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"Everybody already has a brand. Your brand is a reflection of who you are and what you believe, which is visibly expressed by what you do and how you do it. " Be Your Own Brand - David McNally & Karl D. Speak


Every purchase decision comes with some perception and expectation of
that product and what it will do and say about us. Often there can be an
emotional bond created from long standing ties to certain brands. My friend's mother will only use Tide laundry detergent. An old Tide slogan said "if it's got to be clean, it's got to be Tide".

Tide Detergent 2.jpg

She has an expectation that Tide Laundry will do
what they say. Secondly, when she uses their product: she is under the
impression her clothes will be cleaner, last longer, and she would be esteemed by
her friends and family.

Your Personal Brand Image

If we think of ourselves as a brand,

• What are people’s perceptions of us?
• What are their expectations when they interact with us?
• What is the emotional impact that we have on those in our sphere of influence?
• What do we secretly expect from people?

Our brand is a summation of those four things that comprise the total experience people have when they interact with us. At the heart of brand building is relationship building.

3 Ways to Build your brand –

  1. The surest way for this to be accomplished is by honoring and keeping our word. We should never give our word lightly. Our speech and communication should be consistent with our character. This is how we build trust. Think about the brand’s that you have the most confidence in. They are products and services that have earned your trust. They have accomplished this by delivering on their promises.
  2. Another way is to be authentic. Your core values and principles help shape who you are. Your values are the foundation for your personal brand. You will not appeal to everyone. Everyone does not like Tide. Some people prefer Pepsi over Coke. It does not mean that your brand is not strong. I remember how shocked I was when I discovered that not everyone liked me. How can you not like me? Well, there are a lot of people who don’t. "Just Do You".

Trust and authenticity become bookends. The more authentic you are the more trust you will be able to build.

  1. Lastly, serve people. Help meet the needs of others. The most impact we can have is by helping others. The most relevant brands are those that make our lives better. When we promote the well-being of others it becomes a win – win situation. We grow, they grow and our brand grows.

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