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How to anchor your business or website, socially and effectively on the internet!


These days’ businesses do social blogging, because they know CRM (customer relationship management) and staff relationships are important.  And things work much better if we work as cohesive team or group. 

Build people at the grassroots:

It all depends on what drives people to be active within your business or network. And how people feel and work, deep within your network’s organization. 

  • In your business: Do people feel important in the scheme of things? People’s skills and talents improve and grow with praise
  • Is it fun to work there? What makes it fun? How do people interact with one another there? 
  • How organized is the workplace? People work better when they know what is required of them. 

Identify your anchors:

  1. How do you welcome people into your network? Have you got what they want there? 
  2. People love to be where the action is. And want to be part of it. Is your network `going places’? What’s new, dynamic and remarkable that fascinates people? 
  3. Having authority and expertise in your field, to be able to influence and help people. People respect someone who knows what they are talking about and talks from personal experience. 

The draw-cards:

  • Having a great place to be at: Plan and create a party of fun there, where the action is. 
  • People love thrills. Give them adventures of their lives. Exciting stuff that they can easy relate to.  
  • Take them to places they haven’t been to before. And if they have perhaps been there before, remind them how wonderful that experience was. And add to their experience. 
  • People are always looking for something new and exhilarating.  Supply pleasant surprises and the unexpected. Be weird and crazy if necessary to get people’s attention.  
  • Fashion comes and goes. So go beyond the usual. Be unique, different to what’s usually out there.  This gets people thinking and eager to make comments. 

What is the main ingredient?

YOU! …You make the difference!  

Your personality counts when you are working with others. The way you handle people makes a difference in your popularity. How your business does and how your blogs trend! 

  • What are you like? A positive, happy bubbly person? How do you get on socially? 
  • Are you sensitive to other people’s feelings, needs and desires? Can you read facial and body language? 
  • How often do you do research? Do you know what the world really needs at this time?
  •  What are your skills and talents? Can you share them with others? In what way, that’s more effective? Can you do demos, explain things clearly, etc? 
  • Are you innovative? What can you fall back on and depend on, if you had to change gear and do something quite different, if the need should arise?  
  • Having extensive experience and a wide knowledge data base, helps when people ask questions. 

But never forget:

We need each other, if we want to succeed. 

To gather and anchor a crowd, it means each person in the crowd should be important to you. I know it’s hard to please everyone. But taking an interest in people helps you understand their needs and where they are `coming from’.  

Keep a notebook of each person’s talents, hobbies, skills and preferences. It helps to select the right person for projects, how to approach people and gifts to show a appreciation, etc. 

When people see you are aware of and acknowledge their capacities, they feel good about themselves. If they feel an essential cog in the business or group, it builds a bond of understanding and unity. 


Well as far as blogging or website making, It is a collection of Different things, for blogging you need to write the content that user like to read or study, for blogging to you need to Select the theme that attracts user, For blogging you need to make backlinks to divert the traffic to your blog. and this can't be done by the single person, you need at least one or two people to work with you, one handle writing stuff, another handle social sharing, backlinking etc. it's a teamwork.

You are right. If you want your `business' to run smoothly and effectively, you need a team organizing the workload, each with their own assignments or projects.

110 % agree with you mam.

As we know that union is strength, If we want people to work with us as a team, we need to behave with them kindly, so that feel love and they would love to work with us. Yes you are right, it's about you and only you, how you manage your blog and how you manage the people working of you and the people whom you are making blog or website.

Everyone will want to belong to your team or group, if they feel welcome and appreciated.

Yes you are right talk, we should work group wise

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No matter what your group is, even if it's just your friends, they are your support group, don't you think?!

Obviously sir, friends always support friends,,

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When people see you are aware of and acknowledge their capacities, they feel good about themselves.

Strongly agree!

In my opinion, there are several forms of comfort with respect to the blogger world.

  • I feel comfortable visiting your blog @artguru! You know, why? Because you consider us as friends.

  • You have extensive knowledge of your skills so that it becomes a source of learning for us.

  • Then you write in a language that is easy to understand, and more ...

Some of the things above that make us feel comfortable with you.

And if you ask, "Are we feeling bored with all that?"

I replied, "You are a very professional blogger writer."

Thank you! 🙏

I'm so happy you feel comfortable here. It makes everything worthwhile for me. Because sometimes we wonder if we are really making a difference in other peoples lives.
Yes, I do consider those who come and comment regularly as my friends. But new comers are also welcomed into the fold.

Yeah you are right one person can not be handle your business,Understand the person's intentions. I'd like to believe that no one is difficult for the sake of being .Team is more important to settle and handle your business.your blogs,Thanks for sharing your valuable post,Artguru,

I maybe singularly blogging here. But those who come to comment on my blogs, are not only my friends, but we are working as a united team to make Steemit a great place to be.

Moreover I would prefer to work with a team rather than playing it solo because I believe that none of us is as smart as all of us.

I loved your statement: ...none of us is as smart as all of us!
Each of us has talents and skills the others don't have. Together we make a fantastic force for success.

Great news, I like this post i appreciate your valuable post this is very beautiful your life thanks for sharing this beautiful blog

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