We Learn Everyday

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Yes! We all know that, it is evident. But how prepared are we for all the lessons we are about to learn during our day and things we are gonna discover? The idea of being taught by life is certainly not a new one but often times, we are not so aware of the fact that there are lessons to be learnt from almost about everything we come across during the day.


As a child, there was this "uncle" who lived not so far from my house, he was quite friendly and well, my friends and I were fond of him. On a particular holiday, he developed an attitude of asking me (and my friends) what I learnt during the day, my answer, of course, was almost always in the negative, well, except for days when I decide to actually read a few lines in my book so I can have answer from him and on Sundays when I happen to go to church, but I believe that wasn’t the type of answer he was even looking for. And well, I knew quite little back then

At that point, his questions to me where nothing short of annoying and even though he will explain to why we need to learn every day and how it is important for our growth and development, I wasn’t having any of it. Simply because, I thought that for one to learn, he/she has to open some sort of book to study, or sit and receive lectures from someone. Maybe he should have explained it better, maybe I wouldn’t have listened or paid attention

Him: What did you learn today?
Me: Nothing, I am on holidays, and I am yet to start revising. I only played throughout the day

I guess he still believed I learnt something during the day, which I probably just haven’t come to terms with, and well, he didn’t do more to make me realize that. Well, as I grew, I realized that little detail and why he kept going on about what I learnt during the day.

Well, with time, I started “dodging” him, just so I wouldn’t have to face the embarrassment of not learning anything during the day, since studying at that point, isn't something I was up for, it was holiday.

Now, the fact that I usually would say I learnt nothing during the day wasn’t because I didn’t learn anything, it was because I wasn’t aware of them. I learnt them subconsciously, and the reality will remain like that until someday when I fall into some sort of trouble and need to use one of the lessons or life skill I learnt that day, or when life has to teach me gagin in a harder way.

There are great lessons we learn and only remember it when it is a bit late (but well, better late than never, eh?) The thing is that, when we give a little bit more attention to the lessons we get to learn during the course of our day, we spare ourselves the headache or heartache we could get from unnecessary mistakes. Obviously, mistakes are inevitable but there are some that are evitable.

Being aware of the fact that a great learning ground lies before me every day helps me open up to all of the possibilities of learning. I leave the house (or my room) every morning with an open heart to learn just about anything from even the most bizarre circumstance.

Life is a continuous journey of learning, relearning and unlearning. It could happen at anytime and place, being open to it help one to be able to spot those lessons before they slip away.

I might not accept or use the lesson almost immediately (or ever) but I don’t wanna be oblivious of them either. I want to be able to appreciate life for all the lessons it teaches me, from the ones that seem pleasant to the ones that are outrightly kicking my ass butt. Because at the end of the day, all these lessons came my way so I would be able to grow and mature.


From the breakthroughs, I learn. From the mistakes, I learn. From the heartbreaks, I learn. From the love I receive from people, I learn. From the love I don’t receive (which I probably feel I deserve), I learn. From the applause, I learn. From conversations, I learn.

I wake up everyday, ready to be a student of life and of the world. Whether its learning something about a place I have never visited, or even some precaution about a skill I haven't mastered (or even attempted to learn). I learn just about anything, because I have come to the realization that no knowledge is a waste, it all counts.

Sometimes, lessons come looking for me, sometimes, I go looking for them. Whichever one happens, I make sure I am prepared enough not to lose touch of it. I am life's student.

I am willing to be taught by life because life is one amazing teacher which I have happened to meet in my life, though often taken for granted, it does give the best of lessons.


Being aware and having an open heart to at least acknowledge all the lessons there is to learn from life isn’t the easiest thing out there, but then it is rewarding and I believe it is worth giving a try as well.

Much Love — Audrey ❤


We can learn so much every day, but sometimes we are not ready enough to open our hearts and minds to new things. We focus too much on anxiety which is often our problem.

Thank you for sharing this perspective, @audreybits

Quite true!! The key definitely is constantly practicing and learning to shift our focus to what really matters, because anxiety will almost always creep it.

Thank you for taking out time to read...🤗

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Nice article👍👏

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Thanks, Bide 😊

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You are so sweet, thanks for visiting!!

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Interesting post. Yes, we do learn something every day. Just that sometimes, as you mentioned, it is sub-consciously in our minds. And if we didn't learn the lessons, the lessons will be repeated until we learn them. :-)

Absolutely!! When we don't learn it, it keeps coming our way, until we get a hang of it... Well, sometimes, that lesson revisiting us might not be the easiest thing out there....

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Great post @audreybits It reminded me of my grandmother who was also an ardent lover of life.

During childhood, whenever I complained to her about life, She used to say that life is a school and all of us are students here. If we resist and try to change what the school wants to teach us, we'll never be able to learn and be fulfilled.

Her words struck in my mind again 🛎

Life, indeed, is only teacher we need. Glad you reminded me the same lesson through your story. Loved reading it :)

Thanks for sharing.

Wow! Your Grandmother had a really beautiful hear and I so much agree with her and I so much agree with her with going with all this beautiful school has to teach us. Those words of hers are definitely gonna stuck with me as well.

I am so glad you enjoyed reading through, thanks for stopping by....

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Your writing made me smile. I'm in a situation today where I had to realize I've learned something without planning to. Looks like we are on the same page regarding learning. i agree with you 100%, we can learn something every day, we just have to realize that. Nice writing, congrats!

Thanks so much, Erikah!! We take out a huge part of life when we take learning out of it and this learning, goes on on a daily basis. Isn't life amazing?

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It sure is, I agree.

Very cool writing, Audrey!

You're absolutely right. We learn stuff everyday, even if most time we aren't aware of it. This is exactly why @matkodurko started his Learn & Earn challenge.

Maybe you could join us next week?

Thank you!!

That seems like a cool way to keep tab of what one learns and also learn from others. I will definitely love to join in.

No one should stop to learn: all the people can teach what they know. Experience is probably the best tool to improve our knowledge, but there is always someone that has more experience that us.
Everyday we live to understand what is Good and what is Bad and to teach it to the people who are important for us: the image of elephants is this!

Steem on!

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Absolutely! Sometimes, we don't have to experience it all to learn, we could totally learn from people with experience.

Quite true!! It's sad tho, that some people often times gold back on teaching others what they know, out of fear that that other person might end up being better than them. But then, I believe life gets a whole lot better when we are able to relate our own knowledge and understanding to other...

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Like stories of old, this is the oldest (earliest) lesson one can learn and still the one people consciously will deny until their unconsciousness convinces them otherwise. Liken to all animals, plants and bacteria (microbacteria) of oure World, we just cannot stop learning and indeed we all Dialectically ascend even when we think we know it all. We shall learn in the naïveté of Childhood know-it-all phase, if kids act like that; and we shall learn especially when that naïveté doesn’t die when we enter into “adult-hood” where apparently the mature and maturity exist in this stage of life. For in those stages of sudden metaphysical whimsicalities (which this phrasing here is done on purpose to make fun of them), our sophistry is going to be tested by even the mere existence of someone foreign to oure supposed unchanging life that we thought we figured it all out.

Yet like a spin of tales, in those stories of old, dost those naïve kids and adult “know-it-alls” get their fine taste in life and come to appreciate that they can still learn. To truly be humble whence one has stumbled through the many developments of life is to not then claim to know all, for they shall be more once yah die. But to repeat the Great Socrates and say “the only thing I do know is that I know nothing” (despite the obvious contradiction that he knew that and knew quite a many things when debating his contemporary “popular” philosophers at his time. (On the idea of popular philosophers, look into France post-WWII where this idea of philosophy having such popular support had lasted a long time with figures like Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauviour.)

In any a case: congratulations for the @curie upvote, keep on writing, keep on learning and happy steeming!

Thank you so much for taking out time to read and of course leaving your thoughtful feedback. I really appreciate!!

When we think we know it all, life always finds a way of humbling us and showing us that we really don't know anything at all. Only when we come to that realization, and humbly admit to ourselves will we be able to truly learn all of the good stuff that life can teach us and truly live!

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Welcome for the comment!~ -^.^-

How very true @audreybits. We learn everyday, in everything that we do or not do. Even in the most mundane of things, we learn. And yes, we must will ourselves to learn, to unlearn, to relearn. What a wonderful post @audreybits. A great reflection of oneself and of life. Sometimes, the younger ones would complain that they are not learning anything in a work or task that they do, and that reminds me of Karate Kid when the teacher asks the kid to do all the mundane chores, unknowingly to the kid that the teacher is teaching him the basic lessons and one can only learn if one will himself to learn. Thank you @audreybits for this reminder.

Right!! Learning starts from that willingness and hunger to really learn and fill our souls with knowledge... When we are not willing, nothing seems worth learning...

I smiled at the example of Karate kid. That's is just the perfect example of learning, I mean, to him, he was wasting his time, he thought there was no way he was gonna learn that way. Little did he know that all those little chores given to him are what will help shape his skill and help him approach the skill with a better attitude. Once he understood that though, he willingly gave in, and got better...

Thanks for stopping by...😊

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That is a phenomenon uncompared to the human knowledge we don't put enough time of the cycles of our body and mind throughout our life.

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Very true! Its something we need to give more attention and time to...

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Most people in life move around each day of their lives and forgets to learn from their daily activities. They keep on repeating the same mistake over and over again. Z
Well at first you thought your uncle was just worry you with questions but little did you know, he was rather doing you more good than bad.

I really enjoyed reading your blog and the pictures are so so amazing. Awesome work and wait to read more exciting ideas from you

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Thank you so much for reading. He definitely was out to make me better but I guess I could only see what was before. How short sighted was I🙈

Most people that make same mistake over and over again are those who tend to believe they know it all and sadly, they don't humble themselves to realize they really don't... Oh well!

I am glad you did enjoy reading through. Thank you!

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And am grateful you shared for everyone to know the importance of learning from their lives each day.
You are humbly welcome though

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I am a life student too :) I would love that I took more time to listen sometimes. Amazon post :)

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Isn't it an amazing teacher? More than we actually give it credit for most times. With constant practice, we listen more! Thank you so much!!😊

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Very useful reminder, @audreybits.
Real learning comes with arareness; there is learning even in unlearning (ways and mores).
Your story reminded me of a certain guy who lived near my home. Juan Zorrilla, was his name. For the average eye he was a hobo almost; alcoholic, charlatan, sometimes erratic. But for us, kids, he was an interrogator.
He would stop us on our way from school to test us on history, language, and sciences. His generation valued encyclopedic knowledge, but also the saviness that comes with street smarts.
Most of us did not get his message. It was hidden behind the stench of alcohol.

He clearly was a gem. It's sad though that most of his message got hidden under the stench of alcohol! Amazing how learning comes from everywhere and anyone, sometimes we miss out on it because we don't expect it to come from a particular place...

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Thank you so much for reaching out, and i do love the idea... I just powered up to 400...

How have you been?

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Great!!!! That you powered up. It's a go with you .I will let you know the next step.

Awesome! Thank you😊

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I do need to write a post stating that I am opting in, yeah? Sure, that wouldn't be a big deal... When should I make the post though?

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The sooner the better. Some posts are already in . Use the tag tenkminnows also and that you will power up till you reach minnow status and you want to hold minnow status and mention tenkminnows and use the tag.

Alright! Thanks alot, I will try and do that before I head to bed...

Hi @audreybits, I see you've send me 5 steem for a signature. Can you give me the details in discord plz?

Dorgive me, i was supposed to reach out to you, but somehow, it escaped my mind... I will head over to disc or right now...

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No worries! just reminding you :)