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     I have a confession. I like Mondays.

     Please put down the tomatoes and the "Monday's suck" memes!!! I have a purrfectly good reason.

     To be honest, it's only Monday evenings that have me wishing the weekend would hurry up. It's then that I use the guise of 'volunteering' to able play with a room full of cats.

(See? Told it was a good. 😉)

     For a few years now, I've been a part of the Central New York’s Spay and Neuter Assistance Program (CNY SNAP). Though our group takes in any animals that are brought to our doors (cats, dogs, rabbits, snakes, horses, rats, et al.) I primarily snuggle care for the cats from my local Petsmart, which has generously given us the use of their adoption center. Atop of that, they donate food, litter, toys, and more towards the care of these adorable furbabies.

     I dare anyone to visit a shelter or adoption center and try to hang on to a foul mood. It's impossible once you're surrounded. These sweet cats are too deserving of all the love and attention that you can give them. Some, like the kittens, frolic around, happy to knock over the basket of toys. Others, have had too many hard knocks from life and are scared to leave their cages. It's for these dear ones that patience and gentleness are a must. When they do begin to trust more, their personalities emerge and it's hard as hell not to take home each and every one.

     The video above is of three buff kittens (Thomas, Timmy, & Toby) who were housed in our shelter back in May. They've since found two families who were excited to take them in. Timmy & Toby were able to stay together which is what we strive for when there are siblings. My favorite part is when Thomas’ (wearing the orange collar) little butt bounces as he tries to grab a toy. I'm betting that it'll be @Saffisara's favorite part too. 😂


Central New York’s Spay and Neuter Assistance Program (CNY SNAP) is a non-profit ©(3), ALL VOLUNTEER organization dedicated to offering low-cost spay and neuter servies. We are funded entirely by grants, adoptions, and donations. Our mission is to make a difference in our community by ending the overpopulation of cats and dogs in Central New York.

     To find out more information or to help this amazing group, please visit their website.

     If you have room in your heart and your home, please visit Petfinder to find a pet who is waiting to share their lives with you.

All proceeds from this post will be donated to the CNY SNAP organization .

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How beautiful!

Your kind soul always shines through your activities and what you write!

However... your preference for cats has not gone unnoticed :P

Thank you for your sweet words, Marco! 🤗

Awww! 😆 No need to cry, little one! This squirrel is teaching the kitties to play nice with her family.

cat squirrel.gif

I LOVE this story. I remember when you took this job and how excited you were. How even back then you didn't have the time but you did something finally just for YOU.

Something that made YOU happy.

Thank You for sharing your story!!

💕 Thank you!!! I began volunteering for this group a bit after my father died and I feel that it helped to bring me back to myself faster. (#therapycats 😸)

That you understand how hard it is to do something for myself makes me want to hug the hell out of you even more than I already do! 🌸

The cats are so lucky to have you sweet Brisby! I miss my days of volunteering at my local shelter. Loved the video. I was giggling right along with you. Thanks for making me smile...AGAIN! : )

🤗🤗 And this squirrel is lucky to have such an amazing cat as her friend! I'm sorry that you're missing your volunteering days not only because the animals would benefit so much from your care but because I know how happy it must have made you. 😘

Being able to hear your giggle would be the highlight of my day and I'm so glad that I was able to make you smile! 💕

Have a wonderful Monday, sweet Whatisnew!

Aw! See, that is just one of the many reasons why I call you Sweet Brisby!

My Monday is wonderful because I just got over a 3 day head and facial migraine from hell! Hope you have wonderful week sweet Brisby! : )

Hi dear did you know we have a cat discord too?
It’s called CATURDAY for all cat content

Thank you Brittandjosie! I knew of the Caturday tag but didn't realize there was a discord for it as well. 😃

I hope that you're having a great day! 😸

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What a wonderful post and so good of you to help out at the centre,, the video is so cute

Thank you! 💜 We're lucky to have so many volunteers (though I think everyone is like me and is just getting our kitty fix).😄

Well it could be a mix of both I suspect a kitty fix and doing some good ;)

Aww! 🤗🤗 You're right, it's a happy mix, thank you!