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RE: The Dream Of Owning A Home

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We are going this route too! I am super passionate about smaller homes. I will say I'm not totally comfortable with TOW for my husband and I but dream to build 400-500 sq ft on a slab. We have the property and plan to build but have a fight in front of us to apply for a variance to our municipalities by-law of 800 sq ft minimum. Great post!!! I'll be following! Upvoted and resteemed. :)


wow that's cray you have to build a min size of an house by law that is crazy, that's something we may need to look into as didn't think of that, thought you could build what ever size you want in a house. Our laws are a bit different here, but is something to think about. Will be following your journey on your build.

Yes don't get me started about this by-law! It makes me furious!!! Totally unfair and uncalled for. I totally believe in building to safety codes which I definitely would do but nobody should be able to tell me what size house I can live in. Complete BS!