Universal Synchronicity - What is it?

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I’d like to explore a mysterious subject, one that presents more questions than any fathomable answers.

That subject is “Universal Synchronicity”.

So, what is it?

Lets start by determining what the concept of “Synchronicity” actually means.

Synchronicity -

Simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

In other words, a meaningful coincidence.

This concept was brought to light in the 1920’s, introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, who had referenced the concept under other names such as “Acausal togetherness principle” and “Acausal Parralelism”.

Jung had described it as a governing dynamic which sets the foundations for the whole of human experience and history — social, psychological, and spiritual.

Upon the many papers he had published regarding this theory, he had also made a simplistic diagram that depicts the concept.

(Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synchronicity)

Examples of universal synchronicity

  • Deja Vu.
  • Dream events playing out in the real world.
  • Receiving a call from and old friend you where only just thinking about.
  • Thinking of certain numbers or words, then hearing or seeing them.
  • Questioning the intent of a natural cause, with the return of an answer you can comprehend.

Most of these examples are ones that would usually catch someone by surprise, but what happens when these coincidences become ever consistent, does it mean something?

Why not just a coincidence?

I think the answer for this really comes with the explanations, as these types of events have been happening since man could percieve, and as us humans do so well - ponder multiple answers in hope that one sticks.

There are four main categories these explanations fall under:

Religion/Spiritual -

Many decide that these events are the will of God, and will trust so that divine intervention can only be explained in this way. 

As can be explained with a conscious universe and an eternal connection and energy between us all.

Mathematics -

Is it all just a formulation of organised chance? Some believe this to be the case, with theories such as that of “probability” and “Littlewoods law”.

Quantum Physics -

With quantum mechanics being at the forefront of our scientific campaign towards the future, it is odd enough to realise how there is quite distinct relations between the 1920’s psychologist Carl Jung’s findings in allignment with surfacing theories such as “quantum entanglement” and had been compared to David Bohm’s “Implicate order”.

Psychology -

Humans are very good at sticking to their preconceptions, known as “confirmation bias” a psychological term used to describe our tendency to search for new information that confirms our point of view, whilst denying or ignoring any contradiction to such.

Some skeptics of the theory describe it as being a warped perception, and easily pass it off as being “Apophenia”.

What is the answer?

Well that is all still highly speculated today by people of all ethnicity and beliefs.

I would actually like to encourage those who have any questions, examples or possible theories, to comment on the post and allow others to engage whether they agree or not, because this is such a vast topic that has lots of explanation but no definite answers.

Stay Groovy ✌️


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If you think life is a big a coincidence, you are a victim.

When you start to see coincidence as synchronicty, you are in control of your life and take responsibilty for why your life is the way it is!

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