[EN] How Does it feel to Train With One Leg Less

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Hi Everybody !

Honestly, it's pretty hard to keep the rhythm of posting with this little issue on my leg... So many things to do, and the most basic things take me so much time to achieve!

Yes, Gypsum at gym is the new black.

Since I don't work in a studio or company (I work from home-freelance, bitch!) I don't really have sick leave,
and even if I would, I wouldn't care that much since I can't stay without moving for too long. But unfortunately this time a sick leave would be really useful for having more activity in Steemit for you, my fellows!

Anyway, I want to give you an update of the things that are happening here around, I think many of them are really worthy of mentioning.

If you are not familiarized with why the hell I am with one leg less, check this post.

Long story short: I fucked up my left knee doing Snowboard Freestyle :D

I also don't know if you knew, but I am a calisthenics trainer and been working out for more than eight years (since my 18-19's). But this year (actually the second third of the past one) I started doing mass, for very first time ever, and gained already 12 kg. So it will probably be very interesting to see the final result in a month from now, when I finish bulking and right before I start reduction to get ripped BAABY!

These days have been particularly hard and boring for my body since the only thing I do is to lie my leg up and work on my computer with freelances, sitting on my chair. With the crutches close to me in case I need to go somewhere (or make a super yummy coffee with milk to drink like I am doing right now <3).

So it's natural that for my mind and my body I need to move and of course train. After five days of not working out I feel I am losing my head.

Yet I also feel I am really weak and tired the whole time.

Not to say that it is particularly hard to train and move heavy dumbbells just with one leg. It feels more like an intruder leg day between my chest day. And I say leg, no legs because just one can be activated. But of course, I had to look up for the another to not get stuck anywhere. Which may sound a little bit weird or stupid, but it s really hard to be conscious of where the damaged leg passes through. So it s pretty normal to get hurt just by walking with machines close to you.


Something that kinda broke my heart was that I didn't receive help or any attempt of being helped at all by people at gym or outside the gym. I had very good opinion from polish people when I arrived to Poland, but it is slowly being debunked and damaged by the actual behavior of the people here around.

Maybe it is weird for their culture to help each other since they been harmed from everywhere all along their history.

Yet I don't think it is cool that no one helps you at the slope when you just fell and almost broke your leg and outside home when you wear a gypsum and crutches. It just ain't right.

So my actual opinion is that their system work, but not thanks to most or part of their people. Yet I love the country, its nature and their whole structure. And I am also really grateful that I've been so accepted here around. So the previous complain is just too small for the sake of how beautiful and worthy I consider this place is.


Sorry for that parentheses, but I wanted to make a tiny relief about my thoughts about the place where now I live in.

Back to the training, honestly I felt I was lacking a lot of strength and that I was losing a lot of energy just by standing for a while or moving the dumbbells from one side to another. That was really crappy, but training felt amazing non-the-last.

Even If I had to reduce all the weights just in case that the blood pressure would mess around with my leg recovery.

Luckily enough so many years of training and hurting myself were really worthy since my recovery is getting WAY less time than expected and I can even walk already without crutches.

Once again, for someone that has been doing calisthenics for so long, staying at home doing absolutely nothing (because I can't do a thing at home due that the only things i could do compromise the recovery of my leg), being so many days without training is really a torture. No kidding.

Good news is that tomorrow I go to the doctor to make an ultrasound stuff or electromagnetic resonance to see how good or bad I am doing in my knee.

*I wasn't kidding with the idea of going back to do some snowboarding in a month from now... A whole year of waiting again? No thanks.

So, for those that don't know me, this is me, this is Nico. A stubborn son of a bitch guy that when puts something on his head, he just can't let go. And ladies and gentlemen, I want to be a freestyler snowboarder.

Something really positive about all this is that if it wasn't thanks to my strength and reinforced legs I would probably have broke a bone or completely cut the whole tendon. This is where my advice to all of you plays its role:

Workout, my people. Train your bodies, make a good use of them. Sleep and eat properly. Don't treat your body as trash and you will see that the benefits will be always there for you. And that is a promise.

Be different than average, be unique. Care for yourself and be proud of the result of your efforts, as I must say that I am from mine.

For those who read this, thanks a lot, I really appreciate it and I will appreciate your words of support to keep doing as I am and your critiques to know if I am doing something wrong that needs to be changed =)

Peace out!

(All the images are my own creation and therefore I own their rights)


I always try to listen to the ideas of my fellow followers to improve my posts and to give something back to the community... therefor: What would you like the next posts to be about? What should I talk about? What kind of painting? Would you like some tutorials about arts, about cooking? Maybe some fresh gaming broadcast? I would love to know!

I apologize if I don't reply to your message. Sometimes I can't find enough time for it. But you can be sure that I will read it!


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Good job for still training even with one leg! I know what you're saying about going crazy not being able to do anything all day, every time when I have a cold or I'm sick I get almost depressed because I have to be in bed all day.
We also live in Poland temporarily but we're not polish, and I experienced the same thing as you - people are not that nice, not helpful at all. It's their culture, they don't trust others and it's difficult for them to open up to anyone. We have a few friends we meet regularly but not too many here, fortunately we only have a few more months left in Poland :)


I hope you are enjoying your staying in Poland! I think that people is helpful here around when it comes to close friends. That's why it s hard to have close and good polish friends, because once you get them, they are probably forever. Something that is very weird to me, that I come from a veeeeeeery latin-american (if not the most iconic latin-american or latin-lover) culture. Where people you just met feel like if they were friends from whole life, and suddenly at next day they don't even recognize you.

I think all cultures have their pro and down sides heh.

And also yeah! It sucks to not be able to move, to be stuck with part of your body just useless D:


We are enjoying it as much as we can now that it's winter, we liked it in the summer :).
Latin America is just as weird in this regard then, one day people being your friends, the next day not recognising you...but every culture is different for sure!
Hope you're enjoying Poland too and we wish you a fast recovery.

That's the spirit anritco, never quit! and i agree 100% with you we need to take care of our own bodies as best as we can, sleep eat train body and mind, it's the only body we will ever have.
Atm i have 2 guys in my gym who broke their legs (don't know what is happening but it's like everyone is getting hurt this last month), and everyone in my gym helps them, we even rack the weights and derack the weights for them, but i guess it's different, in my gym we are all like "a family" we've been working out for years togethor, i only joined the family 4 years ago, but i'm still part of the family, if i dont workout for more than a 1 week i get calls asking me if i'm ok, calls from the owner and calls from the members


oh man, that s beautiful, actually reminds me a liiiiitle bit about the first gym I been at... I been there for 5 years, but the owner turned out to be an asshole when a new low class "instructor" of MMA came and started threatening people, including my self, and the owner of the gym decided to put himself on the side of that guy. He trashed away not only a member of his gym that was there for years, but also a friend.

That s a really nice way of training with mates I must say, gym family =)

Let's go LEG DAY!!! Let's go LEG DAY!! I love your dedication to the sport, man.. Usually, people would use this twisted knee as an excuse to not go to the gym......... Keep it up buddy, get well soon and back to 100% beast-mode!


You will see bitch, I will do leg day today !!

Another inspiration for me to get out there to the gym.


Go out there and do it buddy!!

Rhythmic gymnastics coach-that's the news!
You're so good at keeping yourself in shape even with a sore leg! This deserves respect. I think these exercises will do you good and you will recover faster) Get Well!

This is an inspiration for those of us, that use an excuse out of training. Keep it up


I will quote Shia in here:


Hey @anritco , this is awesome post. With ur leg sick , doing these great work out, writing this kind of interesting article , u are hero in Steemit. Ur leg will be healed soon , u will be alright , happy weekend.

do not work continuously, pay attention to health.


Oh, I wish I could!

Frankly I feel amazed at you @anritco.
Stay on the move even though the left leg is still in need.
Indeed sometimes when we exercise there are events that do not want to happen.
One of them is what you experience. Keep the spirit bro.

A little bit of my advice, to temporarily stop doing exhausting physical activity.

Do something fun at home.
For example playing games or cooking possible.
Keep Health and God With You.


I would love to stay at home just playing vidgames, but I have so much work lately that it would be impossible to do so :(

Thank s a lot for your wishes =)


Ok Bro .. Do what you think is good. But it would be nice to reduce a little physical activity. 🤗

Wow with your leg, you still work out to keep fit and look hot. Hope you are not stressing your leg, your health matters, it should come first.


Haha thanks for the compliments ! I try to take care of it without neglecting my fitness addiction :P

I love to skip a leg day :P, so this is pretty much my everyday exercise :)) But you are inspiration to all of us. Keep grinding :)


oh i know, I love to skip it too xD

Before you work out too heavy. I suggest you check out
Classical Stretch. By. Last name edmone-white

Stretching will help tremendously. Get well soon
Take it eeeeasy! :). Joy


That sounds really good, I am trying to do some stretching exercises in order to get back my stretching, but you know... it still hurts as hell. I won't force it, but i will push it ;)

Thanks for your wishes @sweetjoy!

if this does not inspire people to train, then I do not know. respect that you train with such a leg, I hope you get more help to do what you want. how many days a week do you try to train?


Oh thank you! I try to train daily... seven times a week or more. But generally I just can't make enough time in the week for that. Probably when i get my leg back I will be back to training a lot and also start ripping a lot since my reduction time is coming closer and closer !


awesome. I also try to train almost every day. sometimes rest :) I wish you good luck and I hope that your leg heals quickly.

Thanks for sharing @anritco nice post

First of all, it is an opportunity your in a good community like steemit in which u can get unlimited quality information. I just finished my first degree, while I was in search of doing something that will improve my personality, the package steemit offers drew me into registering.

My advice to you is keep on doing what makes you happy. Happiness is essential in your recovery. Exercise, write and show the world what you can offer.

Amazing. Am sure you are much better than a lot of people who have all limbs but not strong enough to fight the realities of life. More power to you. Stay strong.

i will support and fallow you
i need your supporting me my friend :)
thank you