Lessons People Most often Learn too Late in Corporate life

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‘’No’’ is not A Dirty Word in Corporate World-:

 Never try to create good image and take extra effort beyond your responsibilities . Work only what you get paid for,  be professional with your company and your colleague because at the end everybody will show their true color. Try to Say No because it is not a Dirty word in corporate world. if something is beyond your limit communicate and justify it. there is more life outside of office your friends, family and to enhance your other skills as i said be ready with backup plan. 

Keep Changing Job after Certain Interval of Time-:

 Never stay in comfort zone . More you change the job more knowledge you will get and your salary will be good. Never stuck at same place for long time to gain core knowledge of your field. Never keep emotional attachment with your organization or your company work culture. at end of the day companies are always for profit and you are the revenue tool for them. if  you realized that only organization is growing and you are not change your job. People Learn from mistake but smarter people never do mistake they learn from others mistake. 

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