The Dream Of Owning A Home

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Is owning our own home a dream or an illusion, we want to put our roots down and own a little slice of paradise to call our own to show we have achieved something in our life.

In achieving that goal/dream we need to work to be able to pay the bills to keep ourselfs afloat, land tax, water, sewage, power, maintenance and so on, so do we work to keep our heads just a float to be able to live a dream that engulfs us into debt and critique from others, your house is too small, it's not nice enough for me to visit so on and so on, why do we let other's critiques put stress and debt on our shoulders when they aren't the ones paying or living their.

We all want, dream bigger than we can achieve at times, but to do it in reality at what cost...
Do we live to work or live to enjoy life

When achieving these dreams of the desired location, home, schooling does reality kick in with the realization of that it's not all that it's cracked up to be, living in debt, over working to be able to stay afloat each week... That wasn't the dream right?

Does consumption take over our life, is that how we justify that we need to have large homes to display stuff...

Could we all afford homes if we worked together, I know crazy thought right....
Have you ever stayed at a hotel/motel, a cabin, tent or somewhere smaller than you live and thought hmmm this size could work for us if we change this, put this here, you could see with small changes that things could somewhat work, but we go back to our living week by week by the seat of our pants, don't think about it again.

What if you and some friends helped each other to build a home each weather a cabin, tiny house, container home maybe on some shared land or land that you were able to build on, maybe a transportable house, where everyone worked together and were able to achieve their dreams together. (I know a little absorbed).

The Stumbling Block

The stumbling block that seems to hold us by the gonads (balls), moola (money) why do we use this to crush our dreams and talk our self's out of aching what we want to achieve.
People throw away usable items that you maybe able to use to build a home, also what about asking around, builders - they throw out bits all the time, some do let you take their cut off or stuff they aren't going to use at times, recycling stores sell unwanted goods that you maybe able to pick up for a bargain and reuse.

When you have kids you want a bigger house so they can spread out, but in doing this are we also losing precious bonding time with their faces in a device instead of going outside together exploring the big outdoors.
Careful ingenuity and engineering could make a small space practicable, livable to meet all your family's needs.

Let's look at some idea's to get the juices flowing of smaller homes...

Enjoy the little things in life, still live your dream without the debt.
We don't need to live in cookie cutter homes to live the way others want us to live, we can still dream big of owning a home, but can do it thinking small on a minimal budget that can give you the lifestyle were you can be in the drivers seat of.
Living in a smaller house that may be movable you would be able to have at home comfort by being able to take your home on holiday with you were ever the wind may take you!

Would you consider living tiny to achieve your dreams?

For Tiny Living Ideas @the-curator will be adding Tiny Living very shortly to their issues, & @biglipsmama are passionate about this way of living, we may not be living like this at the moment we hope we will be able to share our journey with wanting to do this in America and @biglipsmama wanting to do this in New Zealand with a growing family.

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We bought land with the money I saved from couponing, each week when what ever was saved from coupons went into an account for us to obtain our dream. We are now about to put a small house on the land. I wanted to do tiny but my husband wanted something a little bigger. Our biggest costs is the septic system in reality. Everything else comes up to just a little more than what a new car would cost.

That is cool to by land with money you saved from couponing, what an awesome idea!
Would doing composting been more affordable than a septic system?
What advise would you give for someone on a small budget for going small?

Where we are located we can't do composting toilets you either have to be connect to the sewage or a septic tank we could only get away with composting with a tiny house on wheels classified as a RV. If you are looking to build on land, if you can find land that can connect to the sewage system it is a lot cheaper. With septic tanks it all depends on what the local health department says you have to install. Ours is costing more than we would like but not as bad as it could be.

That sucks that you have to spend an expense because some says so.
That's good advise to find those things out before buying land to see if you can do all that you plan to on the land you tend to buy.

We are going this route too! I am super passionate about smaller homes. I will say I'm not totally comfortable with TOW for my husband and I but dream to build 400-500 sq ft on a slab. We have the property and plan to build but have a fight in front of us to apply for a variance to our municipalities by-law of 800 sq ft minimum. Great post!!! I'll be following! Upvoted and resteemed. :)

wow that's cray you have to build a min size of an house by law that is crazy, that's something we may need to look into as didn't think of that, thought you could build what ever size you want in a house. Our laws are a bit different here, but is something to think about. Will be following your journey on your build.

Yes don't get me started about this by-law! It makes me furious!!! Totally unfair and uncalled for. I totally believe in building to safety codes which I definitely would do but nobody should be able to tell me what size house I can live in. Complete BS!

That was an interesting article.
I am convinced that big houses are not necessarily necessary for doing what I like and living.

Thank you, glad it was of interest to you.
Would you or are you living the way you dream too?

The society we live in teaches us to invest in big homes. In schools, we are taught to work and buy a house. Since I was 20 years old, I and my husband were owners of our own houses, never rented. We even ended up with a big dream house, which was actually cheaper on rent, because we were willing to rent out a basement sweet which paid half or our mortgage. Long story short now we are renting since we realize how stupid it is to get a house that makes you a slave to that house. This is all we work for, just to feed that house, that we don't even spend much time in it since most of the time we spend at work, being a slave. If you can afford a house go for it, but just because a bank tells you that you can afford a house, doesn't mean you should get one unless you want to become a slave to it. I learned my lesson on having a big house and that is, you cannot enjoy life because you are constantly fixing something (more money) and all I did when I wasn't working for IT, I was cleaning it and just the basic maintenance doesn't give you permission to enjoy your life.

When achieving that dream is when reality sets in, have you ever thought about a tiny house, that was suitable for you's and less cleaning.
That's one thing they don't teach in school is the expense of owing a home and living.

I would loooove a tiny home one day! there's a hemp business in New Zealand that I think are also building hemp houses. So many alternatives to a huge mortgage these days if you can be creative enough!

Awwwh really I've tried to push a Hemp house to Hubby, not winning on that container house winning out.
There is four guys down the South Island working towards doing hemp homes, there is a guy doing hemp homes that is a bit more costlier, and there's the NZ Hemp Farm in Hamilton they do more health care products.
You can do tiny houses out of hemp create. The issue at the moment in NZ is no processing plant, there was talk about someone wanting to do one.
The cost with Hemp homes in NZ is that the hemp needs to be imported, till we start producing huge amounts are we able to sustain a hemp building market.
There are a few bloggers doing tiny living in nz, there was also a tiny house at the home show a few weeks ago, wasn't able to get there.

Would love to see Hemp being produced here.

Is is only on a small scale, hoping in November they let Hemp food be legal so want to try what it tastes like.
The licence to produce is not much it's the equipment thats costly.

Thank you @angel20,
Would you consider living tiny to achieve your dreams?

Thank you very beautiful information

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Hey @a-alice, You can achieve your dream there are some great teachers on here that help others.
if you would like to get into vloging you should hit up @sirlunchthehost, he's starting a vlogging class tomorrow, also go into discord channels people are very helpful in the different channels.
Write from the heart and write about what you are passionate about, find what interests you and be you - That may be the secret

Some excellent points here. It's great to see this trend in America but it's scaring the pants off of the powers that be.

Thank you.
Trends go in cycles from the way we used to live, this trend is one they are trying to put alot of rules too so they can still gain taxes and fees from that never used to gain the money they can now.