthusiasm for - everything! He gives us many reasons to get up every morning. And to get up early!! As well as to stay up late working. He loves the animals and the agriculture.

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Whether we are milking the goats, building a new home for the chickens, composting the vegetable garden, making a batch of cheese, mending a gate, changing the sheep to new pasture, cutting the latest batch of soap or kneading sourdough, my son is involved. And he is enthusiastic!

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Do I ever feel like he has been deprived by not growing up in the city? Sure, he will miss out in certain areas. But for me the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. I could ask the same about a city child missing out on country life. It is about choices and personal convictions. Some choose the city. Some choose the country. Some, sadly are unable to live where they would choose to live.

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We choose this life. We love this life. We, personally, believe that a farm life is far more of a natural environment to raise children. We are blessed to have the country home we do, where many choose this life, but cannot actually realize the dream. Thank you for all of you who support me. I am delighted to be able to share a little of our dream life with those of you who live similarly as well as those of you who only dream about it. And of course, for the city mouse who has chosen the fast lane, I appreciate your choice as well as your appreciation for mine! Special week to all of you....

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It's wonderful that you can raise your son in such a wholesome way and that he is so enthusiastic about it! He's such a handsome little guy and growing so much! How are you doing with your pregnancy?
That is an abundant looking crop of oranges! You must have lots of freshed squeezed orange juice! M-m-m! I love that stuff!
Glad to here you are so happy at your place! I raised my son in the country and I think it was a wonderful place to raise kinds - out in nature. He is a man now and has chosen to live in the city but he is always so happy when he comes out for a visit!
Thanks for sharing that glimpse into your homestead!

Thank you for the sweet comment @porters! It really is wonderful! His baby sister is due in a month's time. We're all excited. Our lemon tree also bears as prolifically. They both drip with fruit twice a year for a number of month's. I don't think the fruit trees of today are quite as fruitful. These two are almost 70 years old!

Oh only one month left, that is exciting! And it will be a girl - that will be nice to have a boy and a girl! Hope all goes well with the delivery!
That's amazing that they fruit a couple of times a year and so prolific! They must have a tremendous root system to produce like that even with drought type conditions!

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Wow what are you feeding those Naartjies our Trees were no where near as prolific, very tasty though ;p I love my nephews choice of attire, almost as cool as his Uncle ;p

Not much @craigcryptoking! Just allow them to grow in excellent organic soil and flood irrigate once a week. Perhaps it's because they are about 60 years old? Your nephew's mother has excellent taste in clothing - pity it hasn't rubbed off on her brother......

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This is beyond precious @buckaroo! He is so beautiful, I can't imagine how fun it is to share all of these new experiences with him. Seeing the enthusiasm and joy would be enough for me. I know you work very hard, both of you but I know it will all be worth it in the long run! All the best to you and your family, fabulous pictures and homestead! :)

He is beyond precious @birdsinparadise! Thank you for your sweet words. And yes, it IS worth it!

It’s a busy life for sure, but a wonderful one at that! Love to see glimpses of life in your neck of the woods. Sure looks beautiful!

It is beautiful @hebrewhousewife. And I love sharing it with you all the way over theeeeeere ;)

Great post. Love the country

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I love that we are returning to the ancient ways, together!!

That sentence kinda gave me shivers. In a good way, of course. Glad you're finding enjoyment in the difficulty of a natural life! How are y'all doing? Did the rain keep up and get y'all a little more water in your landscape?

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Thank you @homesteaderscoop! We have had a teeny bit more rain. The drought is still lingering but we have enough water to sustain ourselves

That's good! What are your water collection methods?

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Well rain water tanks, plus extra gravity fed tanks and a big concrete reservoir.

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was that a picture of a homemade boom/crane?

No @captaintj, it's actually the old frame of a farm trailer that we are re-modelling into a mobile chicken coop

I was unable to find the video that I was thinking of, but I am sharing a video where the eggs roll foreward, but the video that I wanted to show was of the eggs rolling backward then you can gather the eggs from a hatch that is unaccesible to the chickens. I think that the idea might save you guys extra work because you will not need to enter into the chicken house.

Oh fabulous! Thank you. We wanted to use this type of method. Beats scrapping around in the teeny mobile
chicken coop

I think that it might save you guys time and effort. Have you guys considered growing duck weed (pond scum) then you guys can dry the duck weed and feed it to your chickens!

It's a beautiful life! Thank you for sharing a glimpse of it to all of us!

It IS a beautiful life @ironshield!

You are truly blessed - I think it can be challenging but awesome - so much better than the rat race we are in

We are blessed @anneke!

Love this! I'm sure it is so amazing to watch as he experiences life in such an uninhibited and natural environment. I so enjoy seeing little glimpses of it. :)

Such an accurate description @plantstoplanks! Unihibited. Thank you for sharing

I feel so privileged every day to live in the country instead of the city. I'm glad your son is growing up with his hands and feet in the dirt. I'm glad things are going so well for you all! I'm a little jealous of your orange trees; I'm not in the right climate for citrus, but how wonderful that would be! Thanks for the mini tour!

It is amazing that he can get into the dirt! And don't be too jealous about our citrus @goat-girlz. It's about the only fruit that survives our drastic climate as well as the baboons and birds!

Well, heck! I don't have to deal with baboons! Now I just feel like a whiner when I complain about the slugs eating my strawberries.

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HAHAHA!! We all have our challenges @goat-girlz

What a very heartwarming blog @buckaroo I think your family is very fortunate to live in the country and share many rewarding (and challenging) experiences together that you treasure for the rest of your lives.

I'm sure many city people would trade places with you if they could as the health benefits of growing and eating your own food is undeniable.

We will treasure them all our lives @trudeehunter. And yes, truly blessed to call this home where many others would trade places

I could not agree more with you. Raising your family out in the country is a great decision.

Absolutely @bowentroyer! No place like home(stead)

Howdy buckaroo! So good to see your posts again, I'm sorry I missed the last one but I'll go read it at least. Such wonderful photos and you make everyone who isn't in the country.. envious. lol.

Thank you for popping in @janton! Nice to see you still steeming ;)

You are very welcome buckaroo, nice to see you steeming when you can!