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RE: The Dream Of Owning A Home

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We bought land with the money I saved from couponing, each week when what ever was saved from coupons went into an account for us to obtain our dream. We are now about to put a small house on the land. I wanted to do tiny but my husband wanted something a little bigger. Our biggest costs is the septic system in reality. Everything else comes up to just a little more than what a new car would cost.


That is cool to by land with money you saved from couponing, what an awesome idea!
Would doing composting been more affordable than a septic system?
What advise would you give for someone on a small budget for going small?

Where we are located we can't do composting toilets you either have to be connect to the sewage or a septic tank we could only get away with composting with a tiny house on wheels classified as a RV. If you are looking to build on land, if you can find land that can connect to the sewage system it is a lot cheaper. With septic tanks it all depends on what the local health department says you have to install. Ours is costing more than we would like but not as bad as it could be.

That sucks that you have to spend an expense because some says so.
That's good advise to find those things out before buying land to see if you can do all that you plan to on the land you tend to buy.