How to use points in the Partiko app

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This post was written to answer some of the questions I received about how to use points in the Partiko app.
Actually this problem is quite simple, if you notice a little in the interface when you post in the app you will know how to use immediately.

Read some of this article in Vietnamese here


A little introduction to Partiko app (in my opinion).

An application to use account on Smarthphone instead of web browser. The difference is that on the Partiko app, there is "Chat" function & can accumulate activities on Partiko into points and can redeem this point to receive upvote.
Although it is limited in features, basic features such as upvote, reply, post and especially notifications are available on the Partiko app so you can use your account easily and simply on Smarthphone.

If you still haven't installed Partiko app, you can download and install it right here.

What is the point in the Partiko app used for?

The point in Partiko app is used to change it to upvote for your post. This post must be posted by Partiko app and you must choose to use the score for that post.

How to get points in Partiko app?

Currently upvote activities, replies, and postings all receive Partiko points.
Also you can earn extra points by viewing ads, checkin and referring links.

How to convert a Partiko point to an upvote (ie SP or SBD)

Notice a little bit about the converted price of the point, it's right here, Immediately the "Point" interface in the app.
In the past, the conversion price was 1000 Points = $ 0.02 but now only $ 0.01. This means that a lot of Partiko app users make the value of upvote small.
But according to the roadmap, the converted price may increase, as their article says here.

How to convert

In the writing interface, you will see where to use this score as the number 3 position
Click "0 points" you will be redirected to the following interface
Continue to click on position 4 "CHOOSE AMOUNT", you are taken to the interface to convert.
Select the number of points you want to convert (item 5) and select "CHOOSE" item 6.
After that, you write articles and post them normally, upvote will come as soon as your post is posted to the system.

Now if you still have not installed Partiko, you can download it right here.

And if you need to, see the video tutorial here

Wish you earn a lot of points, thanks for coming to my blog.
If I write incorrectly, please ignore or correct it with your reply @partiko . Thanks a lot!




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Hi again @anhvu!
Thanks for this amazing post! It is all clear now.
Currently I'm preparing a post, it isn't finished yet. Could you just wait one or two days? So I can redeem my Parkito points for the new post.
P.S.: I think tomorrow should be completed

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ok i am always waiting, if you remind me i will read. I am afraid of being missed!

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Thank anh nhiều nha

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The wonderful piece you shared on my blog of @reintroducing myself brought me here. Thank you for helping me expand my reach through interactions with enlightened mind

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Thank you for coming here @thechurch01
Glad you found it useful.
Have a nice day!

hola como estas me hiciste un comentario de que si te seguia tendria 20 seguidores como es eso

Hi @sandykatiuska
Sorry I missed your repply, I found it 20 days already. :( Really sorry!

About my previous repply. It means if you follow @haccolong, not me! You get upvote of 20 users, not follow. Of course I am willing to follow you, and if you leave a comment on @haccolong's blog, he will follow you again, I see he often follows those who have left replly. Also later, if you're lucky, you'll get random upvote everyday!

Thanks for paying attention to my message, have a nice day @sandykatiuska :)

Có những ng tích điểm để làm gì anh

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Thì họ muốn nhận 1 cái upvote to hơn hoặc họ tin rằng điểm sẽ lên giá nên họ chờ lúc nó nên họ mới sài. Lúc đầu anh sài 1000điểm =$0.02 đó, có thể điểm sẽ lên 10 lần giá đó, đó là lời hứa của họ. khakha :) vô tài khoản họ để cập nhật nha :)

À còn cái nữa . Xem số tiền họ vote mh ở đâu anh nhỉ . Sáng em mở đc mà bh quên rồi hic hic

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Which platform rewards better :
partiko or esteem?

For me it's Partiko :) This is a personal opinion, but I have also tried Esteem. :)
Sorry for missing your repply. Have a nice day @stupid :)

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